Grapper or Bellerophon

  • Who is Cythera's Greatest Hero?

    Poll: Grapper or Bellerophon (12 member(s) have cast votes)
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    Now that Grapper's Return has been completed, I thought it appropriate to posit a couple of questions.

    First, who is really Cythera's greatest hero? Grapper (whose epic adventures have finally been told in full) or Bellerophon (the subject of the game)? Should future TSs refer to the great Grapper instead of the great Bellerophon?

    Also, I'm certain everyone noticed how well the series continued in true-Grapper style. So, is Pallas actually the original Grapper in disguise?

  • It certainly seems fitting that TSes would refer to the great Grapper.

    I hadn't considered that Fiery is really Grapper. That's a pretty cool theory. Maybe Fiery, being a really brilliant writer, was a bit embarrassed about his n00b-ish past and so used a secondary or new account. Although his writing vastly improved, he retained the habit of joining & abandoning TSes. (Also, I remember wondering if this guy was Fiery, since he mentioned transcribing the Cythera books to his website)

  • Cythera's greatest hero is Emesa because:

    • Baking bread is necessary to save Cythera

    • Baking bread is delicious

    But I'm not Emesa.

  • Notice Fiery denied being Emesa, but not Grapper or Firebird. Hmm...

  • He was clearly trying to change the subject: there can now be no doubt that he really is the original Grapper.

  • Well, this is different.

    I'm not certain if I should be flattered, offended, or planning a lawsuit...

  • You secretly stalk the BnB, don't you? (Also, is Ithin my evil doppelgänger now? I do not even know who he/she is)

  • If by "stalk," you mean "glance at on rare occasions."

    On an unrelated note, Pallas, is there a chance of any more Grapper stories?

  • Well, Grapper's free to return and give his own take at any time.

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