May Chron Challenge

  • The most difficult chronicle challenge ever, for the elite

    A couple of months ago, Fiery pointed out that the last time anyone submitted a chronicle during May was in 2004. Because of this tragedy, I've decided to post a May Chron Challenge. Be warned: This is a very difficult challenge. Possibly the most difficult challenge yet. It is probably out of your comfort zone.

    - The chronicle must be posted sometime in April or May 2014.
    - The chronicle must be a continuation of an abandoned existing Chronicle series.
    - The submission must be in the form of a new thread on the Chronicle board (so that it's obviously a May (or April) Chron).

    Although I'm determined that we do not go over ten years without a May Chron, it seems that it's been even longer since we've last had an April Chron (2002). Therefore, if you are able to finish your chronicle by April, please be encouraged to post it then! ^_ ****^

    I realize that many of us do not have any abandoned chronicle series. For the purposes of this challenge, the abandoned series that you continue does not need to be your own. You may hi-jack another writer's abandoned series. I've compiled a list of abandoned chronicle series with a little information about them to help you get an idea of which series you might want to continue. I'm lazy though, and omitted some abandoned series (such TS-rewrites, some of the chronicles that had nothing to do with Cythera, and a team-Chron by cgends that probably wouldn't generate a new thread. Also a couple of Death King chronicles by Sely that I omitted out of pure laziness, but maybe will get around to later). I've put links to the abandoned chronicle series that I've omitted at the end of this post.

    Without further ado, here are the candidates!

    Grapper's Return
    Author: Grapper
    Date: February 2001 (released June 2003)
    Word count: 202
    Comments: One of the most famous chronicles on the board was never even finished! Grapper's Return offers an intriguing plotline, a cliffhanger-ish ending, and little enough information that it would be open to almost anything!

    Zephyr's Journey (parts 1, 2)
    Author: TheDarkDragon
    Date: March 2001 - May 2001
    Word count: 1022
    Comments: This lighthearted series tells about how Zephyr bought a ring from Milcom, it was stolen by a really stupid thief, then Zephyr got it back. I have no idea where the series would have gone from there, except Zephyr was planning to visit Pnyx for some reason. If you want to write a story that takes place during Avatara's reign as King of Cythera, this would be a good choice!

    Ambush (parts 1, 2, 3, 4, 5)
    Author: rUmbler
    Date: June 2001 - July 2001
    Word count: 2932
    Comments: This one is a bit further along than many abandoned chronicles, and with a fairly defined plot. As far as I can remember, it's about a bodyguard who is determined to protect his scummy employer, is ambushed, robbed, & left for dead, then pursues the ruffians who attacked him to the Scylla Temple - which is now a spa.

    The Portal
    Author: Forcemaster
    Date: June 2001
    Word count: 593
    Comments: This seems to be about a Pnyx student name Silentblade who for some reason is assigned to accompany Timon to/through a portal to investigate a mysterious & dangerous plot concerning Tavara.

    A Secret Temple (parts 1, 2, 3)
    Author: Heidel
    Date: July 2001 - November 2002
    Word count: 6653
    Comments: Honestly I can't remember much of anything about this story because I haven't read it recently, but it was written by Heidel, so it must be good. And probably deserving of an ending!

    The Shadow Warriors (parts 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7)
    Author: Rogan
    Date: September 2001 - February 2003
    Word count: 12640
    Comments: A group of heroes (mostly TS characters) attempts to bring justice to a mysterious group of villains (the shadow warriors) who wiped out an innocent town. Rogan got really far in the series, and I was disappointed when I got to the end, only to find that it's not the end. ):

    The Power Behind the Rings
    Author: Magpie
    Date: October 2001
    Word count: 1457
    Comments: Magpie came up with a intricate story for his characters involving villains, corruption, and rings. He used this plot in a few TSes/Taverns, but I always had trouble keeping track of his characters, who seemed to have multiple names/titles, and sometimes more than one would go by the same name/title. It's unfortunate that he never finished his chronicle series, which I expect would have been helpful.

    The Jewels of a Star
    Author: Theo Nean Donly
    Date: November 2001
    Word count: 1395
    Comments: I don't remember the details about it, but it's a well-written (though depressing) combat story.

    The Puppet Master (parts 1, 2)
    Author: Lord Gwydion
    Date: November 2001 - January 2002
    Word count: 2733
    Comments: A group of warriors and wizards are trying to find the villains responsible for a series of murders. On their journey, they encounter various disturbing magics/illusions & monsters. An intriguing plot, but a bit graphic.

