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    Reference Material
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    Frequently Asked Questions

  • So far...

    An unusual number of animal slayings and murders were discovered near Kosha. The prime suspect, the necromancer Rapierian, was apprehended after traces of his presence were discovered near one of the victims and thrown into the old prison under House Comana. However, with the aid of an unknown entity, he managed to escape and flee into the night. Shanadar, Katerei, and Yomu left in hot pursuit, but the necromancer managed to elude his captors.

    In the meantime, news arrived in Kosha of Alaric falling deathly ill. In an attempt to assess the severity of the situation, Selax, Wizard, and Silverfish attempted to travel to Land King Hall via Direct Nexus, but some sort of strong energy interfered, causing the spell to fail miserably. Instead, the three found themselves back in Kosha...two days in the future. It is there that they learned that Rapierian may not actually be the real culprit, for somehow, a gateway to an alternate reality had been opened. They joined up with the foreign warrior Talos and raced northward in an attempt to warn their companions.

    Having lost Rapierian's trail, Shanadar, Katerei, and Yomu decided to head north to Cademia to rest and recover. Amongst rumors and sightings of character doubles, they received a curious tip from a shady drinker about an imminent threat to the three mages of Cademia. They managed to arrive in time to save the musician Byraxis, and convinced him to hide out the threat in a safe house.

    Separately, Avatara and Katerei from the alternate world met up with a mysterious man named Beorn outside of Wizard's house. Finding themselves with a common goal, they agreed to head to Cademia. Upon arriving at the mother city, Beorn warned the others against wandering around town in the daylight, and headed into Cademia on his own, where he joined up with Shanadar and company.

    Deciding they couldn't afford to wait around any longer, Avatara and Katerei slipped into Cademia at dusk and encountered the Rapierian from their alternate Cythera, who had uncovered a plot to assassinate the mages of Cademia. Reluctantly, they offered to help him stop the assassinations, hoping that they may find a lead on the whereabouts of (alternate) Selax. After barely stopping the death of Anisa, the three raced towards Judge Berossus' castle in a bid to catch and interrogate the leader of the assassin squad, Iannah. Katerei snuck over the wall alone in a dangerous attempt to stall for time while Avatara and Rapierian attempted to find an alternate means of entry. They headed towards the entrance, only to be confronted by Shanadar, Yomu, Beorn, and the original Katerei. The two otherworlders make a plea to pass without conflict, but Shanadar refused, shutting the castle gate and locking them outside.

    During the stand-off at the castle gate, Yomu was contacted by a spectral voice calling himself Firecat, who instructed him to abandon his friends in order to save the judge. To the chagrin of his companions, he scurried off into the castle, where he discovered a duplicate Katerei talking to a mysterious woman. Troubled by the implications of a swarm of copies descending upon the city, Yomu escorted the unharmed judge out of harm's way and the city was put on high alert.

    Meanwhile, alternate-Katerei met up with her old acquaintance Iannah, where she learned that the Wizard from her world was in town and posing as the judge. Seeing an opportunity to have Iannah lead them to alternate-Selax, Avatara and Katerei convinced her to allow them to join a direct meeting with Selax, only to encounter the Hand instead. The intense rivalry between the assassins and the Hand, both competing for favor with Selax, boiled into an all-out conflict, leaving both sides wounded and Katerei convinced her old friend was too reckless to trust.

    Dazed from recent events and finding themselves fallen out of favor with the judge, Shanadar, Katerei, and Yomu began searching Cademia to try and track of the people they encountered at the castle the night before. With renewed determination, Katerei was able to pick up the scent of Rapierian, only to fall into one of his traps, depriving her of her precious sense of smell. Doubly discouraged, they returned to scouting the slums for clues.

    After almost two days of no progress, Yomu was again contacted by Firecat, who convinced him in order to save the city he must again abandon his friends and gather the reagents for powerful magic creation. Yomu succeeded and brought forth a massive golem, but at a heavy price. With the blood of innocents now on his hands, Yomu fled alone into the night.

