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  • The CIA Factbook for Cythera's Heroes

    On advice from a fellow member I started a List where people can post info about their characters from the group stories/chronicles.

    Custom spells may be detailed in the Custom spells created by story thread characters thread. Custom items may be detailed in the Custom Weapions/Items in TSes thread.

    If you are looking for a character which hasn't been used in a long time, or has died off, check theCharacter Info Archive.

    Note: This is NOT a place to post a character you have at home. This is NOT a place to post spam. This is a thread made so that we could all understand each others characters better.

    Also, it is completely pointless to make an invincible character or one with invincible-like powers/abilities. Doing so undermines the entire excitement forcing characters to react to unfavorable circumstances, and generally pisses people (like me ) off.

    To start off:


    Jack Frost
    Status: -dead-
    Last Update: many moons ago...

    Jack was a teacher at the Pnyx School. After going into the forbidden hall in Pynx containing the most powerfull of spells, he went corrupt with power. His final battle was against messed-up monsters who invaded Land King Hall.


    Lindor (LIN•dôr)
    Status: Unavailable, on another world
    Last Update: October 8th, 2004 A.D.
    Changed: Added age, fixed typos.

    Race: Moon Elf
    Profession: Ranger (Arcane Archer)
    Height: 5'5"
    Weight: 140 lb
    Age: Ending adolescence (approximately 130 years, equivalent to humans of 25 years)

    Body: 15
    Reflex: 26
    Mind: 20
    Max Health: 103
    Max Mana: 52
    Approx. Level: 13
    Best/Special Skills: Bow(23), Sword(14), Arcane Archer(6)

    Lindor is a tall, thin, pale-skinned elf with long, dark hair and pale eyes. Sailing to Cythera from the seas to the West, his history and family are unknown. He is friendly to strangers, preferring to learn from mistakes rather than always playing it safe.

    Lindor is, as they is called on his world, an Arcane Archer. These individuals use quasi-magical ranged attacks to fight. Lindor has little constitution for a warrior and can't carry much weight or take much damage so relies mainly on his quickness and precision to survive.

    Lindor's equipment a great composite bow, a longsword, an elven chain armor weighing next to nothing, and a thin mithral ring. His bow is of exceptional quiality, handed down from his king on his departure from home. He wears no helm and carries no shield, for he finds them too encumbersom. Lindor's sword was enchanted in a mystical spring in a cavern that was full of treasure. Although it is a longsword, he wields it alone without a shield and often switchs it from hand to hand, or both, for variety.

    Lindor is a defender of the innocent and a crusader for justice. He joined The True adverturing band as it was being created, persuaded by his cousin Amarillis. Never one to live a life of simplicity, he also loves to help other heroes in their quests.

    Lindor, after seeing his homeland on the edge of disaster in a divining portal, left to dare the fearsome seas in the hopes of returning home in time. Only time will tell if he made it.


    Eldargon (el•DÄR•gôn)
    Status: Unavailable
    Last Update: October 8th, 2004
    Changed: Added age, fixed typos.

    Race: Human
    Profession: Fighter
    Height: 6'1"
    Weight: 170 lb
    Age: Early mid-life (approximately 30 years)

    Body: 19
    Reflex: 24
    Mind: 22
    Max Health: 124
    Max Mana: none
    Approx. Level: 12
    Best/Special Skills: Sword(30), Shadowdancer(2), Ambidextrous

    Eldargon's story is full of hardship and tragedy. His family had established a territory to themselves and were just beginning to prosper when enemies from old attacked their main city and Eldargon's family's house. The family was scattered in their flight, and Eldargon was recieved by a wandering hermit who had had news of the attack and was watching from a distant ridge. After much learning, and many foolishly daring deeds, Eldargon was one of the three people to start the group called The True who have become a mildly-known adventuring band.

    Eldargon was trained in the Hidden War as a Shadowdancer. These individuals were also known as peach-tree-sleepers, which came from the practice of the first of them to wait for his enemies to come alone to their garden. The Shadowdancer's were chosen from the best Human and Elven warriors and rogues in the deep woods, and their method of training is not known outside the highest of the Collected Forces.

    Like most of the warriors in the Collected Forces, Eldargon learned to use hand-and-a-half swords in either one hand or two. However, he wields two swords instead of the sword-shield setup favored by most. He first used this style in the Third Rush right after he had joined the Forces where he had tossed aside his broken shield and grabbed his fallen friend's sword to use in its place. He usually dons a dark brown, hooded robe given by the hermit which is enchanted against wearing out, a side effect of this being that it is highly resistant to blade cuts, serving as fine armor. Even when the cloth is cut, it sows itself together again in about a day.

    In his visits to Cythera, Eldargon is a carefull observer of the heroic inhabitants. So far, he has hidden his true abilities and purposes, as have most of The True. How many there are, and what brought them to Cythera in the first place remains unknown.


    Theo (TH?•?)
    Status: Outside a black dragon
    Last Update: October 8th, 2004
    Changed: all new

    Race: Human (Aasimar)
    Profession: Sorcerer
    Height: 5'8"
    Weight: 155 lb
    Age: Late life (potentially hundreds of years, equivalent to humans of 70 years)

    Body: 14
    Reflex: 18
    Mind: 31
    Max Health: 62
    Max Mana: 107
    Approx. Level: 16
    Best/Special Skills: Mana(28), Casting(7)

    Theo is a charismatic, sharp, forgetfull individual. He is almost always seen wearing a deep blue Robe of Many Pockets containing hundreds of knick-knack type items, some more useful. His wavy chest-length hair is off-white and usually laid on his shoulders. Crystal blue eyes pear out beneath bushy brows, and his straightforward cheerful manner threatens rumbling anger, keeping the young ones on their toes.

