Minor Update to Slayer's Guide

  • Or Old Cytheran Mystery Solved

    Based on recent discussions with 453, I have made a minor update to Slayer's Guide. At least, I have updated the version on the web board. I will speak to Wizard about updating the version on his website, but that might be a lost cause.

    Anyway, the Guide now contains the updated information on how to get the Sapphire Book of Beauty from Prusa.

    Credit goes to 453 for making this discovery and solving a long-running Cytheran mystery :) . (Based on my last search of old topics, I'm not certain anyone else ever figured it out or, at least, posted about it if they did.)

  • Dude, while you're at it, let's just rewrite the whole guide : __D

    Edit: You know, I forgot about it, but a long time ago, I dreamed about learning how to make a website and making an all-around better Cythera guide than Slayer's. That was how I planned to get revenge on him for locking my Digimon topic. Unfortunately, I never learned how to make a website, and now I don't think Slayer would ever notice anyway.

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  • If you want to rewrite the whole guide, you are free to do so: I, on the other hand, am reasonably content with it as it is now :p .

  • I think re-writing it sounds like fun! ^_^

  • I expect a beta version of "BreadWorldMercy453's Guide to Cythera" by Christmas :p .

  • Oh dear...

    (You do realize I'll never get around to this, right? I still haven't even done anything with the Cythera Wikia page : __( At least we have Wizzy's guide!... for a couple more months.)

  • Well, I could always bump topics with your old posts in them (from your first account) to motivate you...

  • Look what's happened to the poor Cythera board... Moderators threatening to gravedig : __(

  • But for a good cause :) !

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