Plot of Once Again?

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    Out of curiosity, what was the primary plot of Once Again? Destroy the world?

  • Why not just read the TS :p ?

  • I did read it, but it was a little while back and I don't remember a primary plotline that was resolved in that story.

    Also, Tyry, this thread totally isn't my fault. This was totally relevant to the Fate of the Webboard thread... kinda.

  • Why not re-read it?

    Part of the plot was resolved, but things were setup for a sequel, which never happened.

  • It was save the world against overwhelming odds, which wasn't working (hence everything dying). I forgot who the invaders were and don't really feel like reading it.

    I also wouldn't be sad if it vanished from the archives mysteriously.

  • Which is precisely why it should remain in the archives :) .

  • I agree that OA should definitely be preserved, but this has nothing to do with making Tyry sad. I just want to save everything : ****D

    Anyway, I re-read OA and it still makes no sense. First of all, they didn't exactly save the world. They killed Alaric (I think?), but evil Talos and creepy Tyrael were still prepping to take over the world. I still don't think any plot was resolved.
    And Sely, how did that story explain that Tyrael and Avatara are separate characters?

  • They didn't save it because it was the first story of several. Part 2 actually got started, but was abandoned within 20 posts and I believe is not in the archives. I don't remember if it was deleted, but should be easy to find if it isn't - if you know what to look for... ;)

  • I've gone through every thread at that time period, trying to decide which to save (for now), and I'm pretty sure the beginning of Part 2 is no more.

    View PostAvatara, on 20 May 2013 - 01:59 PM, said:

    A completed story is defined as a story where the original purpose was accomplished.

    So what was the original purpose of OA? For Talos to destroy the world?

    I'm still trying to understand why Once Again is classified as a completed story, whereas the Kul'Shar Legacy, Part 1 isn't.

  • OA was (I think) the first completed TS on the (then new) UBB boards. I think this had something to do with its ambitious scope.

    About the Kul'Shar Legacy, I couldn't say. Personally, I think it is more regrettable that it was never finished.

  • KL Part 1 should've been classified as completed? It was also incredibly rushed (what happens when you get a "just finish it and move on to the next bit" like you want us to do with OoR :p ). It would be nice to revisit it one day, perhaps in chronicle format, but there are other priorities first.

    There was apparently a TS attempted before OA, back in Spring 2000, but that was before my time. I remember Talos telling me it got deleted, but I know no more details.

  • (Would you rather not finish OoR at all? :p )

    I wonder why OA's sequel was (apparently) deleted. Was is it a fairly unpopular endeavor?

  • I imagine Tyry deleted it (the OA sequel) in one of his fits of rage.

    I haven't actually read KL, so I should probably do that before I express my opinion on KL-method vs. OoR-method.

  • I'm inclined Tyrael would also have deleted OA if he deleted the sequel, but I guess one never knows.

    Also, you should read KL. You'd probably enjoy it. I still think it's too bad that it was never completed.

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