Blobbo tribute Elarel

  • Some of you may remember Blobbo as one of gandreas's other games. Turns out there's a recently-released game that's very similar called Elarel. Hard, though.

  • Well I've never played Blobbo, but I have played Squish & I thought I'd have a go. I downloaded Elarel but I can't open it because it is apparently "not supported on this type of Mac." I'm not sure what that means. All I noticed on the website was that I need os 10.6+ & I have 10.6.8.

    Edit: I've been told that my processor isn't quite cool enough for this game, but that a version that may be compatible with my computer is in development. So maybe I'll try again when that is released ^ ****_^

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  • I just tried to play Blobbo. With Shorty's direction, I almost got through the first level. I just had one treasure chest left to collect. Then I accidentally ran into a fire & died. ;_;

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