    Reunited at last with the four from Kosha, the group of heroes found themselves caught in the middle of an ambush on Cademia. Barely able to hold off the surprise attackers, they were forced to retreat, allowing the slums to be burned to the ground. As they pulled back, they discovered the castle was under attack by a monstrous golem. At great sacrifice, they managed to lead the colossal foe away from the city and subdue it.

    But Yomu wasn't the only one carrying a dark secret. Worried she was running out of time, alternate Katerei confessed to alternate Avatara that she was partly responsible for the murder of Avatara's wife, Moonshadow. Torn between anger and anguish, he sent her out to plead for the assistance of her duplicate. Left alone to his thoughts, he was ambushed by Yomu, but managed to convince him to join in the quest to hunt down (alternate) Selax.

    Meanwhile, the heroes decide to investigate the undeniably strange happenings at the judge's castle. They confronted the judge, who turned out to be alt-Wizard in disguise, and were ambushed by guards. After a harrowing fight against steel and illusion, they recovered from their wounds, only to learn that the fate of the world is in peril, and they must race to Land King Hall to save it...

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  • Cast List

    Avatara (Alternate) - Hunting down alt-Selax for revenge. Black hair and dark eyes, with a long warrior's braid.
    Beorn - That guy from the opening. Brown hair and eyes, no beard. Thinks he's a master tactician.
    Black-Horn - Insidious demon lord traveling with Galahad.
    Galahad - Not your typical knight in shining armor. Chilling with his demon buddies, true allegiance is unknown.
    Jacob - Alpha thumb of The Hand. Loyal to alt-Wizard.
    Katerei - Water mage, blue hair and skin, socially detached but kind-hearted if you can get through to her.
    Katerei (Alternate) - Like Katerei, but in leather.
    Radik - Organ Thief, Town Drunk, and Beekeeper. Currently MIA.
    Rapierian - Necromancer, has a really big mouth.
    Rapierian (Alternate) - Robin Hood of the Nega-Cythera!
    Rythan (Alternate) - Dark power behind the scenes somewhere. May see him eventually.
    Selax - Impervious to bullets.
    Seralcard - Played by Scott Bakula. Always wears a necklace.
    Shanadar - The Enforcer.
    Silverfish - Flying Butterfly Cook.
    Talos - The doppelgänger with talking armor.
    Wizard - Scarred old guy. Powerful telepathy.
    Yomu - Cross between a thief and a brawler, tall, dark-skinned with brown hair, and collects lots of artifacts.

    Character Experience:

  • Mini-Calendar and Timeline:
    It is currently afternoon on the eleventh day of the story. The current season is late summer.

    Chronicle of Major Events:
    Two days before - Large animals, including predators, are found dead in the woods between Cademia and Kosha. The manner of death is somewhat unusual.
    Day 1 - The group sets out from Cademia.
    Day 2 - (The first posts occurred here.)
    Day 3 - Rapierian is imprisoned in Kosha and escapes later that night. Selax, Wizard, and Silverfish attempt to go to LKH, but the spell fails. Avatara finds Beorn at Wizard's house. Katerei spies on herself.
    Day 4 - Seralcard experiences a possible future.
    Day 5 - Selax, Wizard, and Silverfish appear outside Kosha, dazed and confused. Talos comes ashore.
    Day 6 - A mysterious informant reveals a secret plot to poison the mages of Cademia. Beorn joins Shanadar, Katerei, and Yomu as they race to stop the assassins. Shanadar fights off Avatara and Rapierian at the Judge's castle.
    Day 8 - Seralcard has been living the same day over and over again. Selax, Silverfish, Talos, and Wizard reach Cademia in time to see it fall under siege. The Hand attack various targets. The slums burn.
    Day 9 - The group confronts alt-Wizard.
    Day 11 - Showdown at LKH.

