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    Ok, I was in pnyx once and I looked in meleager's inventory and I saw an item called mushroom steak. It's brown and shaped like a mushroom. I saved and ate it and m character said 'Not very good' instead of the usual 'Tasty'. Can anyone tell me whats going on? This character never got to the wishing fountain but can someone try wishing for a mushroom steak? I'm really confused.

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  • Lucky! I'm jealous :( I've never had a mushroom steak. I've heard a couple of theories on how to get them, but nothing's worked for me. Do you have any idea how Meleager got it? Did another item turn into the mushroom steak, or did he get it in addition to whatever else he was carrying?

    Thanks for sharing ^_^

  • I think the mushroom steak just appeared, but I pressed devide food instead of split cash by mistake earlier that day, maybe that has something to to with it. I'll post again if I figure anything else out. Also, of anyone else has found a mushroom steak, I'd like to hear from them. I thought I already found all the secrets of cythera, this is cool!

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  • This is hardly new, but its not all that well-known either.

    For some odd reason, when you divide food the Mushroom Steak sometmes pops up in your inventory. I'm not certain why this happens, but it may be related to how dividing cash spontaniously generates an extra obol.

  • Does that make a mushroom steak roughly the same thing as a piece of moldy bread in the real world?

  • Mushroom steaks do seem to be related to dividing food, but this hasn't worked for me. :\ Have you registered Cythera, Noman? I was wondering if it might only work in the unregistered version, though I doubt that.

    Isn't it cool how Cythera's always hiding a new secret up its sleeve? :D

    Edit: I just tried again to get myself a mushroom steak and I still can't figure it out ;_; Can anyone help me? Noman, or anyone else who's gotten one, do you remember which followers you had in your party? Were they carrying food? About how much food did you have with you? I'm missing something :(

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  • I'm pretty sure that it apeared in odemia when I hit devide food, but I didn't see it in mel's inventory untill I went to pnyx. I think it's either when you have food that can't be evenly devided, or it's just random when you devide food. I had Everyone in my party and my copy of the game is registered. I had some normal steaks at the time, maybe that had something to do with it?

  • Thanks for the information, I'll try again later.

    I didn't get a mushroom steak while I was playing earlier, but I did run into a cool bug ^^ I was collecting the sapphire book in the dungeon under Cademia, when I noticed that I was carrying two bouquets of flowers. Hadrian gave me a bouquet to put on his mom's grave, but where did the other bouquet come from? I looked at my inventory and found I had more of pretty-much everything! Instead of one sapphire book, I had three (two of which I'd already returned to the librarian), and I had two stacks of each kind of food, but the new stacks were smaller than the originals. The coolest thing of all was that Hector, who had been wearing Omen's ring, was wearing two Omen's rings! :D I gave one to Meleager to see if both of them worked, and kind-of hoping they'd multiply again. But that's when I did something stupid - I saved the game! The game quit, as it often does when I save, and when I reopened it, not only was all my cool new stuff gone, my entire inventory was empty :( The followers' were too, and my spells and skills were gone. And it was very dark in the cave without the magical staff Mel had been carrying for me. I decided to make my way back to the surface and see if I could finish the game without any skills, but I found I had been locked in the alchemy room. -- With no spells or any way to get out. :\

  • What an awsome story, 453.

    I got my Mushroom steaks through dividing food when I had none, much like the free oboli you get when you split cash and have none.

    If I recall, there's actually someone in the game that asked for a mushroom steak, but when you brought him it, nothing happened (he didn't even accpet it). I think it was the alchemist up north of Phynx.

  • Charax asked for a mushroom steak? Are you sure you're not thinking of the earthheart mushroom?

    Thanks for the advice. I've tried dividing food that couldn't be evenly divided, and it just gave less food to the followers at the end of the list. I tried dividing food when I had none, and was only told that I had no food to divide. I don't get it ;_; I've tried everything several times.

    I have another question, what version of Cythera are y'all using?

  • I tried deviding food when I had none and I tried deviding food without enough for everyone but nothing worked. I wish we had someone here who worked on Cythera to answer questions like this, does anyone know someone who worked on the game?

  • I think Mr Andreas made Cythera on his own?

    However, I know Sely has done a lot of hacking with Cythera, and I think he could figure out how to artificially produce a mushroom steak... If we bug him about it enough, that is.

    Buzzy (what happened to him anyway?) once said that the mushroom steak was in Aethon's inventory when he joins the party. Is it possible that Aethon had the mushroom steak all along, but you never noticed until dividing food?

    This mystery is driving me crazy @_@ Aethon definitely didn't have the mushroom steak when he joined me, and I can't get it by dividing food either. I have no idea what I'm doing wrong.

  • I think I've asked about it before, but I can't remember the answer.

    The answer lies in the boards, in some old topic.

    Maybe it was after you completed a quest or talked to someone...?

  • QUOTE (Two Jacks @ Aug 25 2009, 03:18 PM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>

    Maybe it was after you completed a quest or talked to someone...?

    Seems likely enough, but I have no idea where to start @_@

    Anywayz... Can I at least see a screenshot of the steak? :D

  • Ok, reading material for mushroom steak:


    Can't find a picture of it though..

    I think it's either you need the unregistered version, or it only works at a certain point in the game.

  • I'm not sure what the second link has to do with the mushroom steak?

    Noman says he got it in the registered game, but it could have something to do with where you are in the game. Kind of like Prusa and her sapphire book.

    Speaking of which, last night I had a dream that Prusa (at least I think it was Prusa) made a deadly potion-gas-thing out of the mushroom steak, and I was trying to destroy it before she released it and killed all of Cythera. Can you tell I'm kind of obsessed with this mushroom steak? :\

    Another question for the lucky people with mushroom steaks: Do you remember approximately what in-game day it was when you got it?

  • If I could access Cythera I'd be able to figure out how to get it.

    Maybe someone could do a new playthrough (not 453 ;)) and investigate this?

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    If I could access Cythera I'd be able to figure out how to get it.

    Prepare to be stalked then! ... Um, where do you live?

  • I have heard about the mushroom steak, but I personally do not recall having ever encountered it.

    However, if someone has a savefile with a character that has said steak and could send it to me at some point (when I have some time to work on such things more), I probably would be able to figure out the item number and so create any number of them.

  • Well after giving up for a few weeks, I decided to have another go today. Still no luck, but I did notice something that's either never happened to me before, or I've never noticed before: When a follower became hungry with no access to food, they randomly appeared full later on. This first happened with Aethon, and later (in another game) with Hector. At first I thought they were pulling the precious mushroom steak out of thin air and eating it before I noticed, so I kept reverting to back when they were hungry. They kept filling themselves somehow, but I watched carefully and never noticed them saying "not very good" or making any comments about taste. I also noticed their hunger tended to disappear when I left an area, but sometimes at other random times.

    Has anyone noticed this before? Could it have something to do with the mushroom?

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