Cythera: Choose Your Own Adventure

  • Rules:

    1. Your post and options must stay rooted in Cythera (i.e. no non-Cytheran technology, no other worlds, etc.)
    2. Your post and options must generally follow the game's plot and at least one or two of the choices must be somewhat serious
    3. If the story is written into a corner based on the given options, one is allowed to go back to the previous post and make a different choice
    4. This is reserved for future rules, since someone (probably 453 or Avatara) will undoubtedly find a way to cause trouble.


    You have just arrived in Cythera. Immediately, an old man in front of you begins a long monologue. He proclaims that he is Alaric and is need of your assistance.

    Do you…

    1. Listen politely
    2. Offer your assistance before he has finished explaining the problem
    3. Attack the old man and demand to know why he kidnapped you

    1. Offer your assistance before he has finished explaining the problem

    You zone out a bit. You're sure what he's saying is somewhat important, but you're eager to start your adventure (wouldn't you be, after being kidnapped to another world?) and you don't want to spend all day chatting with this geriatric.

    "Yeah bro," you cut in as he's monologing about ancient gods. "No problemo, I'll help you out. Well, bye-" you try to walk past him, but he catches your arm and starts insisting that you take his necklace.

    Do you...

    1. Accept it graciously
    2. Tell him thanks, but you're not looking for a serious relationship right now
    3. Attack the old man and demand to know why he kidnapped you
    4. Run past him and try to find a way out of this creepy place

    1. Accept it ungraciously

    "Aw yeah, free stuff!" you say. "Who's your daddy!"

    The old man looks confused. "I'm sorry, I'm not familiar with that. Perhaps you should ask my assistant Magpie…"

    Do you…

    1. Ask Magpie who the old man's daddy is
    2. Ask Magpie to play tour guide
    3. Ask Magpie if he'd be interested in a relationship and give him the necklace
    4. Ask Magpie to attack the old man and demand to know why he kidnapped you

    1. Ask Magpie to play tour guide

    Magpie grumbles but acquiesces. He shows you out into the hallway explaining the history of the tiles and tapestries. He indicates that the library is at the northern end of the hallway then tells you to head down the souther corridor.

    Do you...

    1. Demand to visit the library immediately
    2. Proceed down the southern hallway
    3. Complain about the quality of the tour

    1. Complain about the quality of the tour.

    "A library?!" you exclaim. "What kind of boring adventure world is this? I didn't come here to read. Where are the treasures? The dungeons? The monsters? A banquet in my honour? A library - come on!"

    "That is a story that is not for Magpie to tell," the jester replied calmly.

    "No man, you don't get it," you explain in frustration. "I don't want to hear a story. I've got a world to save. I'll just show myself around, cool?"

    You walk past Magpie, but only get three steps before a totally freaky ghost appears before you and starts talking to you. It drones on about the dangers of puppets or something like that, you're hardly paying attention because you're trying to figure out what is going on. Magpie doesn't even seem to notice the ghost, and as for yourself, you can't seem to move. At all.

    Finally the ghost fades away, but before you can even react, the entire world fades away also, and you find yourself in a small jail cell of some sort. Fortunately, you can now move again. On one wall, a torch is mounted. Another wall has a portcullis, but you can't see much through it. On the floor, there is a piece of paper with writing on it and a level.

    Do you...

    1. Scream and pound on the portcullis
    2. Put on your necklace
    3. Read the paper
    4. Pull the lever
    5. Test out your strength and try to smash apart the walls

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    1. Put on your necklace.

    Everything here—the lever, the the portcullis, even (somehow) the walls—is rusty. You don't want to get tetanus. And if you were going to read things you would have stayed in the library. So, you put on the necklace instead. It complements your tunic (why are you wearing a tunic?). You don't have anything else to do, so you sit and wait.

    Eventually you starve to death.

    Just at the moment you're about to die, the world shifts again and you're back in the triangle room. Now you're not dying but you're still pretty hungry. The old man is standing on the other side of the room, looking at a bunch of potions.

    Do you…

    1. Yell "Medic!"
    2. Drink one of the potions
    3. Smash one of the potions
    4. Attack the old man and demand to know why he and the ghost kidnapped you

    1. Yell "Medic!"

    "Medic!" you yell.

    The old man turns around and notices you. "Ah, hello. Do you need help?" he asks.

    "Yes!" you exclaim vehemently. "I am about to die!"

    The old man concentrates for a moment. "There," he says, "that should help."

    He didn't do anything. You are still famished.

    "Dude," you tell him, trying very hard to keep your cool, "you are CRAZY. I am starving to death , I need sustenance , not an old man staring at me!"

    "Oh," the old man says, finally catching on. "I've never been able to cure hunger, sorry... But if you have any other health problems, let me know. Anyway, this potion should bring you back to perfect condition." He holds up an unappetizing grey potion.

    Do you...

