why is Charax taking so long?

  • I've been waiting for Charax to find out about the earth polarity reagent for at least four days and I'm BORED. Is there something I should have done before he will tell me? I've looked at slayer's page and the only missions I haven't completed are cure alaric and wine contract, so I can't think what else it could be - any ideas?

    also, in the Tyrant's tomb, how does one open the portcullis without magic? Or is that not possible?

    and what exactly is a scrub - I have to say that it does sound faintly insulting to me!

  • You need to find the earth reagent yourself. It will be obvious what it is when it is given to you.

    I haven't tried real hard to open the first portcullis in a conventional way, but I'm pretty sure magic is required.

  • Thank you!

  • This is the only spot in which I have had serious trouble. People always give me this same vague answer. At least supplement me with this: is it a person, place, or thing (the earth reagent)?

  • It's a thing. You have to have all the pieces of the Crolna to get it. Do you want to know who to ask for it?

  • Meleager????...or whatever his real bouhoudounounoun........name is?

    A smile is a curved line
    that bends the world

  • No, but a relative of his...

    (BTW, I think you meant "Magpie or whatever his real name is"; Melager is the bodyguard guy you meet on the bridge)

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