Character Info

  • Name: Cat.
    Species: Feline Elf*.
    Age: Unknown.
    Magical Ability: Nil.

    Cat is about 1.5 metres tall, and is physically fifteen. She has waist-length silver hair, and amber eyes with pupils like a cat's. She always wears a deep blue cloak, deep blue boots, a deep blue shirt that is mid-thigh length with splits to the hips, and deep blue trousers. She has a jewelled belt, with diamonds and sapphires set in deep blue leather. The belt comes with a deep blue cover, which she always wears over the belt to prevent it glinting when she is trying to hide. She carries no weapons at all, and no armour. Her cloak is enormous, and can completely cover her. A single ring on her left ring finger is her only visible concession to jewelry. The ring has no obvious function (as yet...).
    She is quick to anger, and quick to forget, but she never regrets what she has done. Cat doesn't carry grudges - she feels they are a waste of time.

    Cat is not her real name, which not even she knows. She appeared in the Alraeican Tavern crying that she was being chased, and is not from Cythera. She is physically fifteen, but she doesn't know her age, nor exactly how she got here. It appears that all the people worth knowing in her country/world have amber eyes, and she instinctively trusts anyone who has the same eye colour.

    Cat has no weapons, and no weapons training. She is exceptionally good at unarmed combat, and is good enough to defeat armed soldiers, but she is not invincible. When she is stressed, or unarmed combat is not enough, long claws grow from her fingernails and toes, much like a cat's. They are about 5 cms long, and are serious weapons, and can cut through some metals.
    She doesn't wear armour, and never has or will. She hates it, and it actually impedes her fighting ability.

    Best Skills: Unarmed combat, hiding, jumping, running, tracking, climbing, seeing in darkness.
    Cat's combat is a form of karate, and she extends her claws and she fights without her boots, she can inflict serious damage.
    Her cloak has magical properties, enabling her to hide anywhere in shadows.
    Jumping twenty feet is nothing to Cat, who could probably jump twenty-five with a sufficiently long run-up.
    She can run extremely fast, helpful when evading pusuers.
    Cat can track a mouse through long grass, even if the mouse is tip-toeing.
    She can climb like a... well, cat, kicking off her boots and extending her claws.
    She can do all of these by starlight, as well or better, as she can see equally well in darkness.

    Worst Skills: Armed combat, lockpicking, magic, thievery, swimming - she can't do and has never heard of them, except swimming, which she can do, and hates.

    She has a terrible weakness for chasing things that twitch, and can only, with extreme effort, prevent herself from doing so. If she is sufficiently tired, or she can't concentrate, Cat will automatically pounce on the twitching, or hanging, object.

    Cat can only be killed with a dagger made of sapphire, but she can be incapacitated, knocked unconscious, get incredibly weak from loss of blood, etc, so she's not invincible. It takes longer than usual for this to happen, e.g. an arrow in the chest will just slow her down, and she would complain about how it absolutely ruined her best tunic before noticing it hurt.

    The Story of the Belt
    Cat herself doesn't know where the belt came from, but it seems that the gems somehow 'store' life, and that could be one of the reasons Cat is really hard to kill. When it is needed, she can bring back a companion from the point of death, but not to full health, just out of danger. The belt works better upon elves, and even better upon herself. The belt 'recharges' in moonlight, and takes a very long time to fully recharge, almost a week of moonlight.
    The belt means that the only way possible to kill her is to weaken her sufficiently so the belt kicks in to save her, then continue doing it until the belt is exhausted, then kill her with a sapphire dagger. You would need an extremely large force for this to happen.

    *Feline Elves are unknown in Cythera, as Cat is the only one in existence. They are a race of Elves that share greater or lesser similarities with the great cats. Some are so similar, they can turn into or look completely like cats, whereas others merely have pointy ears and cat eyes.

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  • Name: Alice
    Race: human
    Gender: male (but usually questioned)
    Age: 18
    Height: 5'10"
    Weight: 120 lbs.

    Character type: swordsman
    Best skills: melee weapons, paranoia, running away from undead
    Worst skills: appearing sane

    Alice is tall and exceptionally skinny with ice-blue eyes and long, messy, whitish-blond hair. With his pale skin, it's common for people to think he's albino. He's never seen without his blue-and-black striped cap, which he usually jams over his eyes when he's intimidated. Usually he is dressed in a standard tunic and pants, a tattered black cloak, and leather boots. He carries a burlap bag with a strap slung over one shoulder, and a sword on the other side which he affectionately calls Sic, short for 'Sic Transit Gloria Mundi' ('glory fades'). The name is somewhat tongue-in-cheek, as the phrase is often associated with 'Memento mori' ('Remember you must die')... however, Alice has yet to still actually kill someone.