    In essence, you could divide up the story into a series of arcs:
    First Arc - Mysterious murders near Kosha. Culminates in the arrest and subsequent escape of Rapierian.
    Second Arc - Assassins threaten the mages of Cademia. Culminates in the showdown at the castle.
    Third Arc - The assault on Cademia. Culminates in the golem battle, K's revelation, and the burning of the slums.
    Fourth Arc - The villains revealed! Convergence on LKH.

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  • Character GPS System:
    Where are the characters now?

    Based off of the last known locations.

    Day 9
    Avatara (alt) and Yomu - Near the burned slums.
    Katerei and Katerei (alt) - west of Cademia.
    Beorn - in the tunnel to LKH.
    Moonshadow, Rapierian, Rapierian (alt), Selax, Shanadar, Silverfish, Talos, and Wizard - at the Judge's manor fighting against Wizard (alt).
    Selax (alt) - ???

    Day 8
    Seralcard - Cademia (?)
    Galahad and the big bad band of demons - near Cademia.
    The Hand - North (?) of Cademia.

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  • Map of Cythera (courtesy of Katerei):
    Posted Image

    Map of Cademia (also courtesy of Katerei):
    Posted Image

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  • Additional Biographies

    DM-specific information on various characters from alternate-Cythera, incuding Avatara, Black-Horn, Galahad, Jacob, Katerei, Rythan, and Saltwax.

    ** Avatara**
    Allegiance : None.
    Origin world : Alt-Cythera

    Description : A swordsman typically seen wearing either black or dark blue clothing with leather supports. He typically has his head uncovered and is often recognized by his hairstyle: dark hair cropped short in front, with a long, simple warrior's braid in back.

    Story : Approximately five years ago, Selax came seeking Avatara's help with his research on void magic. Having settled down and starting to live his dream of raising a family, Avatara turned him away. Believing he would be more cooperative without such "distractions", Selax had his wife killed. In a mix of rage and grief, Avatara severed all ties with the world around him and retreated into isolation. Over the years, his grief has mostly faded, but he still holds a grudge against Selax and recently been preparing for a confrontation that will end with either him or his opponent dead.

    Abilities : Avatara relies mainly on speed and strength to overwhelm his enemy before they can whittle away at his weak defenses. He is capable of using either physical attacks, offensive magic, or limited defensive magic, but using one type of abilities temporarily precludes usage of the other types. Avatara is proficient with staves, swords (preferring to dual-wield), daggers, and polearms. He knows he will need every advantage in a confrontation with Selax, so he will not use up any of his magic except in extreme emergencies.

    Allegiance : Working for Galahad
    Origin world : Alt-Cythera

    Description : A hulking grey-scaled demon with great black horns. He carries a spiked ball and chain made of iron and stone.

    Story : Demons thrived on the carnage that came in the wake of the Elemental war. They killed and pillaged indiscriminately until the Dread brought them to heel and started using the demon tribes as mercenary pawns in their game of thrones. For some time the leader of Black-Horn’s tribe was Feral, his rival and a favored devotee of Alt-Wizard. While still in Alt-Cythera Black-Horn made a deal with Galahad that would bring the tribe under the demon’s control in exchange for their services in Cythera.

    Abilities : Brute strength, animal instinct, and powerful magic are all at the demon’s disposal.

    ** Galahad**
    Allegiance : He works towards his own goals and has brought Rythan to Cythera to help achieve them. What he wants is a mystery.
    Origin world : Alt-Cythera

    Description : A handsome young swordsman in black finery trimmed with green and light armor to match. He is dark of hair and eye and he wields an obsidian sword.

    Story : Galahad descends from a noble house of Alt-Cythera, though his parents were killed in the war between the Elements that shattered much of the land. When the dust settled his uncle Devlin pledged his allegiance to Alt-Wizard (aka the Master), who promptly dissolved their titles and status as nobility. Galahad grew displeased with the Master’s rule and the chaos that reigned over his home. Eventually he sought out Alt-Wizard’s enemies and because of that he was given the sword he has now by Alt-Seralcard. With it he became the youngest of the Dread and carved out the territory around Ur-Sylph’s ancient prison for his own. He has remained a mysterious recluse since then.

