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    For about the past 6 months, I've been devoting spare time to the process of creating a new Cythera soundtrack. I love soundtracks, and it seemed a shame that we only had the in-game recordings from years ago for Cythera's music. Some time ago, Bryce started the process of extracting and converting the original QTMA files into standard MIDI versions, which inspired me to finish the job. It has been a time-consuming process -- requiring coding the rest of the QTMA to MIDI converter; synthesizing, arranging, and mastering new versions of the old tracks; and creating all the supplemental materials like artwork, webpages, and detailed liner notes. Finally, all of that process is complete, and I'm hoping fellow Cythera fans get some enjoyment out of this new soundtrack!

    The 20th Anniversary Soundtrack (actually 19 years, but, eh, close enough) is a collection of two volumes, each comprising one disc of three sub-albums. The first volume/disc is entirely MIDI music. The first sub-album is a lossless copy of the old music. The second and third are new variants resynthesized with the Timidity software using several premium sound fonts. The second volume is generated with Apple's Logic Pro X, which removes the constraints of standard MIDI instrument sets and allows all sorts of new sounds. The first sub-album is an attempt to remaster the music with new software while making it sound close to the original. The second is a set of variants trying out new instrumentations and arrangements, and the third is a collection of suites of songs.

    Details about each volume & album can be found on the soundtrack page on

    Cythera: 20th Anniversary Soundtrack

    Now, I am not a musician, so my focus with the tracks on this release was to attempt to recreate the old music in an updated form (for the Revisited, Resynthesized, and Remastered albums), with some experimentation (in the Alternates, Reimagined, and Suites collections). Mostly, I wanted something updated for myself that I could listen to and enjoy. I hope some of you do too!

    Just in case you don't... all of the source files are available for download as well. This means that we have the MIDI versions of Cythera's music at long last! So if that's all you want for a Cythera soundtrack, it's there too. Other materials include new Cythera-themed cover art and a 36-page booklet with detailed liner notes. There's an assortment of other little things (links, resources, credits, etc.) scattered across the webpage and liner notes PDF, so it's worth browsing the website to see if anything piques your interest.

    Lastly, to any musicians on here, please do download the MIDI files and have fun making your own versions of Cythera's music. I'd love to hear more Cythera-inspired tracks! I'm also likely to email Randy Pringle the MIDI files since he couldn't find them, and that at least gives him a copy, but would make it easy for him to revisit the music too.

    I'm so glad Bryce started this process of extracting resources from the game data; it's made so many things possible that we couldn't easily do before. Thanks all for keeping the Cythera spirit alive!

    P.S. This is Wizard, but my old account is unrecoverable. This one will also lock soon if Ambrosia doesn't send me the activation email...

  • This is epic.

  • oh my TURTLE, Wizzy! Thank you so much! I don't even have words, I'm just going to listen : __D

  • Truly incredible work yall have done here. We really must be on a wavelength about this music haha
    This also just in time for my DnD campaign which I might get my first test run for tomorrow. I'm so excited to be able to play these tracks for the campaign! Like so excited! Thanks Wizard and Bryce! And of course Mr. Pringle

  • He's alive! Sort of...maybe...

    More seriously, very well done, Wizard :) . Thank you for posting it.

  • I've listened to the 20th Anniversary Soundtrack several times now, and it is absolutely beautiful <3 Thank you, Wizzy! I can't believe you did all of this, it's truly amazing!

  • Small update: I made a Youtube channel for Cythera Guides and put a playlist up for the 20th Anniversary Soundtrack. That works better for streaming since the links coming directly from the server are defaulting to download rather than stream in most browsers.

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