    Alice's history is pretty basic. He grew up with his parents, got fed up with them and left town, and is now searching for somewhere to live. Along his travels, he stumbled across a graveyard, and a (probably bored) ghost decided to follow him. Alice was always a jumpy child, but having a rogue spirit showing up at random hours and chittering away in his ear has made him downright spastic. He is often overheard muttering about zombies and vampires, which is just him being paranoid about his graveyard experience, but the voices in his head aren't his imagination... most of the time.

    Often, Alice is mistaken for a girl, due in part to his name and to his rather effeminate appearance. He will, however, vehemently deny this claim. As erratic and sketched out as he is, all he really wants to do is make friends... and maybe get rid of that ghost, as well.

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  • Name: Starfall
    Species: Copper Elf*.
    Age: Unknown.
    Magical Ability: Nil.

    Starfall is about 1.5 metres tall, and looks about twelve. She has long copper hair, which she keeps tied back in two plaits, and copper eyes and skin. Her favourite colour is forest green, and she wears a green blousey thing and a green riding skirt. She has a green cloak too, dappled like sunlight shining through a tree, making it hard to find her if she doesn't want to be found. She never wears shoes. Her only piece of jewelry is a copper ring, which she wears on a fine chain around her neck. Starfall carries a long pole, maybe two metres in length, and while it has no magical properties whatsoever, it is two inches thick and her primary (and only) weapon.

    Starfall is from the same world as Cat, and the two know each other well, even though they are two different species. She lived in a tree house near an abandoned mine, in which someone had carelessly left a magical crystal. The resulting magical echoes mutated her genes (see Side Effects of Starfall's Mutation).
    When Starfall was twelve, she wandered off into the forest and got completely lost, and had been lost for two months when she appeared in Cythera.

    Starfall's weapon of choice is a two inch thick staff with no magical properties. She is fairly good with it, but getting extra training would be a good idea. She doesn't wear armour, apart from her cloak, which is fire-proof.

    Best Skills: Staff fighting, solving puzzles, climbing trees, detecting copper and brass, any feats to do with memory.
    Starfall is fairly good with her staff, but not great - just good enough to make most wild animals think twice before attacking.
    She is incredible at solving puzzles due to an excellent memory - most puzzles are similar, and she has encountered many.
    Starfall lived in a tree in her world. There was no ladder up, so she had to be good at climbing.
    Due to a strong affinity with copper, she can detect copper and other copper alloy metals from up to two hundred metres away.
    Her memory is perfect - she can remember everything.

    Worst Skills: Archery.
    The first and last time she tried to learn archery, she managed to hit a tree, then full of remorse at hurting it, prompty fainted. She never touched a bow since.

    Because she is part forest elf, she can't stand seeing trees cut down, or fresh tree stumps, and will cry over a dead tree like it's a person. She has learnt to see wooden objects such as tables and chairs without bursting into tears.

    If she can't keep in close proximity with copper or copper alloy metals, she will, in effect, starve.

    Side Effects of Starfall's Mutation:
    Starfall is genetically mutated, the result of magical resonances in a copper mine. The magic turned her hair, skin and eyes copper coloured, as well as wiping her magical ability, perfecting her memory, dwarfing her, and making her rely upon copper for sustenance. She has a natural affinity with copper, and can locate even a small piece of copper from 200 metres away.
    She needs copper near or on her person all the time, or she gets weak and wobbly after a time, much like one does when one is hungry. Starfall doesn't need to eat regular food or drink liquid of any kind, but sometimes she does it for fun. Having copper in close proximity seems to do away with the need for food of any sort. The copper near her doesn't get 'eaten', so she assumes she 'eats' the copper's aura. It all gets confusing, so she doesn't think about it much.

    Starfall's Curse:
    Upon learning Starfall had a perfect memory, an evil spirit cursed her with the ability of learning the memory of every person she touches. It meant that almost no-one wanted to associate with her, in case she learnt everything about them, but it also meant she always knew when her older brother had pinched her stuff.
    She became a solitary child, never wanting to play with other children, and took long walks in the forest, sometimes vanishing for days on end. She found the curse didn't just work with people, it worked with any living animal, but not trees or plants. The trees in one part of what she had come to think of as her forest were almost sentient, (the result of a magical accident involving several acorns and a cauldron of bubbling purple goo, but Starfall didn't know that,) somehow managing to communicate with her. They became her friends, and she spent much of her time there, consulting them on how to abate the curse. They told her she should go on a quest to seek the answer, so she packed a blanket, a rope, some clothes and five chunks of copper, and left. Sometime after she appeared in Cythera, still hunting for the solution.

