Can you still access your account?

  • So more and more people are getting locked out of their accounts. I know Wizzy's already gone through two temporary accounts, and Fiery and Tyry have both recently reported getting locked out. I'm pretty sure Shorty's out for the count too. Who's still with us? Kat? Nezmy? Sely? Anyone? If you still have access to your account, maybe you could post a reply to this topic and we can see who's left.

    Do we want to talk about moving to a less broken forum, or has everyone pretty much moved on from this community?

    Edit: Kat reports being locked out too : __(

    Edit 2: Buzzy seems to be locked out as well : __(

    Edit 3: Sely is also locked out : __( The upside to this is if anyone wants to make a temporary account and start a spam war, there's literally nothing anyone can do about it ^_~

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  • Selax has tried to access his account as well but to no avail... end of an era. It seems that many accounts have been reset recently. There hasn't been any post other than yours on the entire forum system for nearly two weeks.

    I suppose before this board is completely gone, I should remark that I have another forum up-and-running over at It's actually been sitting there for a couple of years unused. I kept meaning to write a bot which would scrape all the content from these forums and post them over there; it seemed like a way to make moving more appealing. MyBB is a bit finicky though, so if it's not done correctly, the whole database could get corrupted. Pallas had actually already found and registered over there, but the admin database was in a corrupt state during that time, so I just did a fresh reset (sorry, Pallas! you should be able to re-register now).

    Anyways, if Ambrosia is going the way of the dodo, feel free to register over there if you want. I may still try to transfer content over with a bot in the future, but since we already have Pallas' excellent archive of all the old topics, we can manually move only the few open topics we have, like the team story, if desired.

  • Thank you for setting up a new forum, Wizzy! I registered an account there a few years ago, but that doesn't seem to exist, so I tried to register a new one, but so far haven't received an activation email.

    Also thank you to Fiery for archiving the entire forum and add-ons! You're amazing, Fiery!

    I'm sad about Ambrosia dying. There was so much joy and excitement on these forums at one time. Learning to play this great game, helping others to figure it out, writing stories together, inventing characters, weapons, worlds; learning to hack and later decrypt the game to unearth even more secrets. But of course this stuff was mainly 10-20 years ago. The time to move on has long past, but it's hard to imagine any community could be as comfortable and exciting as this one. I'm feeling nostalgic today, I think I'll leave the remastered Cythera music playing all day (have I mentioned how awesome it is?).

    It certainly looks like I'm the last one left with an (activated) account : __( Soon I will need to say farewell, and log out, and join the ranks of Locked Out Forever ;_;

  • Did you ever get a confirmation email? I just activated your account in the control panel since email is technically not required for myBB, but it was working when I tested, and according to the system mail log, it thinks it dispatched an email to a address (I'm guessing this is a Pallas domain?)

    In related news, myBB continues to be finicky. It opened a bunch of database connections and left them dangling, so I've had to adjust some things in the database settings to more proactively drop dangling connections. Ideally there won't be any noticeable impacts, but it should make the DB less likely to start rejecting new connections, which anyone attempting to load a little bit ago would have seen. I initially picked myBB because out of the big three -- phpBB, SMF, and myBB -- it seemed the newest and lightest. It's certainly given me trouble though, despite not seeing much use. Perhaps that's just the nature of these older, php-based forum systems...

  • @breadworldmercy453_bot, on 12 November 2018 - 12:45 PM, said in Can you still access your account?:

    I'm sad about Ambrosia dying.

    I guess it's nice in retrospect that the boards have stayed (barely) functional for as long as they have, but yeah, definitely sad. They couldn't even wait for me to get to 2000 posts. :p Also, just wanted to note—since I didn't get around to it before losing access to my account—that I finally started watching the Let's Play series and also listened to Wizard's remastered soundtrack, and that both are ridiculously awesome.

    @wizard2_bot, on 12 November 2018 - 02:15 PM, said in Can you still access your account?:

    In related news, myBB continues to be finicky.

    It's been years since I used them, but yeah, I remember MyBB being pretty janky. It also looks pretty much exactly how I remember it, which is weird since it's been like 10 years. I had (very slightly) better luck with phpBB, but again, it's been a while, so I don't really know.

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  • Thanks for activating my account, Wizzy! I guess I should ask Fiery about the email. I'm sorry to hear the new forum is causing you so much trouble : __( I can't imagine you'll have time to deal with that on a regular basis.

    Buzzy - I got quite a laugh at your temporary username : _D If you end up making another temporary account, will it be named buzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzy? For a moment I thought you were saying you started making a Let's Play and I got excited :x I don't think we could ever have enough Let's Play Cytheras ^ __^

  • I've changed the Cythera Guides Forum again but shouldn't need to reset it anymore. I'm finally happy with it because it now has a complete history of the Cythera web board and runs on a very modern forum system. See my latest and last Ambrosia topic here for more info!

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