Christmas Challenge

  • Instead of a chron challenge, I propose a GM challenge. Write/draw/whatever something for the Glass Menagerie thread. Two requirements:

    1. References the game, the TSes, or Cythera forum members
    2. Includes a Christmas theme or some winter holiday elements

    No official deadline, but it's kind of a moot point by the new year. Avatara is exempt due to a prior deadline. ;)

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  • Ooh, I hope people respond to this! Christmas specials rock ^ ___^ (The only question is, do I want to go to the effort myself? You've failed to allow me several weeks of procrastinating, in the time limit : ****()

  • Yes. You clearly want to go through the effort yourself. She even gave you a whole week to procrastinate!

  • As a side-note, anyone who posts in this topic must change their avatar to a Christmas-themed Neopets image.

  • I'm glad I have my Small Neggnog Smoothie because I can't remember any other Christmas items.

  • I don't know how good this page is, but I bet a lot of the Advent Calendar prizes over the years have been Christmas items.

  • I guess it wasn't very hard to convince me, because I'm working on a Christmas special OoR fanfic.


    It's about Rapierian and some characters from My Little Pony. I think Sely's going to really like this story!

    Question: Do we need to put legal disclaimers on our fanfics? Because I'm ripping off a lot of other creative works.

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  • Nah, you probably don't need a disclaimer. Most companies only care if you're making money off something (or at least taking money away from them.)

    I have heard of a FEW authors get fussy over fan fiction, but they're rare, and no one else will ever see it on our dusty forum.

  • Okay, I've attempted this challenge (and so has Fiery!) ^ ___^ I eagerly hope more people will too!

  • It should well be noted that, in addition to Katerei's initial requirements:

    @ikaterei_bot, on 10 December 2013 - 09:14 PM, said in Christmas Challenge:

    1. References the game, the TSes, or Cythera forum members
    1. Includes a Christmas theme or some winter holiday elements

    an ad-hoc third requirement has been obeyed by all entries so far; namely:

    1. involves ponies.

  • I'm okay with this requirement.

  • Failed to mention this sooner, but I really enjoyed the entries for this challenge (and we even got Avatara's by the deadline!) Maybe I'll belatedly write my entry for next Christmas.

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