  • theKestrel (kes • truhl)
    Height: 6’ 1”
    Weight: 170
    Max Health: Unknown
    Max Mana: Unknown
    Approx. Level: Unknown

    theKestrel is a relative unknown. His origins, age, and skills are a mystery. He is deeply tanned, although his heritage is not of a darker skinned race. His hair is a dark brown which is often braided into many braids, the length being about 6 inches long. He is rarely seen without his favorite brimmed leather hat. His followers are loyal to the last breath. His right hand man is Barak. Barak has been Kestrel’s closest follower for as long as can be remembered.

    theKestrel leads a relatively small force, but deadly well trained and equipped with only the best. His source of payment for the powerful weapons he receives from the most skilled in their profession is unknown. All of his soldiers wear two rings and Barak and Rio, the next-in-command to Barak, are known to possess amulets of uncertain powers. The source of these rings is not known, but greatly desired, as powerful magic rings are incredibly hard to come by and their makers even harder.

    theKestrel carries the sword Belenov, out of myth and legend. It’s powers are told in many nursery rhymes and old wifes tales, however, the reliability of these sources are unknown and thought to be exaggerated. Belenov is known to focus it’s user, creating a swordsman who has greater speed and reaction. When Belenov is unsheathed against an enemy, blue sparks arc from it as it is swung. Whether this is only for eye candy or more is debatable, as the few who have lived after facing theKestrel in combat give varying tales as to the effects, if any, of the sparks, although they agree that when “the sparks” hit you, fear comes to your very heart.

    theKestrel is known to prefer light leather armor, as it gives him more speed and agility, at the cost of better protection. His headgear is a simple leather cap with a brim. Most of his men prefer the heavier ring mail, although none wear any kind of plate armor, relying, like theKestrel, more on speed and agility. They uniformly wear a kind of helm unknown in Cythera, although the style is familiar to some. It is a full helm, made of metal, but more reflective than those commonly used.

    theKestrel is known to command powerful spells, although he rarely uses them. The depth of his knowledge in matters of the arcane is unknown. He is well versed in magic theory though.

    theKestrel’s base of operations is known only by a few. He tries to take advantage of secrecy and surprise.

    theKestrel also came up with a modified Directed Nexus spell, much like Fanatic's.

    And so the problem remained; lots of people were mean, and most of them were miserable, even the ones with digital watches. Many were increasingly of the opinion that they had all made a big mistake in coming down from the trees in the first place. And some said that the trees had been a bad move and that no one should ever have left the oceans.

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  • Rogan

    Age: 29
    Race: Human (male)

    Statistics: (Average of 10, maximum of 20)
    Strength: 9
    Intelligence: 14
    Dexterity: 15
    Perception: 12
    Constitution: 9
    Willpower: 12
    Beauty: 18
    Charisma: 18

    Rogan grew up in the town of Odemia together with his mother and father, but - intrigued by the mages that would frequent town during the renowned bazaars held in Odemia - moved to Pnyx at the age of seventeen, to study the aspects of Magick and become a successful mage himself.
    However, once he had a couple years of studies behind him, he came to realize that magic alone would not be enough to satisfy his needs, and so he started honing his combat skills on the side of studies, by using a simple sword and a dummy at first. Later he advanced, got his own trainer and practised using a military sword and throwing daggers. His trainer, a guard named Drognan, became his closest friend during his years of study. Not only did he learn Rogan to use the sword, shield and throwing daggers, but he had a lot of knowledge about Cythera to pass on. The two of them would use every moment of spare time they had to sit down and talk, or spend hours honing Rogan's combat skills.
    Rogan's parents were not rich, so in order to make some money, he managed to get a job in the iron mines owned by house Attis.
    He worked there for two years and saved all of his money, so that he could buy a house when his studies were finished.
    That day eventually came, and his dream of finding a place to live in Cademia was soon to be realized. On the long road to Mother city he was accompanied by Drognan who had gotten a better job as a Royal guard in LandKing Hall.
    At the time, Rogan was twenty-one years old.

    Rogan is an adventurer. He lives life to the max, not missing out on a single opportunity of adventure; he was one of the seven brave men who recovered the long lost journal of the mage Tavara.
    At the same time, he can be very laid back, enjoying a drink in the tavern or just sitting on a bench in the park, smoking his pipe and watching the birds as they fly by - as free and happy as himself.
    Rogan is also a ladies man - he's very handsome and charismatic, as well as intelligent. The elves are his favourite kind of people, as he recognises a lot of himself in them. This has him lacking in some of the more manly virtues; instead of using brute strength to land killing blows, he relies more on stealth and finesse to do the work.
    He has made a lot of money over the last years, recovering hidden treasures and working part-time as a mercenary. Nowadays he works for no one but himself and does whatever pleases him.
    Rogan is a man of honour. Thievery and such seedy actions are way beneath him, and he always helps people who deserve and need it, not caring about monetary rewards at all. Many people respect him, and his true friends are many.
    Rogan has a pet alligator, Snapper. He lives in Rogan's house in Cademia.

    Weapons and equipment
    Rogan usually wears a standard metal breast plate. When it comes to the rest of his equipment, the story begins to sound interesting.
    His helmet, which he discovered in a ruffian encampment, is made of an unknown material. It is likely to be made by elves, as it is extraordinarily light and very strong. He rarely uses the helmet though, as he values perception over maximum protection.

