Ayrit and The Head Water Ruins

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    Hm so just wondering since I haven't played in a long time, I've forgotten some things.

    1. Where do the teleporters in Ayrit let out? I remember one letting out in the swamp but can't remember where the other three go.

    2. I believe there was a teleporter for every direction. But what was the significance of this, and what was the significance of the areas where you arrive at?

    3. Has anyone ever tried using the crolna on the obelisks dotted around the Ayrit map? I know doing that on the world map did some funny things before.

    4. Are the teleporters one way only or two way? Also does anything happen to you when you use them like mana loss?

    5. As far as the headwater ruins, I was looking for a bit of history on them as well as a map. The only map I could find was a bird's eye world map, and that's not very detailed at all! What was their purpose and what lies in the section of the ruins buried in mountain?

    1. North portal leads to LKH, West portal leads to the Headwater ruins, South portal leads to the Khalkis ruins, and East portal leads to a space on the overworld map, I don't know if there's a name for it. You know that hill near the Sitia river with one of those pylon things that you use the Crolna on to open a door in the hill? That's where the East portal leads.

    2. I think the significance is showing that the Seldane once held power in every direction, but the Undine drove them from the Northern seat (LKH), Western seat (Headwater) and Southern seat (Maayti). Perhaps Ayrit would be considered the Eastern seat, and the only one they still possess.

    3. I'm pretty sure none of those have any effect, but I can check the next time I boot up the old computer.

    4. Only one way, there's no indication of portals from the destination sides. AFAIK there's no effects on you other than teleportation.

    5. The map is http://people.ku.edu...water_Ruins.png , do you mean that that isn't detailed enough? I don't know what to tell you, there isn't much there. The hole (which is originally covered by the stone next to it, you move that with the Crolna) leads to here: http://people.ku.edu...d_King_Hall.png (the spot with a stone wall around it). The Seldane once lived there, but the Undine drove them from it, possibly by living the second Crolna shard there (much like they drove the Seldane from Maayti by leaving the third shard there). The mages discovered the Headwater ruins soon after their banishment.

  • 453, you answered all the question...and killed the topic in the process :( .

    TJ, when you discuss the buried ruins, are you referring to the hole shown in the picture, or are you asking about the fact that the ruins simply seem to run into the mountains? So far as I know, nothing besides the hidden entrance to the caverns is concealed there.

  • Thanks that answers most of my questions. As far as the map, I just remember going to see Timon at the headwater ruins and passing a fountain among other things there before seeing him in front of the buried portion, that was the map I was looking for.

    It'd be nice to know if the teleporters or they're let outs had any more significance though than just markers of past influence.

    Edit: ok so my net was slow, that was the map I was looking for 453, thanks. Looks like only the southern location doesn't lead back to LKH then.

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  • Hey who knows, maybe the Seldane still use the portals for spying or something : __D I think you'd rock at writing a Chron about it ^_~

    Unhayt, Uset, and Seqedher like to stand around the altar in that portal area for a portion of every day. Not sure why. Maybe they can, like, see through the portals or something?

    Also I did try the Crolna on the pylons down there, to no effect.

  • I suspect the Seldane visit the altar in order to perform some sort of maintenance on the teleportation system and quite probably the entirety of Cythera (that is, the land anyway).

    Alternatively, 453 is correct, and the humans in Cythera function as reality TV for the Seldane.

  • I always assumed the portals were for easily travelling between multiple Seldane cities, though the lack of return portals would make that a little impractical. I didn't notice them hanging out there before, but I like the reality TV theory.

  • There may be (or may have been) some sort of return mechanism. For instance, it is possible that the nexus point at Land King Hall did not used to be the only one in Cythera.

  • I"d be interested to know if there were more magic categories than just Runes, Alchemy, Healing and straight up 'magic'. After all it seems the Undine's water based magic was more or less necromancy. Maybe teleportation is Earth? Maybe the other elements pertain to other types of magic as well.

  • The Undine are able to mess with time, which could be parallel to the Seldane's teleportation powers, and they can definitely also shapeshift, it's not clear if the others can or not. I'm pretty sure a lot of the elementals’ magic isn't spell-casting, so it wouldn't really fall into any of those categories.

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  • I wouldn't be surprised if shape-shifting is a general ability among the elementals. Certainly, it seems like an ability that the Sylphs would possess. Teleportation might not be uncommon either. After all, if there are nexus points on land, it would make sense for there to be some at sea as well.

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