    1. Drink the grey potion
    2. Reject the grey potion and quaff one of the prettier potions on the desk instead
    3. Accuse the old man of trying to poison you
    4. Get out of there as fast as you can and try to find some food before you die again

    1. Reject the grey potion and quaff one of the prettier potions on the desk instead

    You are weak from hunger, so you're unable to go off in search of food. Instead you crawl weakly to the desk and grab a nice lavender-coloured potion. You remove the stopper and take a whiff to check for poison. It smells like flowers. How bad can it be?

    You take a long swig from the flask. It tastes like transmission fluid mixed with bad watermelon (which is weird because you doubt either of those things exist here.) You sputter and spit it out all over the floor, but at least it doesn't kill you.

    "I told you to drink the grey one," the old man says reprovingly.

    Do you...

    1. tell the old man to hire a better alchemist
    2. ask the old man for a mop to clean up the potion you spat all over the floor
    3. try to eat the old man in a fit of delirious cannibalistic hunger
    4. yell for someone to please feed you
    5. brave it and take the nasty grey potion

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    1. brave it and take the nasty grey potion

    Grumbling, you crawl over to the grey potion (noting with irritation that the old man makes no move to be helpful), open it, and take a drink. Surprisingly, it doesn't taste all that bad, although it is also possible that the previous potion damaged your taste buds.

    Annoyed, you turn to the old man and yell, "Where's the food?!"

    He stares off into space.

    You stagger to your feet and start toward him in order to give him a piece of your mind . . . when the ghost reappears and teleports you back into the small cell. Everything is the same as it was previously, except that someone has thoughtfully placed a piece of cheese on top of the note.

    Do you...

    1. Eat the cheese and ignore the note
    2. Eat the note and ignore the cheese
    3. Eat the cheese and read the note
    4. Eat the cheese, burn the note, and start playing with the lever next to the portcullis

    1. Eat the note and ignore the cheese

    By now you are so numb with starvation that you don't even feel the hunger anymore (or so you assume). You weakly grab for the cheese and stuff it in your mouth. It tastes awful. After a while, you realize that you're eating the note, and that you've accidentally knocked the cheese onto the filthy, rusty floor. You sigh and give up on the cheese (you really don't feel much like eating anyway), and glance at the lever. You've surely already contracted tetanus from the note, so what do you have to lose? You pull the lever.

    To your astonishment, the portcullis rises up out of the doorway, leaving a passage into the room beyond. In disgust, you see that the next room, although larger, is even filthier than the first room. A massive spiderweb occupies one corner, while a human skeleton leans against the wall opposite you. In another corner, there's a relatively-clean treasure chest, and there's a trap door in the middle of the floor.

    Do you...

    1. Try to open the trapdoor
    2. See if there's anything inside the treasure chest
    3. Try to clean up
    4. Wait to starve to death again

    1. Try to open the trapdoor

    "This place is a mess," you grumble. Not wanting to linger in this unsanitary location, you try to open the trapdoor. Finding it locked, you grow desperate. You try kicking it, hitting, it and even chewing on it; however, it remains stubbornly closed. Eventually, you try pulling on it again. Unfortunately, your hand slips and you fall back, landing on the treasure chest and crushing it.

    "Oops," you mutter.

    Do you...

    1. Hide in a corner and hope to avoid the wrath of the chest's owner
    2. Rummage through the debris
    3. Go back to trying to open the trapdoor
    4. Decide to start a fire and attempt to burn through the trapdoor

    1. Decide to start a fire and attempt to burn through the trapdoor.

    You obviously need to go down through the trapdoor, and seeing as it's locked, burning it to cinders is the only possible solution. You grab one of the yucky wall torches from the north wall and (to avoid touching it longer than necessary) throw it down on the trapdoor. It quickly burns out.

    You sigh. A quick surveillance of the room confirms that there's no lighter fluid in here. You need some kind of kindling to get the trapdoor-fire going. Your eyes rest on a giant cobweb in the corner. You shudder at the thought of handling it and moving it to the trapdoor for "kindling." Being a hero sure isn't as glamorous as you envisioned. Did you have any other options?


    1. Move the cobweb to the trapdoor and use another wall torch on it
    2. Attempt to light the cobweb on fire where it is, hoping to burn all the way through the wooden floor
    3. Gather splinters from the broken chest to use for kindling
    4. Give up on the fire & come up with another course of action

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    1. Give up on the fire and come up with another course of action

    Eventually, you decide that you're not going to be able to start a fire. Disheartened, you attempt to come up with an alternative stratagem. Standing, you head back toward the chest. Unfortunately, you trip and fly into the wall. Fortunately, when you strike the wall, you evidently trigger a secret panel because a secret doorway opens.

    Do you...

    1. Lie on the ground, moaning in pain from your new headache
    2. Stagger to your feet and begin to explore the new passageway
    3. Write an angry letter to the ghost who trapped you in this predicament

    1. Lie on the ground, moaning in pain from your new headache

    For some time, you simply lie on the ground moaning in pain due to your newly acquired headache. Eventually, it occurs to you that this unlikely to better your situation, so you stagger to your feet. You glare irritably at the passageway.

    Do you...

    1. Decide to examine the passageway
    2. Start hitting every wall at random in hopes of opening another, safer-looking passageway
    3. Start planning revenge on whoever trapped you in here

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