The Hall of Truth

  • A room-by-room analysis

    Next on my list of puzzles in Cythera to breakdown and analyze: the Hall of Truth.

    This wasn't as bad as I thought it could be. Most of the buttons cause easily reproducible effects (such as rotation, inversion, or flipping). There are two buttons that continue to elude me. Button C and Button L (from room 2 and room 5) use some sort of algorithm which I cannot figure out. Fortunately, there are not very many unique cases on a block of only four lights, so I implemented their functionality as a set of individual cases. It's certainly not the most elegant solution, but it seems to work. Can anyone discern a specific pattern these two buttons seem to follow?

    As with the Strange Device page, this one does support sound, but it is off by default.

    Lastly, solutions to each room from their default positions are on the Maayti Key (these solutions are the ones suggested by the Hintbook as well, but there are many other possible ways to pass each room).

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  • Are you gonna like re-make the entire Cythera in Javascript? :p Anyway, I figured out a rule for that button that works for everything except two combinations. That is, if you label the diamonds as:

    Then 123 and 124 are the problem ones.

    Anyway, basically it seems to toggle the opposite diamonds of all the ones on. So if 1 is on, then 3 will be toggled, if 4 is on, 2 will be toggled, if 2 and 4 are on, 4 and 2 will be toggled, making the pattern blank, etc. So 123 and 124 should make 24 and 13 respectively, but they make them un-respectively. Or something. :p

  • Again I'm a bit speechless by your efforts, Wizzy!

    The button puzzles in Maayti were a lot harder for me than the think-a-dot device, so I actually wrote down the key a long, long time ago. A very long time ago :x I honestly cannot remember the last time I've solved those puzzles rather than just use the key I know works. This is what I had written down all these years:
    1. 2121211
    2. 1213121
    3. 2323231
    4. 21213231
    5. 123123321

    It's a bit different than the key in the hintbook, but I especially like my fifth one because it's so easy to remember! (:

    Anyway, impressive work with your website!

  • My interpretation of button C:

    if (N && E) {
      N = E = false;
    } else if (N || E) {
      N = E = true;
    if (S && W) {
      S = W = false;
    } else if (S || W) {
      S = W = true;

    I don't yet see a pattern to button L.

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  • I wrote a different implementation of the first two rooms. I find yours difficult to read because it's not separating the transformation of state from the act of reading and writing it. Also I was looking for an excuse to try out jQuery. The Javascript is here.

  • An impressive job, Wizard :) .

  • I think your code for button C is correct, Pallas, and it's certainly easier than what I tried to write. In fact, your implementation of the code is much more elegant than mine in every way!

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