    Abilities : Aside from masterful swordsmanship Galahad’s powers come from his sword. The weapon is the essence of Ur Sylph’s spirit and grants him dominion over the wind. His abilities are extremely powerful and versatile.

    ** Jacob**
    Allegiance : Serves the Master, aka Alt-Wizard
    Origin world : Alt-Cythera

    Description : He has long brown hair, a chiseled jaw, and a ready smile.

    Story : The Master combs Alt-Cythera to find people with exceptional psychic abilities. Those that might one day prove an annoyance are killed while those who could do well in his service are raised up and trained. Jacob is one such person, he sees Alt-Wizard as an almost divine figure and is zealous in his loyalty. With Devlin dead Jacob technically leads the Master’s followers in control of Kosha. Unfortunately for him word of his abrupt promotion has yet to reach the village.

    Abilities : Jacob’s powers are focused on telekinesis. The ability has a near infinite number of uses in and out of combat but requires a certain level of concentration.

    K (Katerei)
    Allegiance : None.
    Origin World : Alt-Cythera

    Description : Character Portrait. Things not evident from the illustration: Most of her clothing is spidersilk (fairly waterproof, tearproof, etc.) except her shoes, belt, and sheath, which are leather. There are two sashes attached to her belt, one in front and one in back. Both are identical, and secret pockets full of various alchemical ingredients are sewn to the insides.

    Story : K's parents were also murdered in front of her, but afterward she re-integrated with society much sooner than the Katerei of this world. K was close friends with Avatara until his wife was murdered and he began distancing himself from everyone. K eventually left without an explanation to return to her house in Catamarca. After it burned down, she virtually disappeared from society, shortening her name and leading a nomadic life in some less-than-noble line of work. Iannah is her only known acquaintance from this period. K's reason for being in this Cythera are unknown.

    Abilites : Highly skilled in water magic with a focus on combat. Knows rudimentary healing magic, but her extensive knowledge of nature lore (both animal and plant) revolves more around killing people than saving them. Reasonably skilled with a flail, but her speed and grace is countered by her lack of strength. Good at manipulating men, not so good with women. K also has the ability to transform into wolf with navy blue fur, but she keeps this info to herself as much as possible.

    Allegiance : On the surface he is allied with Galahad but truly he serves his own dark agenda.
    Origin world : Alt-Cythera

    Description : A terrible warrior almost hidden under the torn black rags he wears. His left arm is a clawed demonic thing carved out of the night. A mask of dark cloth covers everything but his crimson right eye.

    Story : Rythan came to Alt-Cythera to wage a one man war against the people of the island, good and evil alike. He had one goal, to open a portal to an unstoppable evil. Alternate- Avatara, Wizard, Selax, Seralcard, and several others confronted him in the end and forced him back through his own portal, presumably feeding him to the horror he tried to unleash. Alternate Seralcard and a few others died in the attempt. Their victory was only possible because Avatara learned some secret to defeating Rythan that he alone could make use of. No one knows what that secret was and he has told no one of it.

    Abilities : Nothing with an even passing relation to magic or paranormal abilities can touch or harm Rythan. No matter their powers everyone is a normal person when they face him in combat. He possesses monstrous strength and endurance with the combat skills to match them. There are a few other things but there is no reason to spoil them yet. Rythan seems invulnerable and without Avatara’s help he cannot be beaten at all. (Avatara - I actually have no idea what he's talking about!)

    ** Selax**
    Origin world : Cythera

    Description : Wrapped in a tall, dark robe, his ethereal face partially covered by the shroud of his hood, Selax is an air elemental in a humanoid shape. What little of his face is revealed shows an abnormally pale face with gray pupil-less orbs that serve for eyes under short white hair.

    Story : Were you honestly expecting a background story here?

    Abilities : A master swordsman with enhanced speed and strength. Being partially composed of air lends Selax heavy resistance to physical damage, but a passing grasp of magic leaves him vulnerable to spells. His blades are enchanted with enhanced sharpness, allowing them to cut through stronger materials without losing the edge on his blades.

