Let's Play Cythera

  • Let's make one

    For those of you who don't know, a Let's Play is something like this:

    and this:

    Basically, it's a video play through of a game and commentary at the same time. As you'll see in the videos, the commentator plays the game and then offers his opinions and, explanations and trivia of the game itself. This includes things that happened during production, elements of the plot, the impact of the game and it's content, etc.

    Now my idea is that we make a Let's Play for Cythera. I say 'we' because the amount of knowledge of Cythera needed to make a decent Let's Play is pretty huge. Knowing all the stuff going on behind the scene, Glenn's ideas for a sequel, quirks and plot points, there's A LOT. But all that stuff makes Cythera so interesting.

    So I'm making this topic so that people can all help out and make a collective of knowledge relevant to this idea. And as importantly, we'll need someone to actually do the let's play. I'd nominate myself but my mac is currently down, and I also lack a program capable of capturing my voice and whatever's going on in my computer.

    What say you Cytherans? Cytherarites? Cythonians...?

  • I prefer Cytherian. :p I would suggest starting with the information in Slayer’s Guide and Wizard’s maps and monster stats.

    EDIT: added links, 2J. :p

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  • Great minds really do think alike! :p

    Selax said to me recently, "We need to do a 'Let's Play Cythera' video some time." We considered it strongly enough that I even tested out the recording quality of playing the game in SheepShaver and using Quicktime X to capture the screen. That works great. The only problem is that neither of us wanted to narrate it. . .

    I whole-heartedly support such an effort, since there are no actual gameplay videos of Cythera available online, at least not to the best of my knowledge. And it's such a fun game! But who can/will undertake the task?

  • I nominate Illy for narrator.

  • :laugh: I second that!

  • YES

    please do this :D

    I was actually recently pretty bummed about not being able to find any videos of cythera gameplay

  • Hm. I will try to boot up my mac sometime in the near future.

  • Buzz, Num453: I refuse to narrate anything, let alone a video for a game I don't even play.

    I'm not above being dissuaded, but you're going to have to do some pretty good persuading to get me to change my mind. :p

  • How about if we provide you with a script, including directions on what to do in-game? That way, you get to narrate the Let’s Play and play Cythera! : ****D

    Actually, I’m totally cool if you don’t want to (especially considering that coughIdontwanttocough), provided that someone else will.

  • Illy- So you refuse, but you want me to dissuade you? I've already told you that it would be really fun & that I'd get you a license; why wouldn't you want to?

    Okay, I was reluctant to say this because Shorty's free time is more valuable to me than Illy's (:p ), but I also think Shorty would rock at this.

    My question: There's a lot of dialogue in Cythera. Would the narrator read all that, or just skip through it & try to summarize it?

  • Well if you want to make it very cinematic (and hilarious) then the narrator would read it, but it might be better for them to summarize what’s going on and maybe leave the screens on long enough for the viewer to read.

  • No way! You gotta read the dialog, I was prepared to do accents and stuff, though don't expect much for the female voices'

  • @two-jacks_bot, on 17 February 2011 - 03:46 PM, said in Let's Play Cythera:

    No way! You gotta read the dialog, I was prepared to do accents and stuff, though don't expect much for the female voices'

    that's what I was thinkin
    character voices! go all out :D

  • Alright, it seemed like it might get boring, but I guess if you have cool accents it'll be fun (:

  • Well I suppose it depends on how much your character talks to them. If you hash out Anisa and UrSylph, for example, it might take a while. ;)

  • OK!

    Did some research, got some guidance from Adam_0 and GameFreak.

    Just need to buy this (or find someone with credit to pay to buy it :p):

    and then follow these instructions:

    And I should be back in business folks.

    Then all I need is an app to record game-play and my voice that works in OS 9... Hmmmm..

  • @two-jacks_bot, on 18 February 2011 - 10:52 PM, said in Let's Play Cythera:

    Then all I need is an app to record game-play and my voice that works in OS 9... Hmmmm..

    If you are wanting to record the game from OS 9, Ambrosia still sells their Snapz Pro 2 for pre-OS X macs. Unfortunately, I think it's a little expensive for such an old application, but I'm sure that the functionality is exactly what you're looking for. If you have a newer mac, a cheaper option is recording SheepShaver through Quicktime X; although Cythera's audio doesn't record perfectly.

  • I think I have a reg code for wire tap OS X some where, I wonder if that'll work Or I can trade it in or something?

  • I don't think that will work; as far as I know, WireTap doesn't support screen recordings.

  • Well if you run it under classic (as in not OS 9 booted) or Sheepshaver then Snapz Pro X works fine. I think the Mac audio function is broken in later versions but it should work fine for your computer.

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