Summer Chron Challenge

  • Once again, in an effort to stir up some activity, I have decided that it is time for a Chronicle challenge. I don't think this is harder than last year's, but I hope it is sufficiently challenging to interest 453.

    Write a chron that is at least 500 words long (not that I'll be counting) describing Bellerophon's meeting with Hector.

    -Bellerophon must perform 30 jumping jacks, 50 push-ups, 20 chin-ups, and 15 cartwheels. These have to be spaced reasonably through the chron rather than being jumbled into one sentence.
    -Magpie must appear but not do or say anything.
    -Hadrian must arrange the following deal with Bellerophon: Bellerophon will ensure Hector's death on the quest and they will both split the insurance money resulting from his death.
    -Emesa must make a similar deal but with the alteration that she, not Hadrian, will split the insurance money with Bellerophon.
    -Demodocus must attempt to rob Bellerophon at least three times throughout the chron. He must also be revealed to have been hired by Emesa to assassinate Hadrian to make sure he doesn't get any of the insurance money.
    -Alaric must have narcolepsy.
    -Hector must believe that he is Gimli and act accordingly.
    -The words "nocturnal," "cackled," and "delusional" must be used at least three times each.

  • Is that another LotR character?

  • Have you not even watched the movies :p ?

  • Maybe, I should save this challenge for next summer...

  • It's nothing personal, mostly I'm just too lazy to write anything. Although I do think it would be quite difficult to compose a story that exceeds the expectations set by the requirements. You've practically written a whole story just with the challenge, but if I attempt it, I'll want the plot to be something at least a little new.

  • Actually, I was inspired to try to make this one harder than last year's because I was surprised anyone had managed that one. That was the first chron challenge anyone had responded to recently, so I figured making harder challengers must motivate people.

    Evidently, I tried too hard. I shall have to try something different next time.

  • Alas, summer is over & I never even started this story. I have failed the challenge :(

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