Favorite NPCs?

  • Based on the relative success of the major cities topic, I thought that I'd go ahead and ask this question. I'm not making this a poll, since there's a fair number of NPCs and since picking favorite would be quite difficult.

    So, who are your favorite NPCs in Cythera?

  • Emesa is my favorite nom-player character.


  • Unfair topic, because I have dozens of favourites. But I'll start of by mentioning the farmers. The farmers were always special to me. I remember wasting a lot of time buying flax from Pelops and selling it to Ake for a profit. Also Alcmena's generosity with their goats' milk was nice, and their cheese is the best price in Cythera. I once stole every single pick-up-able item in the entire game (except in the farm) and gave them to the farmers. (They didn't seem to notice) I wrote them a long note explaining my actions, but the message disappeared from the paper when I left the zone. In another savefile, I went to the further effort of replicating useful items (so no stealing... exactly), and gave them to the farmers. I replicated, moved, & destroyed their crate many times to permanently leave them many crates/piles of useful items ^ ___^ (...they didn't seem to notice that either.) No matter how much I try to do for them, they just go right on with their farming chores. I think they must be truly happy with their work.

  • 453, it might be easier if you just listed the NPCs you don't like :p .

  • I think BMW is secretly Robin Hood. Or a communist.

  • @ikaterei_bot, on 21 May 2013 - 04:51 PM, said in Favorite NPCs?:

    I think BMW is secretly Robin Hood. Or a communist.

    I think she secretly wants to move out of the city & become a flax farmer ^_^

  • Of the NPCs, I think that I like Meleager, Ignae, and Ur-Sylph the most. Ignae and Ur-Sylph both present interesting story opportunities, and I always find it interesting that, in spite of the treacherous nature of the Undine and Ignae's apparent complacency, Ignae is always the one called "sly."

  • Does the fountain count? :p I also liked the beggars, especially Neoptolemus and Eumelus.

  • @selax_bot, on 21 May 2013 - 04:48 PM, said in Favorite NPCs?:

    453, it might be easier if you just listed the NPCs you don't like :p/>/> .

    Sely: Okay. This is going to be a long list too.