    A long time ago, when Rogan was in the depths of a cave near the Land's End, he found a sword and a ring. The sword glows with a beautiful, mysterious red light, it seems almost like red flames licking it's blade. It is a relatively long sword, but light enough to carry in one hand. When Rogan found the sword, it's blade was half-way stuck in a rock solid wall, and he had to use all his powers to pull it out. Remembering a story his father used to tell him as a kid, he named it Excalibur.

    The ring he found seems to be connected with the sword somehow. It appears to have the ability to dissolve force walls and it will glow red like the sword if it senses it's master being in danger. But not always. Very little is known about both sword and ring, except what you can see and feel when using them.

    Rogan also wears an amulet around his neck; a red gem on a gold chain. It is a Helldragon's amulet, only carried by the notorious Helldragons, beasts of awesome powers that one rarely sees. These beasts live only in mountainous areas. After slaying one of these dragons (together with a group of men), Rogan took the amulet from the corpse. Little is known about these amulets, but they are rumoured to grant extra resistance against fire. (see: The tale of the treasure)

    Rogan feels no need for a shield as he goes for mobility instead of maximum protection. The weight of his sword allows him to move around and strike easier than most longswords do.

    For combat where close contact is impossible, or smart to avoid, Rogan uses a set of daggers he found in a cave after he and his companions defeated the monster guarding its entrance (see: The tale of the treasure)
    The daggers are enchanted with ice and will deliver a lethal, chilling blow to anything it penetrates. Desert Fox used one of these daggers to collapse a mountain on a demon lord once, killing this powerful creature with the use of a single dagger.

    Rogan knows his way around magic. Whether it's called white, black or grey, he knows a something about it. Being a master of the colleges of Force and Fire, and with some expertise in the White necromantic college, he relies mainly on minor healing spells and offensive spells dealing with fire and electricity.

    Rogan has no particular strengths or weaknesses. He fits the description "jack of all trades" very good.
    He uses many different battle tactics. Sometimes he seem to berserk, throwing himself into the heat of the battle, hacking wildly. He will always put his life on the line to save a friend. Other times Rogan stands on a distance, using his many magical abilities and throwing skills to nail an enemy to the ground.

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  • Moonshadow
    Height: 5'4"
    Best skills: Missile, Mana, Casting, Music, to a lesser extent Cloaking, Tracking, Spears
    Animal: Snow falcon

    Attached File Moonshadow.jpg (299.97K)
    Number of downloads: 178

    Moonshadow is an elf of a race known as grin'fey (meaning winter elf) and is not originally from Cythera, having come there through the void. Physically, she appears to be delicate, almost fragile, but having grown up where she did, she is very resilient to both wind and cold, and can call on amazing reserves of strength if faced with sufficient danger. Her features are just as delicate, with high cheekbones and large, catlike eyes which are normally amber but tend to flash golden when she is feeling strongly. Her ears are pointed, and she's wearing earrings shaped like tiny icicles, made from transluscent crystal, attached to her ears with clasps of silver. Her waist-length hair is silvery-white and both softer and lighter than human hair, causing it to stir with the slightest breeze. Her skin is pale, at times appearing almost white, and her body temperature is several degress below that of humans.
    She is somewhat impulsive, quick to anger at times yet even faster to forgive for she does not like holding grudges, considering it a waste of time and energy.
    That is not to say she does not have people she dislikes, or even hates, nor does it mean she just trusts everyone. But she is of the opinion that every person deserves a chance, and anyway, it never hurt anyone to be polite.
    Her specialization lies with ice and healing magic, and she is also adept at using music and song to cast her spells - something she considers more natural than muttering arcane formulas and making obscure gestures. Additionally, she can sense magic auras and is schooled in analyzing items and creatures of magical origin, as well as performing some of the easier scrying spells. Also, she is able to change into the shape of a white falcon, and the ammunition for her bow is always arrows summoned from ice.
    Her attire consists of a white sort of split skirt (a hakama*) and a 'coat' of the same color that reaches just above mid-thigh with long, flowing sleeves that cover her hands up to her knuckles (think of a haori*). The neckline is v-shaped, and snowflakes are embroidered from her right shoulder all the way down her right sleeve in light blue and silver. Below that outer layer she wears a thin, second shirt of dark blue, just barely visible above the neckline of the first. Around her waist is a sash of the same dark blue, with swirls of silver embroidered near the ends. A flamed dagger hangs in a sheath on her left, and her bow is strapped across her back. Soft white boots complete the look. A white bag with the same snowflake pattern down the right side contains her belongings, with a seperate compartment for her crystal harp.

    *Most of you probably don't know what those are so I tried describing them (probably failing miserably -_-). It's Japanese style, maybe I can find pictures.

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  • Ferazel
    Height: 6'6"
    Health: 200
    Mana: 450
    Aprx. Level: 20
    Gender: Male
    Occupation: Master (mage)

    Newest Spell: Spell of Flight. This spell gives the target the power to fly for short periods of time, about 30 minutes, and float down. There are slight problems in the spell, even more then Hallucination. Sometimes, the target will take damage or even get killed when the spell wears off. This is a known problem, and no text of Tavara's or Lindus' advice seems to help. The spell takes about 100 mana for one cast. A similar spell, Feather Fall, also made by Ferazel at about the same time as this, costs about 20 mana for just the soft falling, and wears off when the target reaches the ground. Flight is also very risky in the fact that almost no human has done it before by spell and might trigger some unusal conditions.