    Quest for the Shard (parts 1, 2, 3, 4)
    Author: Bryce
    Date: December 2001 - February 2002
    Word count: 2482
    Comments: Bryce's TS-character Talm has a homemade giant hot-air balloon, which is powered by a volatile heat-producing crystal. This chronicle series is about how Talm found this crystal. It's a fun, amusing series.

    The Dragon's Statue (parts 1, 2)
    Author: TheDarkDragon
    Date: February 2002 - March 2002
    Word count: 1290
    Comments: TS-character Rulir & his little niece Achra travel to Pnyx to prepare for a possible threat to the Empire. This chronicle focuses more on Rulir & Achra's interactions than the plotline, which is left very open.

    The Shadow Prophecies (parts 1, 2, 3, 4, 5)
    Author: Katerei
    Date: February 2002 - March 2003
    Word count: 16716
    Comments: Some mysterious & dangerous shadow monsters have been attacking people in Cythera, and a large group of TS-characters discover through a book of prophecy that only one specific person can defeat the shadow monsters. Unfortunately this person lives in modern England, so the heroes travel there and experience some culture shock. They eventually find the person they're looking for, and now must take her back to Cythera to defeat the monsters.

    Coastal Empire
    Author: idiotSavant
    Date: February 2002
    Word count: 1626
    Comments: TS-characters Brink and Sideline set off on a trading expedition together. On their way, they discuss the woefully inadequate state of marine trading in Cythera, due to how a mysterious danger in the past was handled, and the present political stalemate between Alaric and the Boatmen's Guild.

    Beyond (parts 1, 2, 3)
    Author: Bryce
    Date: July 2002 - September 2002
    Word count: 4211
    Comments: In this future-set story, the land is threatened by disgusting Plague Beasts. A military troop is sent to the beasts' disgusting swamp to somehow sabotage them. Bryce gave up on Cythera-board stories partway through this series, due to disagreements about what should & shouldn't be considered canon.

    Below Sight (parts 1, 2, 3)
    Author: Celchu
    Date: September 2002 - August 2003
    Word count: 7423
    Comments: This game-based chronicle takes place in Odemia, some two or three decades before the game. It was (I think) intended to follow a week of Milcom's life, during which time a group of bandits have been causing a lot of trouble. Milcom is attacked by bandits a couple of times, and the chronicle also displays his love of blacksmithing and his early relationship with Ake.

    Cause and Effect (parts 1, 2)
    Author: Bryce
    Date: December 2002 - January 2003
    Word count: 6541
    Comments: Bryce is back with another future-set chronicle! This one's the farthest in the future yet, with hover-cars & the like. Cythera is now secretly powered by feeding off other worlds across the void, and it's up to one apathetic energy-company employee to stop it! He's sent to a world that is presently being consumed by the Void, and meets a colony of bug-people.

    Rogan's Chronicles (parts 1, 2)
    Author: Rogan (I bet you weren't expecting that!)
    Date: January 2003 - May 2003
    Word count: 5130
    Comments: This story is about when Rogan first came to Cademia, and his attempt to settle in there. It focuses on the slums of Cademia, and Rogan begins to get involved in some probably-criminal activity.

    The Hunt
    Author: Aben Zin
    Date: February 2003
    Word count: 765
    Comments: This is about some guy hunting some creature. He eventually kills it, but I think it may turn into a zombie. So far this chronicle doesn't seem to have anything to do with Cythera.

    Laughter in the Mountains/A Spreading Oak Tree/Verdant Ashes
    Author: Commodore Antilles
    Date: March 2003
    Word count: 4286
    Comments: This story is about a village where the people really like plants. Some jerk sneaks in one night and poisons their water supply, which will slowly kill off the plants. Years later when most of the plants are dead, the people start going crazy. The story probably has nothing to do with Cythera, but it's kind of fun to read.

    The Century Cycle
    Author: Mr. Somebody
    Date: November 2003
    Word count: 1993
    Comments: Despite Mr. Somebody's nearly-perfect record of finishing his series, this one was abandoned just one chapter in. It's about a traveller who escaped a ruffian raid and found a creepy mountain-town where the people believe he is a re-incarnated hero who once saved Alaric from demons.

    The Powerful Demon (parts 1, 2)
    Author: bellerophen
    Date: November 2003
    Word count: 1047
    Comments: These short chapters are action-packed! After Bellerophon saved Cythera, he became a Pnyx student & graduated. He was then assigned to become the judge in Cademia, though his true interest lay in studying dangerous magical creatures. He gets lots of practice in, as he's attacked by undead in Pnyx, demons in the Cademia castle, and goes on a day-trip to hunt Scylla. He also encounters an extra-powerful silver demon who can take people to another dimension, and he also randomly throws Antenor in jail without explanation. If trying to have your stories make sense is a burden to you, just continue The Powerful Demon instead!