    ** Wizard**
    Being a very old creature of great power, nobody has listened to his entire life story and lived, but some notes have been passed down throughout the ages:

    • Alt-Wizard is unpredictable, but he is intelligent.
    • While alt-Selax is focused on leaving Cythera (and using his knowledge to his benefit once he is in the Void), alt-Wizard wants to conquer Cythera and then use it to position himself in a position of power within the Void.

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  • Supporting Cast List (Organized by Affiliation)

    ** Iannah's Crew (The Mage Assassin Squad)**
    Iannah, Leader
    Bastian, Second in Command
    Male Assassin #2
    Male Assassin #3
    Diomede (Alternate)

    Iannah - female, mid 20's, squad captain. Ambitious and ruthlessly determined to prove herself, but respects her team members and can be diplomatic. Average height, muscular, auburn hair braided and coiled, wears light-coloured leather armour. Likes poison plants. Carries a poisoned knife, grappling hook, longsword, and lockpick set.

    Bastian - male, mid-30's, second in command. Doesn't talk much but is fiercely loyal to Iannah. Wields a big-ass sword.

    Elie - about 18, bloodthirsty. Reminds Iannah of teenage Iannah. Was injured in the skirmish with the Hand. Uses a shortsword.

    Phanias - stabbed in the back by Aremis. Deceased.

    Male Assassin #2 - male, middle-aged, slightly overweight. Has a blond beard and blond hair. Experienced at close-quarters fighting. Deceased.

    Male Assassin #3 - ????? Apparently had an axe. Deceased.

    Aremis - male, middle-aged. On the same level as Iannah and not part of her traditional crew. Last seen wearing a black robe. Killed by Galahad/Rythan on Day 8. Deceased.

    ** The Hand**
    Jacob (Male Telepath) - the leader, bio is here.
    Ral (Male Lightning Mage)
    Krys (Young Female Telepath) - can "cast" illusions and read/control the minds of others.
    Kain (Male Pyrokinetic) - can create fire from thin air and cause inanimate things to burst into flames.
    Scry (Female Blademaster) - senses her surroundings and sees a short time into the future.

    Ral has blonde hair with hints of gray. He was a mage of Pynx in alt-cythera but he betrayed his fellows and sided with alt-wizard. He is powerful and skilled but a bit cocky and overconfident.

    Krys is small and slim. When she was too young to remember Wizard murdered her parents after realizing the kind of psychic potential she had. He "raised" her as his own, as he did other gifted individuals, and trained her. Unlike most of her adopted siblings she survived and excelled. She remains fiercely loyal to her "father".

    Kain, in his mid-twenties, is a powerfully built man with dark hair and a well groomed beard. Kain killed his family with this power he couldn't control when he was very young. Wizard took a special interest in him. Taught him to control his powers. And showed the boy the beauty of being a sadistic psychopath. Chip off the ol' block. Kain is loyal to Wizard but is fond of Selax like a favorite uncle.

    Scry, also in her mid-twenties, is blind with long black hair and a red scarf covering her eyes. She was once a hero like Raperian fighting against Wizard to free the alternate Cythera. She wasn't as skilled as the ranger at staying hidden though. Her family was found and killed by Kain. Soon after she fought Selax and lost both eyes to an attack. Wizard then realized her hidden ability to see the future and awakened it within her, but just to be cruel he then twisted her mind and made her the slave of the man who killed her family, Kain.

    ** Denizens of Cademia**
    The Mages of Cademia
    Anisa, the Historian
    Berossus, the Judge
    Byraxis, the Musician

    Side Characters
    Forlong - Well-informed tavern regular with little taste for adventure.

    Cerberus and Garmr, low-ranked guards of Cademia.
    Cindy, Orthrus' daughter, young girl. Guise used frequently by Wizard.
    Orthrus, captain of the guard. Had an amulet (now confiscated by Wizard) that blocks Wizard's ability to cast illusions.
    Typhos, Orthrus' father.