    -Unnamed guards. They're boring and annoying.
    -Hector. Can't remember why. Also he tries to kill me if I kill a goat, regardless of whether or not it was intentional.
    -Antiphus. He's ugly.
    -Ariadne. I rescued her and she won't even talk to me.
    -Mantinea. She was too busy worrying about her sick husband to talk to me. Me, the Heroine of Cythera!
    -Polydamas. Early on in my Cythera days, a while before I joined Neopets & learned how to spell, I conversed with Polydamas. It was annoying because he asked me to repeat everything. Finally I gave up on him and said "bye." He didn't hear me. Now the 'bye' option was gone, and I didn't know how to spell 'bye.' I felt like crying because I could not get out of the dialogue window. I don't remember how I got out, maybe I finally guessed the spelling or asked my mom or maybe I force-quit the game. Ugh.
    -Sardis. He refused to talk to me because he had a bit of a headache, and the Catamarca guards got uptight when I stole his book.
    -Alastor. I had a to-do list a mile long, so I refused his request of getting him a dead alligator. My brother told me I needed to accept the request if I wanted the green boots, but Alastor refused to even discuss it after my original refusal.
    -Alcestris. Another make-you-repeat-everything person.
    -Antenor. His apathy is disgusting.
    -Apis. Gives me an impossible task.
    -Atymnius. He kind of makes a scene.
    -Autonous. He's creepy & doesn't act like humans ought to act.
    -Bryaxis. He wouldn't sell me a musical lock/key.
    -Dares & Diomede. One of their names doesn't fill itself in, I can't remember which. Diomede? It's annoying when you journal everything and some entries just say "man" or "woman" instead of the proper name.
    -Deiphobus. Won't talk to me.
    -Eteocles. Wouldn't let me join the guild without a voucher. Me!
    -Halos. Doesn't talk to me when I want to talk to him, also he freaks out when he's sent to jail. Exclamation point overload.
    -Hypsenor. Wouldn't buy my homemade totally-professional-quality fabric.
    -Ilus, Laomedon, Periphas, Theano. Won't converse with me, and won't sell me food outside of business hours.
    -Naxos. Rudely interrupts me when I'm trying to solve a murder.
    -Oeneus. Shoots arrows at me when I walk in front of him during target practice.
    -Opheltius. Gets murdered. Once right after the murder I saw his mom wandering around House Attis. I was like, "whoa, does she come to Cademia after her son is killed?" Then I realized she was in my party. I never returned her to Odemia.
    -Stentor. Way creepy.
    -Thoas. I tried to have a conversation with him about me bestowing a fortune on his son, and he totally ignored me. You can see why I went with the farmers instead, right?
    -Matron Thuria. Kind of rude.
    -Atreus. Keeps a secret from me about his ring.
    -Itanos. Forces me to take time out of my busy day to come back to visit him in the late evening , just so I can get back the book that he had stolen.
    -Pelagon. As someone said a while back, he looks like cheese. Also once I gave him the shards he begged me for, and he killed me & locked up my computer. Rude.
    -Students of Pnyx. They're boring, and they all gang up on you if you kill someone in Pnyx, casting spells on you repeatedly. They're no better than a horde of harpies.
    -Helen. She takes over dialogue that's supposed to be Niobe's.
    -Paris. His name doesn't fill itself in.
    -Palaestra. She's rude.
    -Selinus. He gives me an impossible task (well, it's possible, but very hard to get checked off), and dude, remember my name!
    -MIners. They refuse to talk to me, even to tell me their names.
    -Eudoxus. Won't give me any info. Also annoying how he runs around in circles trying to kill Hector, and won't stand still so I can kill him.
    -Glaucus. Mopey and annoying.
    -Meleager. Always arguing with my favourite follower, refuses to use weapons, and is the only follower who actually charges me for the privilege of serving me. Where does he hide that 35 oboloi anyway?!
    -Timon. Monologues about boring things.
    -UrSylph. Apathy.
    -Tavara. Won't talk to me.

  • @jehezekel_bot, on 21 May 2013 - 06:25 PM, said in Favorite NPCs?:

    I think she secretly wants to move out of the city & become a flax farmer ^_^/>

    Oh snap, please no! :o

  • Magpie and Meleagler were my favorites. They had very little information to give but it was enough to build a rich character and I respect that.

  • Timon always stuck in my mind, so he clearly made an impression. That's probably why I used him so heavily in introducing the Ronin. Then there was that whole thing with his sister disappearing, which held such promise for the sequel.

  • I don't remember you using Timon to introduce the Ronin?

    Somehow the Larisa thing kind of bores me. I figure she found out too much about the Seldane, so her disguised-Undine-assistant killed her. Then again, my brother told me she was eaten by a gator on the way back to Kosha, so I guess that's a possibility too. What interested me most was her relationship with her creepy obviously-undine assistant. I wrote a chronicle about that a couple of years ago, but I don't think it was very true to the characters' personalities @_@ As far as promise for a sequel, I wanted to know more about Tavara's cult & partnership with the Undine.

  • I always took it as a given that Larisa was dead. It could have been a gator, but it was probably Joppa. I think her story is interesting (but sad) because her death seems both caused by and inconsequential to Bellerophon's quest. Time simply marches on without her.

  • @breadworldmercy453_bot, on 03 December 2013 - 11:17 AM, said in Favorite NPCs?:

    I don't remember you using Timon to introduce the Ronin?

    It was in a couple of chronicles, mostly. The first one was supposed to be a translation, by Timon, of an old document that recorded the Ronin's first appearance in the time before the elementals went to war, and in the second, he was the one that found Wolmark wandering around near the ruins of Maayti just after he re-emerged into 'current' time. I also included him in the prologue of 'For the Fun of the Game'.

  • I've never given much thought to Larisa's fate. I somewhat assumed she might have been made a captive (in case she had actually learned anything of use), but there's no evidence of that. Killing her (and not Timon) would seem to have little point, but it's possible that the Undine feared that she had learned something.

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