Youtube review of Cythera

  • (not mine)

    I've been meaning to post this for a while now, but it seems that some months ago someone on youtube did a review of Cythera. The author gives a fairly good overview (if memory serves), although I don't quite agree with him on the music.

  • I didn't agree with his description of Cythera as a "bad game" and I'd have to re-watch it to remember what else I disagreed with, but it is a pretty fun video : ****D

    Mysh (the guy who did the video) is apparently part of a YouTube group called Delicious Cinnamon, and he and another guy are currently doing a Let's Play Ferazel's Wand series that is really great. I can't watch it without laughing. I hope they do Let's Play Cythera or Let's Play Harry the Handsome Executive when they're done!

  • Huh, I had forgotten that he said that. I guess I disagree with him on more than just the music. That said, it's still a fairly good overview.

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