    *Copper Elves are totally unique, whether in Cythera or any other world, as a peculiar chain of events lead to Starfall's genes mutating sufficiently to change her species.

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  • Name: The Reverend
    Race: Human
    Height: 187 Cm
    Age: Around 52
    Weight: 80 kg
    His known only as the Reverend,
    He is a tall man, wearing a worn silver breastplate,
    and a leathercoat kept open to show a raised sybol on his cheastplate, his pants are old and looked to
    have been reparied many times.
    His face wears the wrinkles of age, and his white hair
    comes out from under what look likes a cowboy hat.
    One hand holds a book, or bible of some sorts
    whilst his other hand is empty, but is never far away from
    a wierd mechanical device kept at his hip.
    He appears only when he want and most of the time, when you least want him
    for bewared all those who hateth the light, fire strike ye down with great venegeance.
    He belives that he is his gods right arm. the blade to meet the sinners, He is the judge the jury,
    now he is the executioner.

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  • Name: Kerran Lightfoot.
    Species: Faun.
    Age: Forty human years, equivalent to about ten for a faun.
    Magical Ability: Music.

    Kerran is about 1.6 metres tall, and has brown hair, forest-green eyes and the usual youthful-looking features all fauns have. He is slightly built, even for a faun, and is extremely mischievous. He has the hind-quarters of a goat, and is very proud of his hooves, which are cloven, not solid. Do not insult them unless you want to dance until you drop. Like all fauns, he has a tail, brown like his hind-quarters.

    Kerran was exiled from his world for (unknowingly) using magic at a coming-of-age ceremony. His specialty is music, and the instrument he plays is a little like a recorder in the shape of the letter Y, with fingering holes down the two stems. He is extremely good at playing it, and writes music for it in his spare time.
    He loves playing practical jokes, and his magical ability with his 'recorder' comes in handy for evading pursuers, for it is hard to chase someone when you are pirouetting around the room from his dancing spell.

    Kerran's only weapon is a dagger, which he uses to look threatening - he doesn't know how to use it properly. He wears no armour, and has never been in a battle before.

    Best Skills: Music, running, hiding, climbing (but not trees), thinking up practical jokes.
    Kerran has been playing his 'recorder' since he was very young, and it is the basis of his spells.
    He is good at running and hiding due to being chased by his unfortunate victims after playing jokes on them.
    His cloven hooves are perfect for walking over rough ground and climbing steep hills and cliffs.
    Kerran is naturally mischievous - all fauns are, but him more than most - and loves playing practical jokes.

    Worst Skills: Knowing when to stop.

    Kerran will flinch every time he hears a note off-key or a sour instrument. He has music in his soul, and can't bear to hear anything played incorrectly.

    Kerran has no mana, as his spells are music based. He is constantly creating new spells through writing music with a particular aim in mind, e.g. a spell to make something fly would be very light and soft, with lots of rising scales.
    The names of the spells are pretty self-explanatory, and will affect everyone who can hear the music. The spells he can cast currently are:
    Dance, happiness, sorrow, sleep, anger, flight, healing, fire.

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  • Name: The Nexus Lord*
    Age: Many Eternities, at least older than Cythera
    Height: 6'1"
    Weapons: Several daggers
    Race: Unknown, likely the result of an experiment
    Weight: Unknown
    Spells: Ability to create simple illusions (see below)

    The Nexus Lord is yet another black-cloaked figure; however, there is good reason for this. Under this cloak, he appears to be a nexus of colors�black, white, purple, etc.�looking much like a chunk of the Ethereal Void. Thus, it has been theorized that he uses this cloak to give himself some kind of form. Under his hood, the only thing usually visible is a pair of catlike eyes.

    Recent reports have surfaced indicating that this description is inaccurate. It will be altered as soon as more information comes to light.

    It is also believed that this creature has adopted another name during his time in Cythera. What that name may be is unknown at the moment.

    The Nexus Lord is the product of an experiment: an attempt to create a creature that would function as the ultimate assassin. This experiment is believe to have taken place nearly 300 eternities before the making of Cythera. Although the experiment was not as successful as hoped, the end product is deadly enough and has become a renowned assassin throughout the Void. (It is still largely unknown who conducted this experiment or whether they survived doing so.)

    Of all the people currently in Cythera, only Selax and possibly Wizard have so far encountered this being. It is said that the Nexus Lord is one of the main reasons that Selax chooses to sleep odd places and is always on alert.

    Historically, this assassin has seemed to many to be a freelancer, taking jobs for money, challenge, or as a means to further his own goals. Some, however, believe that the Nexus Lord does answer to a master and does his bidding above all others.

