Playing Cythera in SheepShaver

  • Maybe our last hope...

    A lot of games don't run that well in Classic, Cythera among them. News on Cythera X has been silent for some time now, and with the transition to Classic-less Intel Macs, one begins to wonder how we're going to play Cythera at all in the near future. Don't get me wrong, I'm still hoping for Cythera X as much as everyone else, but until its release, it'd be nice to have at least a workable solution for playing Cythera now.

    So Selax and I looked into a couple of emulators. We decided to try Sheepshaver based on this topic on Ferazel's boards.

    In our case, we installed Mac OS 8.5, and I am very pleased to announce that it runs Cythera brilliantly! _At least on our PPC Mac. I have not personally tried it on an Intel Mac, but reports from cache_22 indicate that it works well on Intel!

    Note: There are a couple of crashes that we experienced, particularly in dialogue, but they don't seem to occur if you don't let the game switch to 256 colors. I have no idea why, but after telling the game to "Run slower," we have experienced no more problems._

    The Directions:
    All right. So you're wondering: "Sounds fun, but how do I make this whole 'Sheepshaver' thing work? I hope I get a foreign language credit for doing this. . ." Well, don't panic; it's actually not that hard.

    I want to give a huge, major thanks to Sinclair44 for his original directions!!!! They provided the inspiration for this topic. You can see his topic here

    For setting up SheepShaver, I'm now going to link to this Emaculation guide. Emaculation keeps the most up-to-date steps for configuring SheepShaver, as well as additional guides for Windows and Linux users.

    After completing the process of configuring SheepShaver, getting Cythera set up is easy.

    • For those with a CD containing Cythera, you can use the CD to install it into SheepShaver. In this case, you don't need to follow any of the other steps.

    • Otherwise, download the Cythera Installer from Cythera's page.

    • If you followed the Emaculation steps for setting up SheepShaver, you should have a Shared folder (identified as "Unix" in SheepShaver) which allows file transfer between Mac OS X and SheepShaver. Place the installer there.

    • From inside SheepShaver, copy the installer to your main hard disk; installers do not always run from the Unix volume, although some might.

    • Run the installer, and that's it!

    • Alternatively, if you set up your SheepShaver for internet connectivity, then you could have downloaded the installer directly in SheepShaver and run it from there.

    Cythera should now be fully playable!

    I'd also like to reiterate the above note that Cythera works best when told to switch to 256 colors!

    Well, there you have it. If you have a specific question or are stuck on a specific number, just ask.

    And, thanks to Avatara, here's a screenshot of Cythera in action:
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  • Screenshot added, they were kinda big so I was only able to allow one in per post. Here's the other:
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  • Killing people and throwing their corpses on tables. . . That's an. . interesting. . hobby. . .
    Backs away slowly.

  • I know, I got some kind of sadistic overtures when they sent me those pics. I think the Selax family is in desperate need of some kind of therapy.

  • I never thought of throwing people, seemed like such a waste since their bodies did no damage when you threw them at someone. Granted I was a little weaking and couldn't pick up a person, let along throw them. :)

  • Actually, I started out wanting to do a screenshot of the dining hall and make it look like I somehow managed to kill all (what is the number? 12 or 15 at least I think) of the mages. Since that is basically impossible, I decided to kill them in their sleep and then lug them all into the dining hall. The tables just happened to be convenient and amusing-seeming spots to place them.

  • One time I attacked a student while they were eating lunch, and one of them confused me; and while I was confused my followers killed everyone o.0
    But a picture of the four dead seldane would have been more impressive :p

  • I wasn't under the impression that Hector, Meleager, and Timon would help kill any civilians (Aethon will)...was that an earlier version or something?

    Actually, all the screenshots were set up like that just for the screenshot; I don't regularly throw bodies all the around the city, although I have been know to go around and wipe out cities (usually Cademia) for the fun of it I think that almost everyone has at some point or other.

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  • I wiped out Pynx because I couldn't learn anything more from there and I didn't like some of the people.

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  • I never liked the Alchemy teacher because she's so rude @_@

    If I attack innocent people, Hector and everyone will attack me; but if someone attacks me, the followers will eventually get into the battle. I know I was playing either 1.0.4 or 1.0.3 o.0

  • I used to just love killing Hector over and over, hit him then revive him and so the cycle went on. :)

    I used to just love killing Hector over and over, hit him then revive him and so the cycle went on. :)

  • That sounds like fun ^^ I don't like Hector, lol. But Timon's my least favorite, his constant dying is annoying @@ Sometimes I don't notice when he dies and then I have to go back and find his corpse so I can revive him -_- In one game my amulet lost its sparkle from reviving Timon.

