stronghold und ghosts etc.

  • Hi, a couple of questions after finishing the game.
    What about the disappearing door in the first stronghold? any idea on opening it?
    If you try to visit Abydos at night you'll find out some ghost inhabitants; they refuse to talk to you but have various reactions to your words.
    Any spoiler for the Pnyx fountain?


  • To get into the disappearing stronghold, you need wear the ring with the inscription "Will to Union" that you get from the Scylla temple on the west coast.

    You'll get a different reaction if you ask the ghosts about Tavara or the sea.

    As far as I know, no one has said the right thing to the fountain.

  • I think by the "disappearing door" Polka meant the door in the non-disappearing stronghold that turns into a brick wall when you try to go through it. And I too would like to know if there's any way to get through there.

  • Oh, that door! You can get through the door, unfortunately. You can see in there with the green ball, and take a screen-shot if you're quick. Not so close examination of the room shows that there is really nothing of value in there anyway.

  • In the same building, is there a key to the dungeons downstairs? And is there anything in there except lots of undead etc? I tried attacking the doors but nothing happened.

  • That seems really pointless. A door that turns into a brick wall? With nothing inside? That sems suspicicous...I bet there's something in there, visible only if you go in.

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