An Excuse for a New Topic

  • Or a Momentous Occasion

    It seems that 453 has passed the 1000 post mark. I guess that means she's not a junior member anymore.

    ...I'll have to delete some of her posts to fix that :p .

  • Cool, I didn't notice that. Can I be a member of the Ancient Cytheran Forumites Club now? : ****D

    I can't believe that Sely posted a spam thread. I just can't believe it. Tyry, were you behind this?

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  • It's less of a spam topic and more of an excuse to generate activity.

    I guess you can join the "Ancient Cytheran Formites Club," although I don't see how that's going to get you into the " Ancient Cytheran Forumites Club."

  • Are you sure Tyry's not behind this? I bet Tyry's behind it. Like that time he pretended you had feelings and were in love.

    But I'll try to remember next time I start a spam thread, to call it an excuse to generate activity ^_ ****^ The next thousand posts will fly by!

    I'll point out (in case anyone hasn't noticed) that if the minimum post count for custom member titles hadn't changed from 1000 to 500, Wizzy would still be a Junior Member.

  • Oh yeah, I'm supposed to make a speech, aren't I?

    The Cythera forum and Cythera Chronicles forum have meant a lot to me. I remember being terrified of the internet and thinking I'd surely never use it, but I wanted so much to find out more about Cythera. My brother showed me Slayer's Guide, and I think I followed a link from there to this webboard.

    I remember sitting at the computer in my brother's room (back then the family computer was kept in his room) reading the forum for long periods of time. My mom once asked me what I was doing and I said I was reading a webboard; she was shocked. " You're on the internet?!?"

    For what seemed like ages, I dreamed of posting here, I had so many Cythera questions to ask, I even had a piece of paper where I wrote down all my questions when I thought of them. But I didn't have an email address, my brother had already used the family's email address for his own Ambrosia account, and there didn't seem to be any way for me to get posting-access. I think my brother mainly didn't want to help me because he thought I'd be a n00b.

    Eventually Daddy helped me sign up for an email address and an Ambrosia account. I named my account Karana. At the time, my favourite pokémon was Kirei Hana, I thought that was a pretty name, and when I came across the name Karana in some random book, I thought it was a slightly abbreviated version of Kirei Hana ^_~ Karana was my all-around internet identity and I named my Neopets account and AOL Instant Messenger account the same thing (but with numbers tacked on the end). To be fair, my brother's fears that I would be a n00b were well-founded and now I feel a bit embarrassed when I read my old Karana posts. But oh well, people were nice to me. Except Slayer. Jerk.

    Years later, I really got into the Cythera board again, and wanted to troll it. I needed a new account, so as not to soil the perfect reputation of Karana. What to name my troll account? I'm not very creative, so I just opened a hymnal that was sitting on the desk next to the computer to a random page. The song on that page was "Bread of the World, in Mercy Broken, Hymn #453" (I think I'm remembering that title right). I'd never sung it before or anything, but it sounded like a pretty name.

    My trolling goal was teach Prusa haters how cool she is (Prusa rocks!), but I don't think that was very successful. I eventually (years later, I think) convinced Sely to delete that thread, but sneaky Tyry pinned it first, leaving it to be forever pinned in the afterlife. All of this happened while cruel Illy, who knew exactly what was going on, laughed mercilessly and said nothing. (As much power as these guys like to think they have, apparently none of them can unpin a deleted topic, and for all I know it's still pinned in the deleted topics board today) That night was when I realized that I hate moderators.

    Anyway, I ended up using this account for regular, friendly posting, and it became my new identity ^_ __^

    I've made a lot of friends over the internet, but most of those friendships have been very short. Once I started using #cythera, it was different. Many of the friends I made then, 6+ years ago, are still my friends today. Most notably, one of them married me <3 The people on the Cythera board and channel are just awesome, simple as that. Y'all rock. I think this place has had a lovely impact on my life.

    Most of my now 1004 posts have been in the Cythera board or the Cythera Chronicles board. I don't know if there's a way to check, but I bet I'm near 1000 Cythera posts at this point ^_ ****^

  • I have a feeling that there was once a way to check which forums you'd posted on, but I'm not positive it ever existed, let alone still exists. Maybe I'm tired and imagining things.

  • BMW, you have 972 posts on the Cythera web board. (I can only check the most-used forum and thus can't non-lazily count your posts in the Chronicles. But you could search for your posts there and count yourself!)

    Katerei was most active in the EV B &B with 1,551 posts there. You can tell where she puts her priorities. :( (Obviously, all she needs is another thousand story posts or GM contributions to set the record straight.)

    I don't see the Prusa troll thread among the only four threads still pinned in the deleted archives folder.

    And, I have had the admins reset Selax's password for him because obviously someone has compromised his account.

  • I just value quality over quantity on Cythera!

    Except in this post, apparently.

  • Tyry- I'm not sure Sely's account is the one that was compromised. I noticed that although starting a spam thread was shocking, the OP's wording and tone did sound like Sely. Only one person is that good at impersonations - and I think it's more likely that Kat got into your account than Sely's.

    So you're saying that if Kat's B&B posts were subtracted (& come on, the B&B shouldn't count toward one's post count), she would have <1000 posts? : __o

    I'm glad my Prusa thread is finally out of the spotlight ^_ ****^

    So I had a nice (though very short) dream the other night. Kat was starring in a play of some sort, and we went to see it. When we entered the theatre, the first person I saw was Kat. She was already costumed and had her hair done up in a silly way and she looked cute. I waved to her but felt shy and hid behind Lettie, then we went to find seats. We passed Tyry and I hid behind Lettie again. In the highest seats in the very back row, we found Koy and sat down next to him. That's all I can remember!

