#cythera !

  • Every time I am on irc I join #cythera. Yesterday kickme was there and that was the first time someone else had been on when I was on.

  • It is empty most of the time, sadly. I try to be on whenever I can, though.

  • @the-wizard_bot, on Nov 12 2006, 12:07 AM, said in #cythera !:

    It is empty most of the time, sadly. I try to be on whenever I can, though.

    Meh, I'm almost always there. ;)

  • Lately, there's actually been quite a bit of activity, at times at least.

  • @frinkruds_bot, on Dec 13 2006, 02:40 PM, said in #cythera !:

    Meh, I'm almost always there. ;)

    But recently you have yet to take part in the discussions :p

  • I've been on twice, but only after I worked out how to get onto the darn thing. I tend not to read the manual, and you can imagine how dumb I felt when I saw that everything on how to get onto #cythera was in the first post of this topic.

  • For anyone that wants a free IRC client for OSX, I've tried Colloquy and X-Chat Aqua. They're both pretty decent.

    Colloquy is about three times as many MB as X-Chat Aqua, it also lets you put background pictures and stuff like that

    X-Chat Aqua is about two MB to download, it appears to have a fairly bare bones interface. But it might just be not quite as easy to access the non-bare bones features, as in Colloquy?

  • It's kind of quiet so far today.

  • I use X-Chat Aqua, and I haven't dared to try out any of the special features yet. I keep getting premonitions of exploding computers after dad's programming jokes. (Like the one about "Real engineers try to predict what their name as a command string will do." Some random programming language has a list of command functions, many quite disasterous. I seem to recall my name would do something terminal.)

  • @dark-jet_bot, on Jan 10 2007, 12:27 AM, said in #cythera !:

    But recently you have yet to take part in the discussions :p

    pfft, I said a few things yesterday. :cool:

  • @frinkruds_bot, on Jan 13 2007, 03:16 PM, said in #cythera !:

    pfft, I said a few things yesterday. :cool:

    And even more today :p

  • Sorry for the double post, but i felt this needed some attention.

    For those that use xchat, and want to log the conversations go under X-Chat - > Preferences -> Chatting -> Logging and click on Enable logging on converstations. This will only take affect one a new window is up, so that mean's you will have to leave #cythera and rejoin if you want to start recording there.

    The Log files are saved on Users/UserName/Library/Application Support/X-Chat Aqua/xchatlogs. The names of the files are pretty self explanitory. If you wanted you probably could edit the xchat.conf to have the logs saved in another location.

    It is probably recommened that after you quit X-Chat, to go to the log folder and rename the logs so that they won't be overwritten. The logs open up quite nicely and easy to read in TextEdit. You can also view the logs easier by going to Window - > Log List, where you can reveal the log in the finder or open it in TextEdit from there. To the right of the list of the Logs, is a preview window that lets you look at what is in the log.

    It appears that you can change the log name from this window but despite my recent attempts, the name always reverts back to its original.


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  • not cool, handup the keyword!

  • There should be no keyword, did someone take the channel hostage?

  • Somebody had the channel password set to "Argent", it has now been disabled.

  • um, I think I must have done that accidentally... sorry. :unsure: :(
    I promise to be more careful.

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  • Its okay, this is how you learn about what things do. In this instance, /mode #cythera +k thing sets a password of "thing" on the channel (or clicking the "K" box on some clients).

  • I would've guessed the channel had been taken hostage by French Canadians, though it would've done to know how much argent they were asking.

    Anyway, for those of you who use Colloquy, shamelessplug I just finished work on a new theme which I unbiasedly recommend. You might recognize it if you use Simplicity in Adium.

  • Can you post a screenshot?

    And then maybe instructions on how to install it?

  • Posted Image

    It would be installed by sticking the theme in ~/Library/Application Support/Colloquy/Styles/

    Disclaimer: although the theme has eight different colors for nicks, all the nicks in #cythera seem to hash to purple.

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