Spring 2015 Chron Challenge

  • Since the Valentine's Day chron challenge is over, I thought I might as well go ahead and post another.

    (Alternatively, I needed an excuse to come up with a challenge involving horrible things happening to Avatara. You may choose the reason.)

    Note: this challenge assumes familiarity with 453's Avriana series and the associated Trial/Hym/Outcast series. Considering that most people on this forum have read those stories, I don't think this should be a problem. If it is, feel free to post an alternative challenge.

    Write a chron that is at least 300 words long (not that I'll be counting) in which Katerei discovers Adriana in Erendell.

    -Adriana and Katerei should encounter one another with tragic results (like Adriana's lute getting destroyed and Katerei getting dyed her least favorite color or both characters kill each in an epic duel or something like that)
    -Something horrible must happen to Avatara
    -Wizard should arrive too late to save anyone and should be oblivious to this fact
    -There should be mention of an invasion from the goat universe
    -Grapper should be mentioned somewhere in the story
    -Should be completed by end of spring (you may define spring however you wish)

  • Selax, moderators aren't supposed to troll their own forums.

  • First, Avatara started it :p !

    Second, Katerei actually indicated she needed more reason to complain about her character's treatment in stories. I'm simply being helpful :) .

    Finally, I'm not the only one who derives some amusement from bothering 453. (I also seem to recall a post where every word was a wiki-link, but I can't find it just now.)

  • Hmm, I'll try adjusting the requirements.

    Alternative Challenge:
    Write a chron that is at least 300 words long (not that I'll be counting) in which Wizard is too late to save the day (but doesn't notice).

    -Something horrible must happen to Avatara

  • I actually thought maybe I could use the original challenge as a jumping-point for Avriana Part 3 (because Avatara and Adriana just getting married & living happily-ever-after makes for a boring story), but I'm too lazy to actually write it. Maybe I'll write it in the fall and call it Australian Spring, but I don't know... Plus, I really have no idea how Avatara would react if he was in this situation. Maybe I'll try the alternate challenge, that sounds much easier ^ ___^

  • Your first idea sounds better.

  • Why not do both ideas :p ?

  • So first Katerei comes and destroys Adriana's lute, then Avatara & Adriana get married & live happily ever after? I just can't see Avatara forsaking Katerei like that... Unless I can come up with a reason that Katerei wouldn't want to marry Avatara anymore?

    Edit: I still think you should write it, Sely, you've got it all worked out ^_ __^

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  • No, write two separate chrons :p .

    I could write an entry, but I think it'd be very uninteresting, due to lack of motivation on my part.

  • That's what you said about Tales of Bellerophon 2 & it was golden! Come on, post~! ^_^ It's such bad form to not participate in your own challenge, anyway!

  • I might work myself up to it (eventually), but I still don't think it'd be much good.

  • Well, I submitted an entry. Thus, no one else has any excuse not to :p .

  • Submitted. I hope my treatment of Avatara meets your approval.

  • Actually, I think your chron met more of the requirements (for the alternative challenge at least) than mine did, although I guess it could be argued that my chron did meet the requirement of Wizard being late and oblivious.

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