    Hallucination. The castor can replicate him/herself, at the cost of mass mana (200+). The replications can do anything a normal person can do, except attack. All attacks look and feel like they are real, but do no damage to the target. These are controlled by the castor, and when disposed of (they do have a health level, although equal to the castor), explode in electric elemental magic and blue smoke. The only way to tell the difference between the castor and the hallucination is the hallucinations give off a very faint blue glow.

    Ferazel has green eyes, but no one can see the rest of his face, because he wears a heavy cloak. People sometimes say he's a Habnabit, but no one knows for sure. He usally wears a metal breast plate, an odd helm, taken from ruffians, and a Replicated Hercules' cloak.

    He holds no weapons, except a lightning staff, that calls the elemental power of lightning. The reason he holds no weapons is his incresed study of magic made him forget how to use hand-held weapons properly. This limits him to pretty much only spells and elementals. His only other wepon is his powerful magic.

    Nobody knows where Ferazel came from. Some of the closest guesses are that he is a Habnabit, found as an infant by the Seldane. They raised him, and one day, the Undine attacked the city under Landking Hall. Ferazel was captured by the Undine, and was taken back to where they dwelt. They taught him as well, and with the magic they taught him, he escaped from the Undine. He wandered around, hardly five years old. Once, when Lindus was walking to Landking Hall for a conference, he found the boy, still quite young.

    He had been casting several spells on ruffians that continued to attack him, and soon he had killed them all and took their oboli. Lindus was suprised that a child so young had killed off a band of ruffians. Then, he took Ferazel to Landking Hall with him, and there Alaric told Lindus to watch over him until he was older.

    When Ferazel was around the age of seventeen, he became a freemage, and explored Cythera until he found the cities of Odemia and Catamarca. He settled down and took the postion of Judge in Catamarca until he resigned, and went back to Pnyx to study to become a Master. He suceeded, and now still lives in Catamarca, joining adventures every now and then. He will create spells when he stays in Pnyx, occasionally mortally wounding or killing himself. Luckily, Pheres is one of his best friends and is very patient. ( :))

    This is a list of his four most useful custom spells, "Feraz Lock" and "Remove Feraz Lock", "Cloak" and "Uncloak". "Cloak" and "Uncloak", trigger invisibility, but costs 2 mana points per hour. "Feraz Lock" and "Remove Feraz Lock" are simlar to "Mage Lock" and "Remove Mage Lock", except they are more powerful and glow greenish instead of pinkish. This style of lock has been approved by the leaders of Cademia and is currently being used by the mint to lock their coffers of freshly minted money.

    From some help from Jack Frost, Talos, and Rogan, he now has the following: An honorary plaque engraved with his name, an amulet engraved with runic magic that cuts the mana use on his spells by about one-fourth, a dimond ring that gives him more defence, and a set of magical daggers. Rogan has trained him on how to throw them. He doesn't want to know how to use a mace or axe, but just how to throw daggers.

    Instead of having many people in a team, Ferazel just has one team member, and is sometimes very good backup:

    Height: 9"
    Health: 40
    Mana: 30
    Aprox Level: 8
    Gender: Female
    Occupation: Freemage (she is a mage)

    Callie is Ferazel's calico cat. Callie was once a stray cat, and Ferazel took good care of her. Using powerful magic, Callie is able to cast some spells, and fight, but she can't talk. Ferazel and Callie can communicate telepathically with each other. The spells Callie knows are: Mystic Arrow, Lightning, Fireball, Death Strike, Healing, Restoration, Ressurection, Rune of Blocking, Rune of Pain, Rune of Warding, Dispel Rune, Cloak, Uncloak, Call Ferazel, and Feraz Lock.

    Callie can use tomes to learn new spells, but she must have permission with Ferazel. Callie's only enemy, besides Ferazel's, is Tiger, a stray cat in Odemia. Tiger will try to kill Callie almost always, but Callie usally uses Runes of Blocking. Ferazel will use a multi-colored ball to summon Callie from her house, which is located in Ferazel's room in Pnyx. The room is always protected by a force field, so Callie will be safe at all times.

    To all that read this. DO NOT copy my spells/names. I can tell if you do. I spend a lot of work coming up with that stuff; I don't want it stolen.

    Ferazel Rocks!
    Cythera's 'Team Stories' Rock!

    (edit (10/29/01)) Added a new spell (/edit)
    (edit (10/30/01)) Made it look better and cleared some obselete junk (/edit)

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  • Slayer
    Height: 6'0"
    Weight: 180
    Level: ??(high)
    Mana: ??(high)
    HP: ??(high)

    Slayer is largely shrouded in mystery. It is known that he, like many others, is a powerful warrior as well as a powerful spellcaster, though the extent of his powers is unknown. He wears strange plate armor that is studded with a great deal of obsidian. Rumor has it that Slayer is able store a large amount of mana in his armor, and is able to call on that power when he needs to cast a particularly powerful spell. As the story goes, Slayer is unwilling to use his armor's mana supply in most circumstances, because the armor takes an extraordinarily large amount of time to charge. As such, it is very rare to see this power in use.

    Slayer's guide to Cythera:

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  • Note: This is my bartender character, different from characters in "Once Again", "The Tale of the Treasure", or "LandKing Hall". He is used in the "Evil Clone" story.