  • Last time I was able to check, my "most posted" board was Ares Trash Talk, but I've barely posted there in the last 10 years! I think I'd still be 1k+ without them, though.

    453: aren't you a little big to hide behind Lettie?

  • Couldn't you make me a moderator of some nonexistent or old locked forum so that I can look at my own profile? -_ __-

  • Pallas was most active in Ares Trash Talk with 656 posts. You must have split most of your posts across the other Ares boards and here.

  • If this is a spam topic, it is one of the least active that we have had in some time...

  • I forget what we're supposed to do in spam threads. Tyry gets all huffy when we kill each other meaninglessly, which really limits what you can do. Maybe we could just talk about our lives and what we do these days? I know some things:

    -Sely still spends every waking moment (not sure he sleeps either) trying to keep up with some academic program which is known to kill students.

    -Kat recently moved & is still dealing with the stresses of that, as well as work two jobs, go to school, wash & dry her dishes one-by-one because her kitchen's tiny, study for the JLPT, and write her novel. (Okay, so she's not actually working on her novel. Rawr.)

    -Tyry also recently moved and now works for the company who killed Ambrosia Software. His free time is spent editing & cleaning up old team stories for archival.

    -Fiery works for JET, I'm not sure what that stands for, but it means he teaches English in Japan. I'm not sure what he does with his free time, or if he has any. It seems like he's always at work or sleeping. People in Japan sleep at weird times.

    -I have not talked to Koy in a long time. But I think he's still in the Army, stationed somewhere in America now, and got married a couple months back.

    -This one's so obvious I almost forgot it: Shorty still works full-time at the grocery store. The rest of his time is pretty-much spent taking care of me & the kids, or doing things together. Sometimes he sits down at his computer a bit, and reads web-comics or browses a web-forum that is much more active than this one. He doesn't seem interested in finishing his Downfall series.

    -I don't know anything about Nezmy, City, or Day. I know barely anything about Illy, Uno, or Wizzy. I haven't seen Buzzy in ages. Maybe I should just make up things about them so they'll be motivated to post and correct me? hmm.

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  • @breadworldmercy453_bot, on 18 October 2013 - 06:56 PM, said in An Excuse for a New Topic:

    -Tyry also recently moved and now works for the company who killed Ambrosia Software.

    I don't work for Apple. :blink:

  • I don't know which one is worse...

    (for the record, I think Ambrosia died because it stopped producing games. shrug)

  • I've decided that BMW should write a Cythera gossip magazine.

    I'm not taking the JLPT this year, too many other things to worry about :(

  • Hmm, you just have to make up stories about well-known people, right?

    Selax's Shocking Secret!
    The truth about Selax's academic status (full story on page 24)

    (Full story) Selax is infamous for his outstanding academic success. His unending dedication to doing a perfect job in every assignment is unmatched by any sane person. But is Selax as successful as he lets on?

    A source close to Selax has disclosed some shocking information. "Several months ago," said The Wizard* in an exclusive interview, "Selax received a final letter-grade of a C in a crucial college course. He has been too ashamed to admit it."

    This means that Selax has been deceiving his friends for several months. Currently his GPA stands at an atrocious 3.9. What will this mean for Selax's future career as a spaceship engineer? His friend Lilyrei* was interviewed for her thoughts.

    "Good rocket scientists are hard to find," reasoned Lilyrei. "I don't think potential employers are going to be too picky about his GPA. If NASA decides he's too dumb/lazy for them, he could always get a job with an aspiring evil overlord. It wouldn't pay well, but with funding cuts, NASA probably wouldn't pay well either."

    Fellow engineering-major Mackilroy* was also asked his opinion. "Personally, I don't let one bad grade here and there bother me, so long as I pass all my courses and I remain irresistible to the ladies. Selax may want to take a leaf from my book."

    Another friend, Avatara*, had a different opinion. "Selax is just lazy," explained Avatara. "He can always eat, sleep, or go to the bathroom after he gets his Ph.D. He should also consider sleeping on a bench on campus to save commute time."

    This story, unfortunately, had to be postponed until Selax's Fall Reading break, so that he could be briefly interviewed.

    "I don't want to talk about it," said Selax* irritably, when asked about his C-grade. "My instructor had some very unrealistic expectations and no one in the class got above 73%. Most got more like 50-60%. It was a nightmare that I do not wish to relive."

    When asked about his future prospects, Selax answered, "grim at best. I fear I will not be able to get into graduate school with my present GPA. I'm further worried about how I'll be able to continue to live with my parents while attending grad school, when there are none in the area. Even more solemn, recent political problems in our country indicate that there may not be a future in Aerospace Engineering at all. All I can say is that it looks very unfavorable. Unfortunately, I do not have time to worry right now, I need to get back to my schoolwork."

    • This person was not actually interviewed, responses given were guessed.

  • I don't actually post here. This is Num453 using Illy's account.

  • @breadworldmercy453_bot, on 19 August 2013 - 08:03 PM, said in An Excuse for a New Topic:

    My brother showed me Slayer's Guide, and I think I followed a link from there to this webboard.

    Oddly enough, I think I found the board through Slayer's Guide, too.

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