Christmas Challenge 2014

  • Sely said he'd post a Christmas challenge soon, & I thought to myself, Sely's done the last few challenges; someone else should beat him to this one. So I guess I'm claiming it!

    Write a Tavern post

    - Should be posted by the 12th day of Christmas (January 5th, 2015) at the latest. By the 1st day of Christmas (December 25th, 2014) is preferable.
    - It must be posted in the Tavern.
    - The post should include some kind of reference to or mention of something Christmasy. For example, jingle bells, cookies, pine trees, snow, presents, socks hung near a fire, Moonshadow's home-world, K's birthday, reindeer (reindeer-lizards? Rein-titans?), candy-canes, frankincense or myrrh, cuddling in front of a fireplace, etc.

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  • Sandwiching two tasks into one, I approve. ;)

    According to my timeline, K celebrated her birthday on Jan 5 during the year-ish Sail takes place in (and she was probably late by a couple days), so I guess it does fall somewhere in the twelve days of Christmas.

    I now have a mental image of Santa-Rapierian driving a sleigh led by a team of titans.

  • :(

  • Tyry- As always, you're excluded from the Christmas challenge. I'm kidding, you share in the important role of deciding whether entries should be moved out of OoR or permitted. I'm still kidding, if you want to write an OoR post, that's awesome; but this challenge wasn't directed at you more than anyone else. :ninja:

  • Update: Originally I wanted to challenge writing an OoR post, but, with the counsel of fellow Cytherans, I've concluded that the Tavern will be better suited & more fun ^_ __^ Besides, the Tavern is even more neglected than OoR is!

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  • If it helps, I've attempted to resolve the tiny story-arc that's been lingering in the Tavern the last couple of years. Please feel free to post anything, one-sentence posts are always welcome in the Tavern ^_ __^

  • Challenge accepted!

  • Yay, we have our first entry! Thank you Kat, for participating in the Christmas Challenge 2014! ^_ __^ Your prize is a Small Neggnog Smoothie.
    Posted Image

    It's five days until Christmas, everyone ^_ __^ Please join the Challenge! Remember, your post doesn't need to be as long as Kat's to qualify ^_~ (Also, if you use a character who's supposed to be occupied in OoR, I won't complain)

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  • Yay! The neggnog smoothie is my favourite Christmas item!

  • My reply to the challenge is up as well.

  • Thank you for contributing, Sely! ^_ __^ Your prize is a Lego Darth Vader Santa.
    Posted Image

    Merry Christmas, everyone! ^_ __^ Please continue posting your challenge entries!

  • I have nothing to contribute to this topic, but I like that Santa Vader!

  • You could always contribute a late entry to the challenge :p .

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