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  • Name : Alon
    Race : Human
    Male : Male
    Age : 32
    Height : 5’9
    Weight : 145
    Time : Immediately after the game (different from previous TS continuity)

    Weapon : “Legendary Iron Dagger, Bob” – There’s nothing particularly “Legendary” about Bob (or more accurately Bob the eighteenth). At the moment he’s Alon’s lucky dagger and will continue to be until he breaks or is unceremoniously replaced. Bob is sharper than a bread knife, but there aren’t many other compliments we can give him.

    Class : Rogue/Thief/Scoundrel he steals people’s stuff so he’s been called worse.

    Abilities : Lock-picking, Pick-pocketing, Sneaking… and Sweet-talking? That last one is used to varying degrees of success and embarrassing failure.

    Appearance : Handsome and lean with well defined muscles, his hair is ink dark and hangs down his back in a wrist thick tail. He has a five o’clock shadow no matter what time it is and his eyes are always smiling.

    About : Born and raised in Cademia… or was it Pynx? He’ll spin you a different yarn depending on his mood but it probably won’t be an honest on. For all his many, many , moral failings Alon is a really nice guy. Really. Quick-witted and sarcastic he’s great at a party but not so great when there’s trouble. He’s a lover not a fighter and he loves not fighting, so he’s exceptionally good at running away. He’s not a coward you understand, just a master of the “strategic withdrawal”.

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  • Zak

    Immediately after the game (different from previous TS continuity)

    Gender: Male
    Age: Mid-20's

    Zak is a young mage who recently left Pnyx. Well, not exactly. He was kicked out for neglecting his studies. Suffering from a very bad case of hypochondria, Zak became convinced that attending his required course of alchemy would kill him. Who knows what diseases you could create by mixing those chemicals?

    Zak's primary reason for attending Pnyx was to learn healing magic. His parents encouraged him to learn healing so that he could stop worrying he was sick all the time; that was just before they kicked him out. He was successful in learning Lesser Healing, but he is still handicapped by concerns over illnesses. Healing has become something of a crutch for his problems, almost making them worse if that were possible.

    He is currently in Cademia, not by choice, but because he must find a job to sustain him. He doesn't know enough magic to perform shows, and he'd be frightened of the crowds anyways. He has been debating writing a book: They're Out To Get You!: The tiny creatures we can't see but that are more dangerous than any other in Cythera AND THEY'RE EVERYWHERE!.

  • Name : Talos
    Race : Human
    Age : ~20
    Height : 6’0
    Weight : 175

    Appearance : With silver hair and cyan eyes Talos looks the part of a fairy tale hero. Or he would, if black tribal tattoos did not wind and coil around his muscular body. He cuts a fearsome image for a first impression.

    Equipment : What his Father left to him*.

    Silence ” Shift Armor – Pearl colored light armor that protects Talos’s chest and left arm. It can change into an entire suit but he doesn’t know how to make it work at will. Luminous blue runes drift across its surface. Silence has marked him of its own accord and is the source of his many tattoos.

    Shimmer ” Shift Blade – The sword of 1000 faces and only one name. Talos can command Shimmer to take the form of any edged weapon. Its handle is white and blade is gold. When not in use its basic form is a longsword.

    *Though the power of these items is considerable Talos has not mastered them at the level his father did. As a result many of their abilities are unknown to him. Neither artifact is of wholly magical origin, though Talos does not know this.

    Abilities : Talos is possessed of heroic strength and speed and even great skill in battle. His physical attributes are augmented by his equipment. Talos can use his right or left arm for any task equally (he's ambidextrous).

    About : As imposing as he may appear Talos is a kind soul eager to charm smiles out of others. He has an honest nature and a generous spirit. While he was still young mother died of an illness. His father (a man named Orion) had a mysterious past he refused to shed light upon, but in the time his son had known him he was a great hero and a good man. Talos was raised to follow in his father’s footsteps, a point of great pride for both men. With Orion’s recent death Talos feels he is ready to walk that path. The Shift Blade and Armor were artifacts Orion used in his adventures and left to his son on the night of his passing. Talos journeys to Cythera seeking people in need.

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  • Name: Andru (pronounced like "Andrew")
    Human male
    Height: 5'11"
    Weight: 130 lbs, at beginning. Normal weight: 170 lbs.
    Other characteristics: Moderately long brown hair, forest green eyes. Swift and nimble in combat, very intelligent. His loyalty and devotion are so extreme as to be a fault. Very quick to rush to decisions. Adept with his quarterstaff as well as a longbow.

    Weapon: Quarterstaff with mysterious runes on it. One end is plated in silver.

