A Complete Items List

  • Based on Ooshmaster's original list

    I'm not really sure where this would best fit, so I'm starting another topic for it since we seem to be needing more of those right now. ;)

    Ever since I had read on the Cythera Hintbook's advertising page that it contained a complete list of all the items that could be found, I thought it would be a nice resource to compile one with all the item graphics. Fortunately, ooshmaster had a near-complete list that he posted several years ago in this topic. As far as I can tell, he was only missing some keys, an Omen's Test scroll, and quest-specific items like the Sapphire books, Stentor's fishing net, and the earth heart mushroom.

    Here is what I currently have. I have not found a Broken Short Sword, the Belt (ooshmaster may have been referring to the Belt of Strength, but I seem to recall that there is actually a belt clothing item somewhere in the game), the Mushroom Steak (I need to download the savefile from the other topic to get a character with this item), and a Spent Candelabra (They never seem to burn out when I use them, is there one that is already spent somewhere in the game?). Can anyone think of any other items not on the list? Obviously there are many more items in the game, but this is a list of the items that you can find and carry, so I'm not concerned about "heavy" items like desks, braziers, etc.

    For anyone thinking I have too many pages without a proper index for accessing them, the root directory here contains a list of all the pages.

  • o.0 that is amazing. As I mentioned in this topic, you can pick up Magpie’s end table, although that is most definitely a glitch.

    I don't think there's any belts other than the belt of strength. The belt of strength appears as simply "belt" in-game anyway, so I'm pretty sure that's what ooshmaster was referring to. There’s a couple of broken short swords in Kosha, and one in Pnyx too. There might be more elsewhere. There's a spent candlebra in the Scylla Temple IIRC.

    I'm thinking ooshmaster might have purposely left out Stentor's net and the earth-heart mushroom(s) since they aren't really pick-upable items, they just get dumped in your inventory, completely immovable.

    That's an awesome reference, by the way. :)

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  • I agree that there are no belts other than the belt of strength (well, & the pouch). You only have the one image for the magic arrow - if you stack more than one, you will get similar images to the regular arrow stacks.

  • Also the food section is a little lacking. What about fish and chicken drumsticks?

  • And wine.

  • Isn't the pouch considered a belt or does the hintbook list the items separately?

  • The pouch is a belt item in the same way that Alaric's amulet is a neck item—I'm pretty sure the only two occurrences of belt in the game are as an item slot and the belt of strength.

  • Just a small note that I added the remaining graphics to finish up the items page.

  • I really like your items page, I think it's very pretty ^ ___^ (But you're still missing the chicken drumstick.)

  • The end table graphic seems borked too. :blink: And, yeah, missing the fowl (the corpse as well as the drumstick). Is there a goat corpse you can pick up? I don't recall trying this. :p

  • You cannot pick up chicken or goat corpses. But I agree that the end table graphic is broken.

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