    Talos (Tal | oes)

    Height: 5' 8"
    Weight: 148 lb
    Body: 19
    Reflex: 28
    Mind: 19
    Max Health: 40
    Max Mana: 9
    Skills: Sword(12), Defense(14), persuasion, haggling, scimitar mastery

    Previously the bartender at the Alræican Tavern, he decided to beat the boredom by helping Slayer defeat his summoned evil clone. His prefered weapon is a scimitar, and he developed a way of enchanting them with fire (see the "Custom character spells" topic). Although he is not terribly skilled in magic, he is quick in wit and developing solutions for problems. Also, he picked up a good deal of general knowledge throughout his years as a bartender.


    Note: This is the ghost of the frog stepped on by Rogan. He is in charge of the bar in the "Tavern continued" topic.

    Rana (Ra | na)

    Height: 2 inches
    Weight: 3 oz
    Eats: Bugs; assorted insects
    Skills: Create frog, (turns object to frog, read below) jumping

    When Talos left to help Slayer, he put a large metal lock in charge of the bar. Someone cast a spell on the lock, turning it into a frog. Then, when Rogan walked out of the bar he stepped on the frog. Still bound to the tavern as it once was a lock, the ghost handles the tavern. Like all lock-frog-ghosts, he has the ability to turn objects of his choice into frogs.

    <font color="gold">Bronze: the other gold metal.</font>
    (url="http://";=guides&display;=date&file;=ChroniclesByJake101.sit.hqx")Chronicles by Jake101: the unposted chapters.(/url)
    (url="http://"")Once Again: on the web.(/url)

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  • Common name: Avatara
    Race: Human
    Age: unknown

    Height: 5'9"
    Weight: 142 lbs
    Alignment: Chaotic Good

    Avatara's past history is largely unknown at this point in time, and he has taken great care to keep it that way after several traumatic experiences.

    Avatara is a well-known, respected, and valued mercenary. Avatara has many strengths, and is equally trained in diverse skills. With a great attack, suitable defense, and incredible mana, Avatara is deemed a worthy foe to his opponants. His heritage gives him extra strength when in great need, but at a high price. His weaknesses lie in his arrogance, and overconfidence in his abilities, and his lack of strength for his high level (preferring to use magical means of accomplishing tedious tasks). One should always be wary when hiring him though, as Avatara follows his own agenda, even if they defy the motives of another.

    Avatara was one of the few brave adventurers who rescued Tavara's journal from the undine stronghold, and has undergone a challanging quest to find the Cytherian's homeworld. He helped Slayer track down the evil clone, before all of Cythera was overcome by its influence, and he even helped find the lost treasure of Ral'Dur on a long-winded quest with several of his friends. He doesn't hold back from using his abilities in any way necessary to accomplish his goal, including faking his death in a skirmish with the Methrikador at Lands' End Volcano through which he was later able to assist a daring attempt to end the sad legacy of the Temple of the Stars on Elenir.

    More detailed info exists, but the website it was formerly on no longer is running. I'll add some tidbits over time, or perhaps throw up a new webpage.

  • Desert Fox (D F)
    Height: 5'11"
    Weight: 198lbs
    Approx Age: 27
    Special Skills: Shadow Magic, Swordfight
    Special Weapons/Armour: Legendary Iceblade, special creation Shadowsbane, Helm of Poison Protection, Charm of Containment, Armor of the Four Kings
    Not well known inside of Cythera, DF comes from a dimension of space. He was taught by a special force in the realm of shadow magic. He is to be feared for his magic, but his ability to use it taxes his body hard. His most devestating attacks is a form of his own Waves of Darkness and Light, called the Shadow Waves. It creates a circle of intense shadow power which gets stronger as it moves on, causing more and more damage to enemies as it moves away from him. This allows DF to fight armies solo, but to use it takes a long battle and the few times he was able to fully wield it, part of the drive to do so was the death of his own comrades. Due to this, people consider it more fitting to be called the Waves of Vengeance.
    Participating in several adventures to date, DF is an old member of Cythera. The people who know him have only heard rumors and not many are good. Some disasters in his life still plague him today. Darkness seems to spread all around him and not many really live to tell good tales of him.
    Possessing the Iceblade was supposed to be a pinnicle point of his life, allowing him the ability of deep conversations with warriors who would have otherwise passed him up. If only he had stopped there.
    During recent campaigns DF learned a deeper knowledge of his powers and learned of his origins. Being brought to a near death, DF went hermit for a time to learn the full extent of his powers so that he might not have to go through that experience again. With the charm gained, his powers are now able to be weilded without danger to his allies.
    For the duration of time after being frozen by his old ally Dylam, DF remastered his swordsmanship and recovered much of the skill he lost when he delved deeply into magic. He can now be considered decent in both, but not the best in either. The way he uses magic, though, enhances his inherant abilities and therefore makes him a force to respect and fear on the battlefield.
    A warrior at heart, DF prefers to fight sword to sword, rather than use magic all the time. His knowledge of spells is somewhat pathetic, but he makes up for it with their volidity. A few remedial spells in the elements, as well as his expansive knowledge of shadow magic. His special skills are laughable though, he barely can cook to feed himself. A dependant warrior, but a competent one at that.
    His task at hand now is to defeat the evils that can empower an enemy to do terrible things. Time runs short, as his enemy is hunting for those same evils to twist into his own horrible plans.

    Had to alter sig because it was pissing me off

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  • Flynn O'Connor

    Height: 5'8"
    Weight: 150
    Race: Transgenic; predominantly human (of Irish extraction), but with elements of elven DNA, among others
    Archetype: Warrior
    Best/Special Skills: a highly skilled swordsman, he prefers two wield two swords in unison.