  • What I have always loved most about Timon is the fact that he is attracted to death, you can kill a fleet of demons because they are so fixated on killing Timon that they don't even notice you attacking them.

  • Same applies to Aethon.

  • Good to know that we can still run Cythera without classic.

    Anybody tried it on an intel mac? And if so, can we hear about it?

  • It was the plague... Haha.

  • Here are the instructions for installing and configuring SheepShaver given by sinclair44 in the Ferazel topic. (For some reason, the numbers showing the order didn't paste.)


    Since this thread has diverged slightly from where I thought it would go, I'll go ahead and post the instructions here.
    Create a folder for all the SheepShaver data to go into. I would suggest something easy to type, like "sheepshaver" in your home directory. For the purposes of this, I'll assume that you chose /Users/username/sheepshaver.
    Create a folder "share" in the "sheepshaver" folder (for later).
    Get a Mac ROM. The one in your Classic system folder may work (I've been told it should, but mine didn't). I would suggest downloading a ROM update from Apple and using TomeViewer to extract the ROM. (TomeViewer is a Classic app itself.) However you obtain the ROM, name it "ROM" and place it inside the "sheepshaver" folder.
    Download SheepShaver. (You want the "MacOS X Universal Binary" near the bottom of the page.)
    Decompress SheepShaver and put it where you want. I would suggest keeping it seperate from the "sheepshaver" folder created above, and naming the application folder "SheepShaver-May06" (or whatever date the release was). All of the releases for a while have been numbered 2.3, so the only way to tell them apart is the date.
    Open "".
    Create a SheepShaver hard drive. Press "Create..." in the window that appears. Change the size to something usable; I would suggest 400-600 MB. Navigate to your "sheepshaver" folder and name the drive something like "os9hd". Press "OK"; it will take a few moments to create the drive (the program hasn't frozen).
    Change the "Unix Root" to /Users/username/sheepshaver/share (or wherever your "sheepshaver" folder is).
    In the "Graphics/Sound" tab, make sure that Window mode is selected (fullscreen will freeze!) with a refresh rate of 60hz. Change the width/height to either 640x480, 800x600, or 1024x768, depending on your screen size. I would recommend you use a standard 4:3 resolution (one of the three I listed). Make sure "QuickDraw Acceleration" is on, and "Disable Sound" is off (don't worry about the Output and Mixer devices, they aren't used on OS X).
    In Keyboard/Mouse, turn off "Use Raw Keycodes" and set "Mouse Wheel Function" to your liking if you have a mouse wheel (which isn't recognized by OS 9 so SheepShaver has to do something else to pretend).
    In Serial/Network, make sure "slirp" is the Ethernet interface.
    In Memory/Misc, set the RAM size to something reasonable given your computer. 128MB should be more fine. Change the ROM path to /Users/username/sheepshaver/ROM (or wherever your "sheepshaver" folder is). Turn off "Ignore Illegal Memory Accesses" and turn on "Don't Use CPU when idle".
    Press "Start" at the bottom. SheepShaver itself should start now, and you will be told that it crashed. The crash report is bogus; just press "Close" or "Cancel" or whatever and SheepShaver will be fine (this will happen every time you launch it). If you get a disk with a blinking question mark, you're good so far; quit SheepShaver (you may have to force quit).
    Insert your OS 9 install disk, then launch "". It should boot from the CD; you can initialize your OS 9 hard drive and install OS 9.
    Use Special -> Shutdown to always shut down SheepShaver (just like a real Mac). After the install, shut down and remove the CD. Run "" again. Open the "Sound" (not "Moniters and Sound") control panel and set the output correctly so you can hear sound. Sound and networking should both work; you're good to go!
    Insert your Freazel's Wand CD and install it in SheepShaver, and tell us if it works

    I used OS 8.5 instead of OS 9. You'll also probably want to increase the amount of memory to Cythera.

  • This might be the best bet. We (implying the Cythera X beta testing people) have not had a lot of luck. Unless a newer version was released in the past month or so, we cant test. It won't go beyond the loading screen.

    I dont know if this has been said before with the Cythera X Beta testing page area..

  • Cythera X stopped working from the 10.2.8 security update.

  • I've played Cythera on my PC using both Sheepshaver and Basilisk II. Works great.

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