Summer Chron Challenge

  • In an effort to stir up some activity, I have decided that it is time for another Chronicle challenge.

    Write a chron that is at least 200 words long (not that I'll be counting) describing a typical day in the life of Alaric, the Land King.

    -Magpie must talk and act like Gollum
    -Hadrian must randomly quote Shakespeare
    -Demodocus must have laryngitis
    -Hector must have Multiple Personality Disorder
    -(optional) Emesa must speak in rhyming couplets
    -The word "doom" must be used at least five times

  • It was supposed to be a typical day, but it wasn't. For some reason the Doom-makers had decreed that on this typical day, a string of atypical events would occur.

    Demodocus was visiting that day, which wasn't particularly hard, except that Landking Hall was the only place they'd accept him with laryngitis. However it was rather shocking.

    Hector ran up to his father, "Oh Father, it is dreadful, for Demodocus has acquired a bad case of laryngitis."

    Hadrian boggled at the thought exclaiming, "Alas poor Yorik!"

    "C'mon Pops, that ol' minstrel totally had it, like, coming to him, y'know?"

    Just then Magpie fell from where he was crouching near the top of the wall, "The ground hurtses us, yes my precious, hurtses us, we must throttle it!"

    Just then Emesa entered the hall from the kitchen, lamenting her doom-of-the-day, "I don't want to speak in rhyming couplets, I'd rather have six more septuplets!"

    Hector was depressed by this news & started wailing, "Doom, doom, doom, doom, doom, doom, doom, dooom, dooooom, do do-wa, do do-wa, ditty, ditty, ditty, ditty, DOOM!"

    Alaric woke with a jolt to find himself sitting on his rather uncomfortable throne, "What an odd situation, I'm glad it was only a dream."



  • (206 words, it's legit!)

  • True, but he seems to have missed the Chronicles board.

  • Why don’t…you move it? :p

  • You're proposing that the moderators do work?!


  • I've written an entry for this challenge. I really liked this challenge because it was very challenging! Well, for me anyway. It's a good thing Sely set such a loose deadline ^_~

    I know the Chron is supposed to describe a whole day, but I didn't get very far in the day because I met the other requirements and I'm lazy. If Sely has a complaint about this, well, I'd like to see him do better!

    I got the "optional requirement" in, and I think I used "doom" one extra time, and I have Hadrian speaking in nothing but Shakespeare quotes. I hope I covered all my bases!

  • So, you enjoyed the challenge because of the difficult requirements? That sounds like a good reason (that is, excuse) for me to make the next one even harder :p .

  • Yikes! I'm scared! I doubt I could contribute to a more difficult challenge!

  • Just try to remember that adversity builds character :) .

  • @selax_bot, on 01 August 2011 - 10:32 PM, said in Summer Chron Challenge:

    Just try to remember that adversity builds character :) .

    What about your character here? :p

  • I'm being selfless and focusing on helping others build their character :p .

  • It's okay, I can be selfless for you, so you can build your character.

  • You've already spent so many years helping others build their character. I think you deserve a break.

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