    Flynn was the first of the Ronin to re-enter existence, after the "vertex of the triliad that mastered time" was destroyed (see The Search for the Thieves Cavern, and The Alraeican Tavern - part III, page 5, the message of the Voice); his re-emergeance occured in the middle of the (then partially destroyed) Alraeican Tavern. He initially suffered from partial amnesia - he was unable to recall where he was from, but was sometimes able to remember places he'd been or some facts about certain items, such as the name of his sword - the Ruby Fang; while most of this knowledge has been regained over time, there are still a few 'blank spots'. Like all the Ronin, he was able to recognise another of his old companions on sight and recall their names with ease. Flynn originally chose to be called simply 'Ronin' (because it "felt right"), until he was able to recall his true name, with a little prompting from Kwon Chen.

    Flynn is of average height and build, has short blond hair, grey eyes, and looks to be about 30 years of age; appearances may be deceiving, as it's been said that the Ronin will live similar to ages comparable to the elves. Flynn wears light, toughened leather armour and three swords, arrayed fanwise, in back-slung scabbards.

    The blade of the first sword glows with a red enchantment, imbued with the power of the Ignae. Flynn and the sword are bonded in some strange fashion beyond magic, such that no-one but a Ronin can touch it.

    His second sword, obtained upon completion of the Ronin's Quest, glows a pure white and is called the Sword of Truth, against which nothing tainted by lies can stand. Thus: undead (not being truly alive), demons (being spawned by the Father of Lies) and other such creatures have no defence against it, and no-one in direct contact with the blade can lie.

    The third sword was acquired after a battle with a cavetroll. The blade of this sword is constructed from a pale blue diamond (hence it's called the diamond sword), with an interwoven mesh of fine gold wires at its core. The sword is designed to store and discharge large amounts of electricity. Recharging is a rather dangerous process, involving standing outside in a thunderstorm with the depleted blade held aloft. It was constructed by one Temrel, an ancient master craftsman, skilled in the working of crystalline gems and precious metals.

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  • The Displaced

    The legendary 'First Humans', also known as the Seven Ronin. The number 'seven' may have no basis in fact, but may merely be part of the mythos that has grown up around these long vanished figures.

    According to ancient myth, Humans first appeared among the Seldane long before the Undine upset the balance of elements and drove the Seldane underground; while the manner of their coming is unknown, it's generally accepted that it wasn't their own doing, nor were thay called here by any from Cythera; thus they had no means of return, and came to be called 'The Displaced'.

    The group consisted of a master, and seven who served him. The Seldane considered them something of a curiosity, but both learned much from each other; it's probable that it was the knowledge of Humans the Seldane gained at this time that enabled them to use Alaric to stabilise the elements - although scholars still can't agree on whether the Seldane actually played a part in that at all.

    Although the Displaced brought their own weapons and tools into Cythera, the Seldane are said to have enhanced them, in fashions of which the knowledge has long since been lost.

    The Undine, on learning of the Displaced, didn't know what to make of them; yet they still considered them a potential threat. To eliminate this threat, they somehow contrived to cause the loss of the master; the seven servants then took to themselves the name 'Ronin', which apparently means something like 'liegeless' in a tongue from their native world.

    In their desire to avenge their loss, the Ronin set out to strike back at the Undine; the Seldane, while somewhat understanding of their desire, could take no active part for fear of upsetting the balance.

    Yet it seems that the Undine were not unprepared to deal with the Ronin's assault; vanquished, they vanished from Cythera, living on only in legend.

    Recent events have revealed that the Ronin were not killed by the Undine, but banished from time ; once the enchantment was broken, the Ronin reappeared in Cythera in time to take part in the Great War of the Undead. There is some suggestion that the driving force behind this war was in some way linked to the Ronin.

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  • Kwon Chen

    Height: 4'10"
    Weight: 130
    Race: Transgenic; predominantly human (oriental), but with elements of elven DNA, among others
    Archetype: Martial Artist
    Best/Special Skills: Kwon is unusually aware of the ebb and flow of life and the elements around him.

    Kwon was the second of the Ronin to be encountered. He wears no armour and carries no obvious weapons, although he's known to carry shuriken, tsai, and other throwing weapons. He seems to have an inner strength greater than his physical size. The only thing he carries, other than his clothes, is a leather bag slung over one shoulder; this bag seems to have some kind of automatic replication magic, at least for shuriken.

    He has short black hair and brown, placid eyes that seem to look right through a person's soul. His apparel consists of a simple cotton tunic and trousers; his boots are made of spun spider-webs (a gift from Sabinate's mother on the Ronin's first arrival in Cythera), and are very tough, although also very soft and comfortable.

    He has skills not common to humans, having once been able to detect a half-elf (Rogar), hidden by magic, creeping past him.

    Like all the other Ronin, Kwon also suffered from amnesia; but being a far more centred soul than the average person, he managed to regain some basic memories fairly quickly - which accounts for the fact that he knew his own name, before encountering another Ronin.

    Due to the influence of dark magic, through a wound he received from a Nîthruk, he suffered visions of a great disaster affecting of all of Cythera. As a consequence of the visions, and the still constant assault of the dark magic on his mind, he almost never smiles.

    Like Leandra, Kwon has also remembered how to use some of the Lost Magic. In his case the magic was of Fire, whereas Leandra's was of Earth - although the Ronin share whatever knowledge they regain with each other, as a matter of course.