    The Nexus Lord has only just entered Cythera, perhaps at the bidding of this master and has begun to test Cythera's heroes by killing those he can and gauging the reactions and strengths of the others.

    So far, he has killed only Indigo, although he no doubt is still on the prowl for others.

    The Nexus Lord is quite athletic to an unknown extent (at the moment) and at least competent with a variety of weapons. His main skill is with the dagger, which he's extremely skilled with.

    He has the ability to generate simple illusions, which vary in effectiveness depending on the strength of one's mind or the ability of one's eyes or on the number of people he's trying to fool at one time; these can be simple sights or sounds. The Nexus Lord can use these illusions to effect a chameleon-like ability for himself. (The effectiveness of this is dependent at least in part on lighting conditions and such.)

    He is also resistant to telepathy and mind control.

    *Credit for the name belongs to Jehezekel although he has very kindly let me use it.

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  • This is the newer version of Talryn, but its different because this is after he lost his memory.

    Name : Talryn
    Race : Half Elf
    Current Age : 17 (in human years)
    Gender : male
    Height : 5' 3"
    Weight : 120 lb
    Mana Quantity : Standard
    Status : Alive, Recovering from internal damage, Training

    History :
    He has a past, but due to his heroic efforts to avenge the death of Toreon, he lost his memory because of a curse.

    Abilities :
    At the moment, he has no idea how to fight. With the aide of Thomas and Etiko and then hopefully Selax and Wizard, Talryn will learn how to fight and control his mana once again.

    Inventory :
    Talryn carries his sword that was used to kill Toreon, the blood has permenatly stained the blade.

    Apperence :
    Talryn's apperence really hasn't changed, except for maybe some scars.

    Friends : Ton-Sair, Acquaintances with Selax, Wizard, Cat, Medoc, and others.

    Other : Talryn has recently lost his memory and doesnt remember anything, with no hope of ever regaining that memory. Previous friends may have to explain their relationship and prove it before Talryn will believe them. Talryn, even after some pretty good convincing, still believes that he killed Toreon.

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  • Name: Justforkix

    About: Justforkix has just finished training as a fighter. He specialised with a mace, though he also knows how to use a sword, axe, sling and bow. At the moment, he is wandering the land looking for adventure. On one such "adventure", he reached Pynx and has been taught basic healing. He plans on becoming a hired arm later on in his life.

    Description: Justforkix is about 7'2" and stocky. He is commonly seen wearing a grey cloak which hides his armour and array of weapons. He has a shield strapped to each arm which allows him to use two weapons at once, generally two maces.

  • Name: Zallbyn (ZAAL-bihn)
    Race: Male human
    Height/weight: 5-11
    Age: Unknown (presumably young)
    Body: 20
    Reflex: 52
    Mind: 50
    Max Health: 180.
    Max Mana: 22.

    Status: Freelancer in Cademia.

    Appearance: Zallbyn has slightly dark skin, very dark eyes that blend in with the pupil, and dark brown flat, though somewhat long and large hair. He wears gator boots made and given to him by Uzsuy, who he does not know except that he gave him the gator boots, hand-made them, and is very good at magic. Zallbyn wears a bland white tunic, bland brown pants, and not-so-bland yellow gloves of which he made.

    History: Zallbyn grew up with a family friend because his parents were very busy people. But the friend got lost in a cave somewhere when Zallbyn was a teen. He lost them somewhere when they explored deeper and it became darker. Zallbyn, not liking to go into the darkness of an unknown cave, where who knows what inhabited it, stayed where he was, and waited there for hours until a crab snapped at his leg and he ran for his life outside the cave. Since his parents were still busy, he raised himself from there after. His parents were not very nice people, as Zallbyn find out when he tried to get in touch.

    Bio: Zallbyn is very resoursefull since he had to raise himself almost half his childhood. He's always had a hard time learning magic, and only knows very basic spells and has a fairly low Mana. He makes up for this by being very clever and good with swoards and maces. He carries a swoard with him, but no mace since they're so heavy, as well as a full shield both of which he got from the person who raised him (the family friend). Zallbyn is not very muscular or strong, but has a great mind and great reflexes. He is fairly cautious, but nonetheless quite agressive when he feels he needs to be. There are a couple people who were kind to him he hopes to find someday: the family friend and Uzsuy.

    --To be updated--

    EDIT: Fourth page, hurrah!

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  • Name: Katerei
    Race: viirelei
    Gender: female
    Age: 23
    Height: 6'
    Weight: 128 lbs.