    Bloodstone / He Who Giveth
    Author: Pallas Athene
    Date: November 2003
    Word count: 946
    Comments: This future-set chronicle takes place in industrial-age Cythera, and tells about a boy named Athan who runs away rather than work in an extremely dangerous factory. What will happen to Athan now? And what will happen to his family, who are no longer honouring their work contract with the factory?

    The Taking of the Undine Strongholds
    Author: LifeKnight
    Date: December 2003
    Word count: 1199
    Comments: This is a story about how Hector got a pet cat. Actually it has more to do with Undine strongholds. Bellerophon neglected to visit the strongholds during his questing, leaving his followers to raid them years later. This chapter dealt with the first stronghold, so I assume it needs a sequel telling about the second one.

    The Wrath of Tavara
    Author: Scylla7
    Date: March 2004
    Word count: 428
    Comments: Tavara's such a popular topic for chronicles, probably because he's all mysterious & stuff. Unfortunately, this chronicle never got far at all. It takes place during the Cult of Scylla.

    The Account of Thesises the Beggar, Rasul the Guard, Alaric the King, & Pegthm
    Author: Half Truth
    Date: March 2004 - May 2004
    Word count: 5082
    Comments: This series follows Bellerophon (or whatever his name is in the chronicle) on his quest to save Cythera, but with lots of added elements and an added over-arcing plot (involving a monster who rips out people's hearts). It's like an expanded version of Cythera, and it's pretty inventive.

    Cythera Chronicles/Aethon's Story
    Author: Slayer JR
    Date: February 2005
    Word count: 569
    Comments: In this series, Bellerophon turned out to be an evil freak who killed lots of great people in Cythera. The series is about his followers.

    White Death
    Author: Dark Jet
    Date: March 2005
    Word count: 908
    Comments: An off-topic story about some war in America after it was almost destroyed by nuclear weapons.

    The 12 Part Story
    Author: Dark Jet
    Date: November 2005
    Word count: 1077
    Comments: Another off-topic story, this one about a kid who was randomly shot to death. After he died, he for some reason continuing living, but with the ability to go back in time & change things. Apparently this story was abandoned at only 1/12th completion. ):

    Downfall (parts 1, 2)
    Author: Selax
    Date: January 2006 - February 2006
    Word count: 667
    Comments: This future-set chron never made it past the "prologue." It talks about some dude with a sword that can kill Alaric, preparing to kill him. Presumably the rest of the series would be about what happens after Alaric's death?

    Order of the Hunt, Midday Sun, Pure, Red Scale, & Black Fang
    Author: Dark Jet
    Date: January 2007 - September 2007
    Word count: 5547
    Comments: After Talryn lost his memory in Yesterday's Dawn, he & some friends go back to his home-world. This series shows a lot of the war that Talryn participated in in his youth, which destroyed this world. It has a well-established plot, & leaves one wanting to know more about the Talryn character.

    Ratlizard in the Kitchen
    Author: Jehezekel
    Date: July 2007
    Word count: 216
    Comments: Although this would work quite well as a stand-alone chronicle, in the comments Shorty agreed that this should be continued in other kitchens of Cythera. Come on, you know you want to write an operatic ballet skit!

    Downfall (parts 1, 2, 3)
    Author: Jehezekel
    Date: August 2008 - August 2010
    Word count: 1131
    Comments: I bet you didn't know there were two incomplete chronicle series named "Downfall", did you? This one is about a girl named Diane whose life is thrown off by an encounter with the "hero" Bellerophon. Bellerophon, in this series, acts much like the average CRPG-player, a jerk.

    Blip Chron
    Author: cache22
    Date: February 2007
    Word count: 1849
    Comments: (If you know of any other pieces to this chron, let me know, that was the only one I could find, besides that it's vaguely referenced in the end of this post.) I believe this chronicle strived to explain why the Ronin fell off the face the of the earth, why Moonshadow's been alone, etc. But as far as I know, it was never finished. Quite a loose end!

    Other abandoned chronicle series:
    Fanatic's Account of the Undine Stronghold (parts 1, 2, 3) by GameFanatic
    The Undine Stronghold... as Rogan experienced it (parts 1, 2, 3, 4) by Rogan
    Once Again, as Ferazel saw it by ferazel_09
    Once Again (parts 1, 2, 3, 4) by Talos
    A funny thing happened to me on the road to... by Captain of fury
    The Quest for the Unknown Power by ferazel_09
    The Aftermath (parts 1, 2) by TheDarkDragon
    The War of Cytkel by Dark Jet
    Talis vs. Kyla by Dark Jet
    Words of the Chimaera by Selax
    Eternal War (parts 1, 2) by Selax
    THE STREETS by cgends & CrazyChick

    (*Okay, I haven't actually been asked any questions. I made these up.)