    Kwon speaks in a fashion that's somewhat unusual in Cythera, the most obvious aspect of which is that he doesn't use contractions. I'm relaxing the rule on the use of the word 'and', since it's just too difficult sometimes; but please avoid it if you can. The only other thing I can add about Kwon-speak is that he'll never use a one–syllable word where a three–syllable one will do - or a single word, where three will do. ;)

    (If you want to have him say something but aren't sure how he'd say it, e-mail it to me and I'll translate it into 'Kwon-speak' for you.)

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  • Trinias

    Height: 5'6"
    Weight: 148
    Race: Transgenic; predominantly human, but with elements of elven DNA, among others
    Archetype: Woodsman
    Best/Special Skills: archery, tracking, hunting, trail cooking, has unusually sharp eyesight and hearing for a human.

    Trinias was the third of the Ronin to be encountered. He's an extraordinary archer and a skilled woodsman, and carries a bow that glows with many shifting colours, like a fluid opal. Any arrow fired from this bow takes on whatever magical properties the archer desires.

    He has short black hair and blue eyes, and usually wears forest green clothing. After the Ronin's Quest, Trinias was observed to be using a chameleon cloak, and there's speculation that his quiver may have some kind of automatic replication magic.

    Trinias has something of a mischievous streak, and loves to do anything athletic. He also tends to flirt a lot, and this has been known to get him in trouble on more than one occasion. Because he's spent most of his life learning about the outdoors, he never saw the point in learning certain other things, like how to read; he's since reconsidered his opinion on that, and has been taking lessons in reading and writing from Moonshadow.

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  • Wolmark (Wohl - mark)

    Height: 5'6"
    Weight: 150
    Race: Transgenic; predominantly human, but with elements of elven DNA, among others
    Archetype: Mage/Scientist
    Max Mana: 45
    Best/Special Skills: physics, chemistry and mechanics, basic healing

    Wolmark was the fourth of the Ronin to be encountered. He has short brown hair and a short beard, and brown eyes. He wears a long robe, as is typical of the mages. He received instruction in basic healing from Lindus, so as to be of use in the Great War of the Undead. He later received instruction in certain offensive magics, from Moonshadow, and others.

    Wolmark is an inventor, and the deepest thinker of the seven Ronin. When the call for aid in the aforementioned war came in, he was hard at work on his latest idea, which he called his 'Zeppelin'; this small airship was used to good effect by the Ronin to help end the war.

    At the end of the Ronin's Quest, he was given the Staff of Reversal (sometimes called the Staff of Second Chances), because his inventions often go awry and cause major damage. The staff has the ability to turn back time about 20 minutes, although it then takes about a month to recharge. only those very close by at the time of activation are aware of the altered timeline.

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  • Leandra

    Height: 5'5"
    Weight: 120
    Race: Transgenic; predominantly human, but with elements of elven DNA, among others
    Archetype: Magess
    Max Mana: 30
    Best/Special Skills: advanced healing, general medical practices, fairly skilled in the use of daggers. Has some limited offensive magic.

    Leandra was the fifth of the Ronin to be encountered. She's characterised by her long red hair, and has a temper to match. Her eyes are green, but otherwise unremarkable. She received instruction in advanced healing from Lindus, after hearing the call for aid in the Great War of the Undead. Like Wolmark, she later received instruction in certain offensive magics from Moonshadow.

    She's was the first of the Ronin to begin to remember how to use some of the so-called 'Lost Magic of the Elements', taught to them by the Seldane, Ignae, Sylph and Undine when they first appeared in Cythera, thousands of years ago. This magic doesn't draw on mana for power, but instead drains the lifeforce of the caster. The equivalent power output is a complicated equation involving total lifeforce, the maximum rate of lifeforce drain, and the ratio of effective power to the amount of lifeforce required.

    Of all the Ronin, Ulf has the greatest lifeforce, but can only expend it at a rate that's less than his rate of regeneration - which means he can keep up the effort indefinitely. However, he gains an extremely small effect from the lifeforce expended - barely enough to cause a single daisy to grow at a visible rate.

    Leandra, on the other hand, gains a huge amount of effective power for each unit of lifeforce, and can expend lifeforce extremely rapidly, making her the most powerful of the Ronin in using this form of magic. Her rapid rate of expenditure could conceivably result in a situation where she 'magics' herself to death.

    Leandra carries two daggers. One is fairly ordinary, and was purchased in Cademia; the other appears to made of a luminous green stone, and is called the Jade Fang. Anything penetrated by this blade is turned to stone. Being a healer at heart, she's extremely reluctant to use the Jade Fang on any living thing, since (as far as she knows) its action is both irresistable and irreversible. Consequently, she has some regret over the impulse that led to the dagger's creation.

    At the end of the Ronin's quest, Leandra was given the Soulbinder. This spiral bracelet, worn on the upper arm, has the ability to keep the wearer alive temporarily when they would otherwise have perished. If medical treatment, magical or otherwise, isn't obtained quickly, the wearer may still die.

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  • Sasha Romanova

    Height: 5'7"
    Weight: 130
    Race: Transgenic; predominantly human (Russian), but with elements of elven DNA, among others
    Archetype: Warrior
    Best/Special Skills: master swordswoman.

    The sixth of the Ronin to be encountered. Sasha has long, straight black hair and sapphire-blue eyes. She carries a sword similar to Flynn's Ruby Fang, but it glows blue instead of red; it's named the Sapphire Fang.

    She began studying combat and swordplay shortly after she was orphaned, at about nine years of age; consequently, there are few that can equal her skill. Knowing the pain of loss, she's fiercely protective of anyone she considers to be a friend. Among the Ronin, she's second in authority only to Flynn.

