Spring 2016 Chron Challenge

  • This is a bit later than I had planned to post this but better late than never. I'm going to try something different and use a prompt for a chron.

    Write a chron that is at least 300 words long (not that I'll be counting) using the following prompt.

    Selax looked calm despite the nature of the situation. At the moment, Avatara couldn't help but find that extremely irritating.

    "And how," the elemental said, "did this peculiar situation arise?"

    The various individuals affected by the "peculiar situation" looked at each other.

    After a moment, in unison, Avatara and Katerei pointed at Retsy and said, "She did it!"

    Selax considered this for a moment.

    "And how did she revert you all to the age of five?"

  • Ok...we'll try something else: Write a Cythera-related haiku.

  • Well, I don't think it's Spring anymore, and it's not a chronicle, but my entry is here (it's also my entry for the dice-roll ship challenge - I rolled 7&7).

  • Actually, it is still spring (by the calendar anyway), so I'd say it counts. I am curious, though: why not post it in the chronicles section?

  • Eh, I didn't feel like it was dignified enough for the Chron board. I feel more at home in the Glass Menagerie.

  • But then you complain about the lack of chrons on the chronicles board?

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