December Chron Challenge 2015

  • Christmas is a time for family, so in the vein of Christmas your challenge is to:

    • Write a story about a romantic couple of your choice overcoming some unexpected hardship together.
    • The setting should be cold, but the ending should be warm.
    • A cedar tree is mentioned or present.
    • Bonus points for including children.
    • Extra bonus points if Selax is mentioned or present in the story.

    Or, if writing a sappy story doesn't appeal to you, you can instead write a story about the true meaning of Christmas: shopping!

    • In 29,731 words or less, describe the misadventures of a romantic couple of your choice as they attempt to complete their holiday shopping.
    • The story should mention titans, giraffes, or starfish.
    • Glitter makes a mess.
    • Bonus points if the story involves a volcano.
    • Extra bonus points if Retsy is mentioned or present in the story.

    Or, for the truly masterful:

    • Complete both the silly story and serious story objectives in the same submission.
    • Your entry should be shorter than two hundred 8.5 x 11 pages, double-spaced, using 12 pt Times New Roman. (You don't have to actually submit in this format.)
    • Pumpkin bread is mentioned.
    • Bonus points if the main characters encounter bats.

  • A cedar tree? Really?

  • Hmm, I could actually make the first one into a dark story (one that would actually cause some degree of angst for both Avatara and Katerei's characters), but I don't know about doing that for a Christmas chron.

  • Make it a New Year's story, or a solstice story?

  • Technically it's the December challenge, not the Christmas challenge, so dark, bitter stories are still ok.

  • Well, I posted something, although I steered away from a darker story.

    So, when is 453 posting her entry to the challenge :p ?

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