    Q: Isn't it wrong to steal someone else's characters and story and use it for my own chronicle?
    A: Think of it as adopting the poor abandoned chronicle and trying to nurture it.

    Q: Should I ask the original author's permission before continuing his/her abandoned chronicle?
    A: NO! There's no way you'll make the deadline if you're waiting for a response from one of these long-gone writers!

    Q: I don't think I can do this. I just don't understand these characters or this plotline as well as the original author did at the time.
    A: It's not like the original author is going to finish the series someday. This is "better than nothing." (Or maybe, just maybe, you can write a story that is even better than what the original author had long ago planned!)

    Q: Do I need to complete the abandoned series that I adopt?
    A: It would be cool, but no. For the purposes of this challenge, you only need to write a continuation to an abandoned series, whether or not you bring it to a conclusion.

    Q: Are there any length requirements?
    A: Nah.

    Q: Your challenge is lame. Can't I just write a chronicle of my own and post it sometime this May?
    A: Yes, that would solve the 10-years-without-a-May-chron problem. Still, you won't get the Highly Esteemed Honour of fulfilling my challenge!

    Q: If I fulfill this difficult challenge, would that make me the Best Cythera Author Ever?
    A: Yup, I'm sure everyone on the board would agree with that statement.

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  • This is mostly off-topic, but I've realized that my word-counts are a little off. You know those nice curvy apostrophes and quotation marks that were showing up as diamonds with question marks in them until Fiery taught me how to change the text encoding on my browser? Apparently the word counter is using them as word-separators. So "I’ll" is counted as two words, whereas "I'll" is only one (I'm not sure if those apostrophes will show up differently when I post this). Does anyone know of a easy solution to getting precisely accurate word counts?

  • Have Selax go through and fix them all to be normal apostrophes. They show up as question marks to everyone else too. ;)

  • @breadworldmercy453_bot, on 02 February 2014 - 08:50 PM, said in May Chron Challenge:

    Q: If I fulfill this difficult challenge, would that make me the Best Cythera Author Ever?
    A: Yup, I'm sure everyone on the board would agree with that statement.

    Now that cache isn't writing, the rest of us have a shot at this title!

    That's not to say I don't want cache to write again. Please come back

  • @avatara_bot, on 03 February 2014 - 03:31 PM, said in May Chron Challenge:

    Have Selax go through and fix them all to be normal apostrophes. They show up as question marks to everyone else too. ;)/>

    Alternatively, I could just ban everyone who complains. That sounds like a lot less work :) .

    Actually, the ending to Downfall is already loosely thought out (since the start of the chron really). It was an overly ambitious, not necessarily well-planned story, but I do like some aspects of it. None of the characters (other than Selax) actually had names yet (that I recall).

    As I remember, Cythera fragments politically after Alaric's death to the extent that there are divisions among regions, town, even neighborhoods, etc. In the ensuing conflict, the elementals are involved on various sides or even as independent agents. The only unified force left is the Cytheran Navy (led by Admiral, since I have no name for this character). Judges would still have been active, but at the time of the story only one (named Judge, since again I don't recall a name for this character) would have been alive (the rest having been assassinated).

    One of the major plots would have been that, as Magpie was the union of two of the elements and Alaric was the union of three, one of the characters in the story would have been revealed as the union of four of the elements and another would have been the union of all five of them. I believe the story made use of the theory (found in some old chrons and maybe one or two TSs) that Cythera was part of Earth, simply separated by some sort of barriers.

    I can post a (slightly) more detailed summary of the actual story if anyone cares.

  • You should post the actual story, and thus win the challenge.

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  • ^_^

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  • Just a reminder that in one week this challenge will be open for entries! I personally haven't started working on anything yet, but I hope someone has, or at least will : __\

  • Nothing impressive, but I've posted a part 3 for The Powerfull Demon.

  • I couldn't help myself.

    (PART DEUX)Grapper's Return:

  • We're up to part ten:

    Fun fact! Parts 6-9 have consecutive topic numbers, meaning that no one else on the entire board started a topic during that period of time. Also, by fun I mean depressing.

    (I'd say that part eight is my favorite so far)

  • Eight was a good one. I also liked the part where he was holding his sword against four guardsmen all at once. :)

  • Fiery, you're doing an amazing job with this series : __D I have been very entertained ^ ___^


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  • Apparently our chronicle authors write in phases:

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  • I'm gibbous.

  • I'm jealous.

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