    Clothing: generally dark woodland colors - green, brown, and black - with a cloak used for quick concealment.

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  • Name: Firecat
    Race: Cat
    Age: unknown
    Height: 1’3
    Gender: Male

    At first glance, Firecat seems like an ordinary cat, but upon closer inspection flames can be seens dancing off the edges of his puffy fur coat. Though his untwitching, smokey whiskers and calm, celadon eyes show the normality of the situation. Stare too long and a voice can be heard, but no one is speaking, listen closely and it becomes clear that the sly voice of a cat can be heard.

    Anyone who knew of where Firecat came from was silenced. The common knowledge of him is limited and his very existence isn't very well known to the beings of alt-Cythera. What is known is that somewhere in the vast ladder of power, he is near the top but not at it. Because of this Firecat is in a position to help other leaders of alt-Cythera with his special abilities. Firecats official position is that of a communications officer, making sure the forces of Wizard and Selax have a means to contact one another.


    2-Way psychic communication, Firecat possesses the ability to speak directly into someone's mind and open a line of communication between them. The recipiant then has the option to willingly speak back. This means that what ever pops into the recipient's won't be heard by Firecat, only the things the recipient wants to say. This also means that Firecat lack the ability to probe someone's mind for information.

    Fire fut, Firecat also possesses fur that has similar abilities to that of Yomu's pouch. Along with infinite capacityFirecat's fur also has the power to absorb any properties of the items which it holds. However some items are so powerful that Firecat can only hold them in his fur without being able to absorb their power.


    More info on Firecat wll be revealed later on!

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  • Name: Riyer
    Race: Overgrown mostly humanoid gecko with some other species’ blood in him (although he, nor anyone in Cythera, have any clue what he is)
    Age: ~22
    Height: ~3'6"
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: See race. Riyer is of a slightly orange-tinted brownish color, although he likes to magically tattoo himself with a variety of things. Wears a wool cap most of the time (rarely using helmets) and a rather old cloak which has had makeshift repairs over time. While he closely resembles a very large upright gecko, his proportions are heavily distorted, giving him (comparatively) thick, muscular limbs, a large full head, and primate-like knee/elbow joints. Riyer has been forced to innovate a little in order to fit clothes, use tools, etc. He typically chooses dark, mute colors of clothing, and prefers lightweight gear.

    Preferred equipment:
    Head: nothing (as in no helmet, he is usually wearing his aforementioned cap)
    Back: cloak
    Armor: cuirass
    Belt: pouch (typically stuffed with potions and money)
    Hands: short sword and buckler, sometimes empty
    Feet: boots or sandals, sometimes unequipped

    Body: 14
    Reflex: 30
    Mind: 22
    Health: 74
    Mana: 65

    Riyer is a cynic, which can be frustrating for idealists, but his conflicting ideas of fatalism and free will typically lead him to ignore risks and abandon precautions. On the one hand, he believes that if he dies, he couldn’t have helped it and it wouldn’t have made a difference to live, yet he also believes that events are not predetermined. Riyer has very quick reflexes and is intelligent and efficient, but not terribly strong. Never held a steady job or permanent residence. Riyer lacks strong morals, and has been known to pick up shady jobs on occasion. No special abilities other than quick reflexes and having particularly dexterous feet which allows him to do odd things both physical and magical.

    I might update this later, details might establish themselves over time.

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  • Princess Danaë

    Danaë is a genuine princess. You can take that to the bank. Do what she says.

    Attached File Danae.png (44.88K)
    Number of downloads: 27

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  • Scry is a character that r0k created, but I took over with his permission. We were working together for a while until he fell off the map. Here is what we had originally conjured up, though I can't say how much of it is still relevant at this point:


    My contribution to the post, edit wherever you need and get back to me:

    Scry’s senses led her through the streets. She stuck mostly to shadowed back alleys. Dark or bright didn’t matter to her but she had a sense for places where she would not be seen. She viewed the city with more clarity than most of the people who ever walked it thanks to her powers. The powers of others, which seemed invisible to her masters, appeared to her in clear bright colors. Even the future was open to her when times of need arose. But those same powers of sight had failed her. Something... Wrong had attacked her. A shadow across her all seeing vision. It left her lost and confused.

    Her last orders had been to run. To find Jacob. But she had no idea where to go. She was an arrow fired blindly into the air at a target that no longer existed, for all she knew. Her powers were her whole world. The essence of her being. If they could not be trusted, what could? She stopped dead at the mouth of an alley. Fearful citizens passed on the street without seeing her hiding place. There was one person who could make sense of this. one who could help her. She reached out with her mind.