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  • Reference Material:

    Alternate Cythera
    For the convenience of people creating alternate characters, it was thought that'd be a good idea to give a general story for what has happened that has caused a divergence between the two Cytheras.

    In ordinary Cythera, Bellerophon and his party purified the Crolna with the help of Charax and used it to heal Alaric.

    In alt-Cythera, Bellerophon and his party disappeared when they went to see Charax. Instead, Selax arrived at Land King Hall with the Crolna. Using it, he killed Alaric and the Undine lord that had corrupted the Crolna, for reasons unknown. Before he could flee LKH, he was intercepted by Magpie. Although Magpie was fatally injured, he managed to shatter the Crolna.

    Immediately afterward, Ur-Sylph was released and a new war among the four elements ensued, decimating Cythera. At the conflict's end, all four elements were dead.

    Cademia (ten years or so after the game)
    Cademia is the oldest and largest city in Cythera, having been founded after humans first arrived on the island. It is located at the point where the river Sitia flows into the sea (see map of Cythera).

    Frequently called "the Mother City," Cademia was once the center of government in Cythera. The Tyrants ruled here sometime after 100 (date uncertain) and until a period between 216, when Alaric killed the third Tyrant, and 219, when the mages returned and the current government system was established. The Tyrants great castle still stands in the northern part of the city.

    Many of the noble houses have or had representation in this city. Currently, House Attis, led by Matron Thuria, is the most powerful house in the city, although House Comana briefly challenged its control. Houses Strymon and Nicander also had representation here, but it is unknown if this is still the case.*

    Below the city are the largest sewer networks in Cythera. As large as Cademia is, it sometimes has problems with ratilizard infestations. Thus, a specialized guild—the Ratcatcher's Guild—exists within this city to deal with such vermin.

    Of late, Cademia, old and no longer as important is it once was, has begun to decay in places. In some places of the city, many of the buildings are damaged and abandoned. The great walls that once surrounded the city are now crumbling in many places and many buildings are even built outside them.

    Still, Cademia almost certainly remains the most important city in Cythera. The mint and other important buildings are still located here.

    *This discusses the city after the game and so is somewhat speculative. In the game, Attis and Strymon are allied strongly enough to keep Comana from outright control, although that House has edged out Attis in terms of popular support. After Comana's fall, it can be assumed that Attis again has control in the city. Nicander's representative to the city is murdered in the game. Since this man was Nicander's next leader and the eldest of the House's two sons, it is highly uncertain whether or not another representative would have been sent. Whether Strymon's representative remains is not known at all.

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  • Frequently Asked Questions

    Where can I find the answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about the story?

    Good question. Try looking at this post.

    What happened while I was gone?

    Check out the story synopsis. It usually lags the main story by a scene or two (for spoiler reasons), but it condenses most of the material into a (relatively) short summary.

    What season is it?

    Late summer/early fall. Think end-of-August, if you live in the Northern Hemisphere.

    What happens next?

    You tell me. :) If you're concerned about stepping on toes, check to see if anything was mentioned on the last page of this OoC topic. Everything I know that isn't secret is usually posted here.

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    I guess that could happen. In the absence of entries, a quick paragraph summary will hopefully suffice. (Describe your character in one paragraph kind of thing)

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    I don't know if we'll need all ten (including Sfiera's), but we're going to try loading the OoC topic with more stuff than previous ones as an experiment. That means either there is one monster post at the top people have to hunt through to find the section they want, or we have a sequence of posts each containing their own stuff and links at the top that let you jump to them.

    What exactly will be included is still up for debate - if you have ideas on what kind of information would make it easier to write something, please speak up (writing is OK too). Consider the OoC topic as the encyclopedia for the story - you go to the story topic to read the story, and then you hop over here when you want to learn about extra background in the world (to hopefully make it easier to write something with some continuity).

    Since all of that really depends on what happens with the story, it'll start out small and fill up over time as people post things.

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