Is a new Delver game in the works?

  • As many know, Delver is the engine behind the game Cythera and I'm wondering if Ambrosia has any plans to make a new game based on Delver. If not, will Ambrosia give other people or companies the ability to make games using Delver? Either would be more role-playing games and that's something I always want to see.

    Erica J. Marceau

  • Currently, there is no new game in the works based on Delver (I'm pretty busy with another contract right now). However, we are certainly open to working with third parties to create new scenarios (not unlike the way EVO came from EV) - mind you, such an undertaking would not be for the faint of heart...

    The idea of creating an editor as a separate product ("DelvEd") is also a possibility, though at this time there is no definite plans for such a beast.

    I have been toying with designs for future generations of the Delver engine, as well as having a good idea about the plot of Cythera II, but again, no formal project has been started.

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