    Sasha obtained a new shield on the Ronin's Quest, called the Shield of the Bold. This shield is very resistant to damage, and when the lower edge is planted firmly on the ground, it generates a bubble of force about four feet in diameter which is impervious to physical attacks. The bubble gives no protection against magical forces, although the shield itself does.

    Sasha has been seen to use Seldane Earth magic.

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  • Ulf

    Height: 8' 7"
    Weight: 325
    Race: Transgenic; predominantly human, but with elements of elven DNA, among others
    Archetype: Berserker
    Best/Special Skills: see stats & archetype; 'nuff said?

    The seventh of the Ronin to be encountered. Ulf has grey eyes, and is essentially bald. He has very low intelligence. He's something of a gentle giant, but will fight to defend his friends (of which Flynn is foremost).

    Having been taunted as a freak for most of his life, he was content to keep to himself until Flynn drew him into the circle of the Ronin.

    As a result of the Ronin's Quest, Ulf was given the Friendsooth Amulet. This is very helpful, since Ulf is such a simple, trusting soul that he often accepts people at face value, making him very easy to manipulate.

    In a battle with a cavetroll, Flynn obtained a strange shield. It has a picture of a dragon in the centre, formed by a pattern of different coloured gemstones. The shield is quite massive, and was given to Ulf because he was the only one strong enough to use it. The shield responds to any physical impact by launching a fireball in that general direction.

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  • Kronos / the Voice

    The living embodiment of the fifth Cytheran element, Time, in much the same way that Ignae is of Fire and Ur-Sylph is of Air. The existence of this element was deduced by Wolmark after extensive study of all the available texts on time - which he concluded were all wrong, in some respect.

    Kronos first appeared in the Alraeican Tavern prior to the undead assault, giving warning of that attack and sending the Ronin on their quest; he seems to take an almost patriarchal interest in the Ronin, due to the way thay were banished from the time-stream and into 'his' domain.

    He's said he will appear from time to time to advise the Ronin, but is forbidden to interfere directly.

    *Note for those that think I'm stretching the elements too far: Most people are aware of the 'four elements' used in Cythera, since the concept's been around for a very long time. However, few are aware that there are actually five elements in the traditional series: Earth, Air, Fire, Water and Ether - the element within which everything exists, which can be interpreted as Time. It was by drawing on this concept that I came up with the idea for Kronos. *****

    *Note 2: Kronos has no connection to the Fifth Element mentioned in the prophecies of Neleneus the Savant. Although, knowing the way my mind works, I'll probably come up with a way to tie them together in some fashion. It's an interesting coincidence that I also referred to him as 'The Voice', another title that appears in Neleneus' prophecies. *****

    Kobayashi Maru!

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  • Sideline

    Height: 5' 9
    Weight: 155
    Race: Human
    Archetype: Rogue
    Best/Special Skills: anything rogue-related - lock-picking, thrown weapons, swordplay, stealth

    Sideline has dark brown hair, and blue eyes. He carries a sword and a dagger, both of which he's highly skilled in using, but he tends to favour a lead-filled sap as his primary weapon in situations requiring stealth - something else in which he's highly skilled.

    Sideline is an unusual rogue, in that he never steals, or does any of the darker actions usually associated with that archetype. He tends to operate more as a 'detective', keeping an eye out for serious crime or trouble, and dealing with it; for this reason, he's not as welcomed by others of the rogue cast as you might expect. The one major exception is Katze; she's one of the few people he trusts absolutely, although he's developing attachments to several others - notably Brink, the Ronin, Moonshadow, Lucas Hart, the Scribe and Brianna.

    Sideline gets his income from a trading company, of which he is the sole owner, although he takes little interest in the running of it. This might have served to make Brink a rival, but instead it's been a point of common interest.

    He carries a sword made of a black metal called Dilantium, carbon nanotube reinforced titanium, forged in an artificial diamond filament lattice - a material used in the construction of starship hulls in Lucas Hart's original reality. The particular piece of metal Sideline's sword is made from fell to Cythera as a meteorite, before finding its way into the hands of a smith skilled enough to work it. It's still engraved with the designation of the ship it came from: the Paradox , the very dimension-jumping ship that brought Lucas Hart to the Cytheran reality. What part of the vessel it's from, and how it came to be detached, are as yet unexplained.

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  • The Scribe

    Height: 4' 11" (when stooped)
    Weight: 115
    Race: Elf
    Archetype: Bard
    Best/Special Skills: story telling, unspecified magic

    'The Scribe', as he likes to be known, is a wandering story teller. He travels with his great, great, great, etc. grandaughter, Brianna, collecting tales to record for posterity. He appears old, even for an elf. He has recently taken up semi-permanent residence in the Alraeican Tavern, finding it to be a rich source of new stories.

    He uses an ebony cane; his eyes are blue, and he wears a pair of gold-rimmed glasses to assist his failing eyesight. His hair is grey, with a few remaining tinges of elfen-gold just barely visible; he wears it cut quite short.

    When not gathering, recording or relating stories, he spends most of his time researching a solution to Brianna's 'problem'. What that problem might be, neither of them has ever been known to say.

    While the extent of his magical skills are largely unknown, the little he's shown seems to be related to nature - particularly, but not exclusively, the manifestation of water to cause rain.

    Other names the Scribe has been known to use:
    Sildana'i'Loré'ungwéva - (Weaver of Gossamer Dreams)

    Kobayashi Maru!

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