    "Ah, poor little bird. It has been some time hasn’t it? What troubles you in your cage?"

    Her mental communication with Firecat generally relied less on words and more on images until he saw fit to help her clear her mind. That’s what she wanted but she’d first have to prove it worth his while. She projected images to him a replay of the last hours all the way back to the night before. But her concept of time was different than others. Present and future events often overlapped and melted together.

    "Too much little one. Too fast. You’ve given me a puzzle but the pieces don’t fit together. This is many puzzles, many mysteries." he puased, thinking. "Galahad in that world? Curious. When did the fox leave his den, and with such a toy no less. I thought all the(/i) other cat’s play things were still in our world." He mused a bit more, "Your morning song brings intrigue this day, little bird. Very well, I know what you know you want to know. That bit of seed your Master keeps hidden from you.

    Scry felt Firecat reaching into her open mind. Navigating tunnels and locked doors she couldn’t sense but knew were there. Something creaked open just a hair...

    Scry sat in a chair on the back porch of her home. It was a small thing, nothing she could ever brag about, but it was beautiful in the spring and all she ever needed was there. Lisa, her baby girl, fussed in her arms. She smiled down at the infant and cooed to her till she was calm.

    “Why can’t she behave like that for daddy?” Evan asked as he brought some fresh firewood inside.

    “Because she doesn’t like you.” Scry smiled without looking up.

    “Ha. Ha.” Her husband replied, stopping only long enough to lean in and kiss her...

    And then she was back in that alley in Cademia. The memories slipping through her fingers and back into whenever the Master had sealed them She struggled desperately to hold on but it was pointless. In seconds they were a half remembered dream.

    "Better?" The voice inquired.

    A bit. The swordswoman whispered in her mind, Can you take me there again, t-to my past?

    "Patience little bird. Let’s see what other songs you can sing."

    She showed him the images again, only this time around they were in a timeline that made sense to him. She leaned back against one of the buildings. A breeze swept through the alley. For some reason she recalled the scent of flowers in bloom. But then it was gone, replaced by a deep sense of loss. Last night, she thought, after I fought off the assassins there were traps waiting for us. Many. It took most of the night to get around them.

    Someone else is playing the game too I see. Firecat replied. Setting mouse traps and having you scurry through his maze. But I’m more interested in how the fox manged to chase you off. His claws can’t touch you. No one’s can.

    It wasn’t him.

    "Oh?" The voice spoke playfully.

    "These games we do not play little bird, for by your rules, if I've seen what was there, then what was there wasn't what I saw."

    Something.. was there. Something, I couldn’t truly sense.

    "Not truly? But you sensed something did you not? A description, if you would be so kind."

    Scry thought for a time, trying to build an image in her mind's eye. A shadow. A wrongness in the world around me. It felt like something that should not have been.

    That is... peculiar. Firecat echoed after some time. "But it is... interesting. I suppose seed for your troubles is in order?"

    Scry felt very few emotions to any degree without Firecat’s help, but in this she allowed herself to feel the smallest measure of accomplishment. The spectre escorted her through another soon forgotten dream about a life stolen from her.

    I wanted this to be a chron, but I won't have the time so here is what I have on Scry.

    The visions Scry experienced in that post are not real. They're a promise from Firecat. Something to keep her motivated and under control.

    Scry was a young girl when Saltwax's or some other's force descended upon her home, or town, burning it along with her family. What she doesn't know is that Firecat was involved, even if not directly. Me and r0k had originally planned for her to be part of a certain line of naturally magically people. Ones who gained magical ability without training, leading their magic to manifest in often unusual ways. Seeing her during the devistation, Firecat saw potential in her and so abducted her into his cause. Since she was just another orphan girl in the chaotic world no one noticed. Firecate raised her, not physically, but through his mind. He has kept a constant stake in her growth. She has her own will but Firecat has done quite the job molding her to his will and means. After all, she has grown up with him being a part of her mind. Now she is his personal envoy.

    Scry's power include being able to look intot the future, but since the future is not fixed she sees many different possible futures, often leading to an overwhelmingsurge of thoughts. In addition she see people and certain other things as colors in her mind. This could be part of her powers or merely echoes from her past when she could see. She is very skilled with a katana style sword (if anything like that can exist in cythera canon). She also moves incredibly fast, also a magic. More powers may yet lurk inside her, but whether she has not discovered them or Firecat has not allowed her to is debatable.

