Best of Cythera for 2011 and 2012

  • With the end of 2012, it is again time to submit suggestions for additions to the archives. I apparently forgot to do this last year, so any suggestions from 2011 are also welcome.

    So, does anyone have any topics from 2011 or 2012 that should be added to the Best of Cythera archive?

  • I don't think anything really happened in the last two years, but I'd appreciate it if Wizzy's Cythera reference site was added to the useful links section. Also, we really need to work on that encyclopedia Cytherica... Maybe it can make it on the best of Cythera 2013.

  • For 2011, I propose “Happy Hour 2011”: the topic so 2011 it has it in the title.

  • I think the only notable thing in the past two years was the topic with Randy Pringle, not really useful info though. But I agree with 453, Wizard's site should definitely be added.

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