Merry Christmas,

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    Merry Christmas everyone!

    I’ve been gone a long time with work and other irl concerns and I really wish I was coming out of my cave for a purely fun reason, but I’m not. You probably don’t remember Dorothy, a girl who’s one of the most important people in my life. I asked you guys for prayers when she was in trouble years ago and thankfully she recovered just fine. I’ve always been grateful to you guys for that. It’s terrible that her good health isn’t the case anymore.

    I love Dorothy in a way I can’t properly express in words. She’s the best friend I ever had. And now she’s dying. A parade of surgical mistakes made over the years in the process of saving her have taken their toll and damaged much of her insides. The complications are severely aggravating her already serious previous conditions and causing her heart and much of the rest of her to shut down. Without treatment soon there’s no way she’ll make it. Her Doctors know how to save her, but her insurance refuses to cover the procedure. They’re ransoming her life to the tune of $6000.

    I don’t want to lose her. I don’t want her children to grow up without their mom. All I want for Christmas is another Christmas with Dorothy. But I can’t do it on my own. So if you’ll let me be just a little bit selfish here after being absent for so long, I’d like to ask for your help. I know it’s Christmas and most everyone is broke at this point, but even if you can’t spare a dollar, if you could at least spread the word it would mean the world to me. She has a donation site set up here with more details about her current situation and what she’s going through. I have a personal savings that people have been donating to as well for those who weren’t keen on online transactions. Absolutely every little bit helps. I’ll take a dollar. I’ll take the change from your couch. There’s a pawn shop just down the road, so if you’ve got an old VCR or something I’m all about it.

    Please, no matter what you decide to do, keep her in your prayers so that she might last long enough for me to raise this money. Merry Christmas guys.

  • Hi Valy! I'm happy (and rather shocked) to see you again! Though sad to hear the news. I remember praying for Dorothy, though I haven't in a long time and now I've forgotten what was wrong with her : __( I'll take a look at her donation site in a bit. I'm disgusted that her doctors refuse to perform a life-changing procedure without payment up-front. I thought that was illegal, but what do I know. (Edit: I'm deleting a lame political joke)

    Anyway, I'm really sorry she's doing so poorly ;_; I hope that until this point, you have been doing well...

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  • It's good to see you again, Ragnar0k, although I'm sorry it had to be under such circumstances. Recent events have left my family financially straitened, but we will do what we can. Please know that you and your friend are in our prayers.

  • Thanks so much guys! I really appreciate that you care, and those prayers mean very much to Dorothy. It's good to see the boards again no matter what shadow I'm coming back under.

  • I heard through the grapevine that Dorothy was faring a bit better. Hope that's still the case. I had her in my thoughts over the holidays and continue to do so <3

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