    Scry is a young woman. Her hair his Platinum blonde bordering on white, long, going to her mid back. She wears no clothes, only white clothe bandages: around her eyes, and her body and uses them to keep her katanas (one short, one long). She does so to move faster, and her lack of sight leaves her little care for fashion. When she has time she changes the bandages out. Scry might appear tattered or even unclean to others, she does not care. She keeps in such a state to better stay unnoticed.

    Scry is motivated by unresolved trauma from her childhood. She sees the world as a chaotic place. Firecat offers her peace of mind and is the only one she trusts, even though she has never seen him in person. Firecat's psychic abilities are the only thing keeping Scry from going completely insane during her episodes. Because of their relationship, Scry is comfortable letting Firecat take control of her body. Often she doesn't even know he's in her mind until he tells her so. Scry wants the world to be a peaceful place. She wants a family. She wants a home. She see's her relationship with Firecat as the only way to achieve that, and so is protective of him and clings to him dearly.

    That's who Scry is. Let me know if you need more info.

  • Athes is demon from the alternate Cythera world. In his reality, mages pursued learning in how to conjure demons (since demons are beings of magic). This led to more and more manipulation and creation of demons. In the Dark Mirror TS it's learned that Saltwax and other forces created large demon armies of varrying strengths. These demons would not be considered in the same class as Athes. Athes is a demon born of naturally occuring magical activity (i.e. hellspawn). He considers the new waves of demons as abominations, slaves, and needing of extermination.

    Athes was picked up by Firecat after Athes slaughtered a demon troupe sent to kill him. Athes knows that Firecat was involved in sending the troupes, and also knows that he works (or at least used to) work under Saltwax, one of the main users of magic-spawned demons. Firecat gained Athes' help through offering a way to destroy all magic-spawned demons, as well as their production. In the DM TS Athes was instrumental in burrying the demon troupes that had been sent to the original Cythera, causing a cave in the killed and burried most of the small army. He then hunted down those that escaped and then caught up with Sage after doing it again in Catamarca.

    Even though Athes works under Firecat, it doesn't mean he likes how Firecat opperates (or Firecat himself). The demon would prefer a straight forward approach of facing the enemy, rather than the covert ways of attack Firecat usually sets up. Athes and Firecat's relationship contains a lot of tension and butting of heads. Athes knows that Firecat is stronger than him, even though sometimes his pride will lead the demon to challenge him anyways. Firecat has never taken direct control of Athes, nor could he given Athes' strong will against him.

    Athes main motivation is in restoring balance to the world through violence. He does not tend to see solutions to problems as changing the bend of the river, rather just damming the river all together (ending it). His main goal is to restore demons back to their natural order. His secondary goals were gained after meeting Firecat and learning of the elemental disbalance in the alternate Cythera. In his perfect vision he would not have Normal Cythera, he would have a Cythera where his kind are more plentiful. A place where strength and truth ruled supreme. Athes will not hesitate to tell the truth to those he thinks have earned it. He only lied to the group in the beginning of Out of Reflection because he was ordered to. He is under orders not to reveal Sage's true name however.

    Though Athes has these ideals at heart, it does not mean he does not get distracted from them. He takes humor in others being foolish. He does not care much for jokes involving words or sentences. In fact he would rather act than talk all together, never learning far into making words sound pretty. He also has a love for the sport of killing, and the skill involved; in this way, he can gain some level of respect for people.

    Athes' has a great discription in my first post of his, but here are the cliff notes.

    Dark red skin. Two three-quarter-foot long purple horns coming out of his head, along with a bit of dark greyish hair. A white, twisted cloth band around his forhead. Dark, black eyes, no whites. Fanged teeth. Very muscular build, but average male height. Hard to tell his age because of his demon's face. No shirt, brown loin cloth going to his knees. No shoes. Clawed hands and feet. (Pretty much look at a demon sprite from the game). Athes' voice is also unique in that it is low in tone, and crackly (not in a puberty kind of way, think of rice crispies). His speech pattern is as few words as possible, and a direct manner of saying them. Athes typically smells of ash and smoke. Athes is also exceptionally hot to the touch. Athes does not like the cold.

    Being a demon of natural blood, Athes posesses a wide range of magical abilites: fireballs, earthquakes, lightning, fear spells, etc. In addition to this Athes is good in fighting with his hands, magic, as well as his blade. Athes will not hesitate to take a cut to get the upperhand in a fight, as he has a extremely high tollerance for pain. Athes weapon is a double sided obsidian swallow (something like this). He is very proficient with it. If the glass ever breaks or becomes dull, he'll use fire magic to make a new blade or to fix one. It is the weapon of his tribe of demons.

    If more info is needed let me know.

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