Chronicle Spotlight: Victory Drowned

  • Caught up in all the rush, you may not have noticed that we have a new chronicle entry, courtesy of BMW! This story is about a young student of Pnyx and his aspirations to become a well-respected mage. It works best when the story is read to you using the built-in OS X voices.

    You can find a link to the story here.

    (In case, for some reason, you couldn't find it at the top of the Chronicles forum. "Wait, we have a chronicles forum?" you may be asking. Well yes, um, it's a new feature.)

  • Don't have easy access to text-to-speech? Here you go. You're welcome.

  • Y'all are awesome ^ ****_^ The computer reading Fiery linked cracked me up.

    (I already advertised my chronicle on the "Summer Chron Challenge: 2013" thread, but I'm very honored to have my own spotlight <3)

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  • …we have a Chronicles forum?!

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