The Book of Cythera: Slayer

  • The Book of Cythera: Slayer
    i. Lo, Slayer came unto the Cythera Web Board and spake thusly
    "Let there be hints for the newbies!" and there were.
    ii. And Slayer spake thusly "Let there be easy tricks to help make money between the ruffian camp and Odemia!" and there were.
    iii. Slayer spake unto the web board and said "There are updates to my
    guide" and the web board went to Slayer's Guide and read that the spell Fetch demolishes things.
    iv. And Andrew Welch came unto the web board and spake thusly"Who would make a good overlord for the web board?"
    v. And the web board rose up and spake "Slayer!"
    vi. And Valkyrie spake thusly "Surely Slayer is great, for who but a great one would have such support? All hail Slayer."
    vii. And the people bowed to Slayer and spake "Surely Slayer is great."

  • Slayer = Master of all things Cythera.

    I come, I go; You'll never know...

    -Admiral Dennis

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