The lilyrei Love and Admiration Thread

  • This is a lilyrei tribute thread. Feel free to share your tributes.

    As we all know, Kat is a very cool person. She has been in around this board for over ten years, and has been contributing to TSes, taverns, and chronicles for the majority of that time. In this thread, we can express our appreciation of her, whether for her artistic abilities, her sense of humour, or her friendliness. I'll start with a haiku:

    She writes, she sketches
    Poetry, stories, comics
    For all to enjoy

    Table of Contents:
    Post #2: Kotodama
    Post #4: Bright and cheerful story

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  • Kotodama

    Based on the original (though I am incapable of drawing swirling letters):

    Posted Image

  • lilyrei? Who's that :p ?

  • Fall, 2028

    By day, she's a linguist. By evening, she's a wife and mother of twelve children. By night, she's an artist and a writer.

    lilyrei is a busy person. She rarely sleeps, but a well-rounded diet of caffeine and brains keeps her functioning.

    Occasionally she even deigns to post in a team story called Out of Reflection, Into Reality. OoR has been going on for about 17 years now, but it's still thriving. Of course, the standard for "thriving" on the Cythera board has been lowered a bit, and now "one post a year" is thought to qualify.

    Well, lilyrei hasn't contributed to that story in a few years now, but who could blame her?

    That may seem to be a rhetorical question, but the answer is actually Tyrael. Tyrael is very good at blaming lilyrei.

    All poor Tyrael wants is a peaceful retirement from moderating, but you know how that goes. He's turned in his resignation several times, but the administrators have never acknowledged it. Plus the moderator who is supposed to be taking over as the new Sole Moderator, Selax, is still in school pursuing a tough field, and thus the thought of him being able to perform any moderatorly duties is laughable. The responsibilities continue to fall on Tyrael.

    This is becoming a heavy burden as OoR approaches a full year since it's latest post. If another post is not submitted by this "deadline," OoR will no longer be considered an active topic, and Tyrael will have to make the decision about whether or not to pull the plug. No one wants to be in that position.

    In an Exclusive Interview, Tyrael explains, "it's lilyrei's fault. We need to know how her characters will react to the present situation in the story. Without her input, it is impossible to proceed. But she has been missing for two years and she is not responding to private messages. We're really worried."

    He's not alone in his concern - Two Jacks also expressed anxiety when he was asked about lilyrei. Regretfully, his statement was too long to fit in this story.

    It was difficult to book an interview with Selax due to his time constraints, but when he was finally asked for his thoughts on lilyrei's absence, he responded only with: "who's lilyrei?"

    Wizard could not be reached for comment.

    But the thoughts and prayers of those who missed her seemed to have some effect on lilyrei. Because this morning, as she waited with her children on the street corner for the school bus to pick them up, she began to write a post for OoR.

  • @breadworldmercy453_bot, on 06 January 2012 - 04:59 PM, said in The lilyrei Love and Admiration Thread:

    He's not alone in his concern - Two Jacks also expressed anxiety when he was asked about lilyrei. Regretfully, his statement was too long to fit in this story.

    Did you talk to Rythan?

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