    Character illustration here. Katerei typically wears a full-length violet dress, laced shoes, and several piercings in each ear. She carries a knife on her belt and sometimes a flail. She has a jagged U-shaped scar on the left side of her ribcage and a clean scar on her right thigh. She can also shift into a small silvery-blue wolf.

    Character type: water mage
    Best skills: water/ice magic, herbalism, swimming, throwing knives
    Mediocre skills: healing magic, animal lore, flail weapons
    Worst skills: reading, cooking, social interaction
    Likes: the ocean, ridiculously strong tea, purple

    Age 14

    Katerei left her homeland with a shipload of refugees while her parents stayed behind to fight in civil war. She befriended Ferazel, a mysterious passenger, on the journey. After the ship was caught in a storm and thrown into the fogs around Cythera, it was forced to take port at Cademia. Stranded, Katerei tried to beg for food on the city streets, but found no welcome for someone who looked and spoke so differently. She fled into the woods and took up nomadic life.

    She returned to Cademia on occasion, seeking news of any other ships that had docked. She also sold foraged goods in the marketplace, hiding her distinctive hair and face under a hooded cloak. On one of these trips, she discovered the Alraeican Tavern, whose eclectic patrons were much more receptive to outsiders; here she also saw Avatara for the first time.

    Age 15-21

    Katerei encountered a group of adventurers, including Avatara, after they were attacked by wolflizards in the forest. She cured them of poison and then tagged along with them. As years of living alone took their toll, she spent more and more time in Cademia or off on adventures.

    She had a chance reunion at the Tavern with Ferazel, who bequeathed her a tiny, run-down old house on the coast by Catamarca, where she occasionally stayed. However, as her friends began to disappear, she withdrew back into the forest.

    Age 22

    After sustaining a bad wolflizard bite and almost dying alone in the forest, Katerei realized she couldn't be self-reliant anymore. She returned to civilization and joined a quest, but found it difficult to relate to others and took to heart her failure to protect them.

    When invitations to a wedding at Pnyx arrived, she saw a chance to track down old companions and learn how to navigate human social functions. Instead, she saw Trundaylan die, discovered Avatara in prison, and then saw him nearly die too. She stayed at Pnyx to care for Avatara and had some revelations about herself while there.

    To be continued...

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  • ((Well, it looks as though you're all having a lot of fun, so if no one minds I'd like to join you. Here's my first attemp at a character, just let me know if there are any issues with him.))

    Name : Aron
    Gender : Male
    Race : Ethereal
    Age : Older than he was yesterday and younger than he’ll be tomorrow
    Height : 6’0
    Weight : Between 1 and 1000 lbs

    _ Appearance _: Curled hair a sharp shade of crimson falls to his shoulders and frames a handsome face of clean shaven sun darkened skin. His eyes are a blue deeper than the vastest ocean and within them one can see the light of an endless cheer that he shares with any he meets. Aron wears an entire suit of smooth medieval armor over his lean well muscled frame, armor polished so that it resembles the pristine surface of a shining mirror with its edges trimmed in what looks to be deep red steel. On his left hip rests a small bag that appears stitched of fine blue silk, barely larger than Aron’s gauntleted fist. With his armor he carries a matching helm, divided into two pieces. The first is an open faced helm of the same mirrored metal as the rest of his armor, a decorative set of wings, like those of a dove in flight, adorn either side of the helm and are lacquered to be a beautiful azure color with a brilliant shine. The second piece of the helm is a solid mask worn over the nose and mouth almost like a scarf. When assembled the helm hides all except for Aron’s eyes; it is an impressive sight and rarely worn outside of battle.

    A silken cape of royal crimson flows down his back and nearly to the floor, hiding the sheathe he wears to hold his cherished sword. An ornate silver hilt can be seen as it rises from behind his left pauldron, its cross guard crafted in the image of a dragon’s talons with a single sapphire jewel resting just below the blade. Should he draw the weapon its perfectly polished blade would make his armor seem dull by comparison, to look upon its surface is to see a reflection that seems beyond real.

    _ Strengths and Weaknesses _: There is little that Aron is able to do; with truly one exception he seems to hold no ability what-so-ever with any weapon and looks to lack a fundamental knowledge in all schools of magic, indeed even his interaction with others often seems awkward an unbalanced. To his credit, while he appears clumsy and useless with any other blade, when he holds his own sword he stands as a master among masters. His apparent failings in the magic arts are balanced, and maybe surpassed, by the fact that magicks used against him warp and break apart when making contact with his armor, causing the spells themselves to fail. While simple and obvious things often escape his understanding he has a knack for grasping the complex very well.

    _ Bio _: Aron cannot be said to have traveled to this land, it appears that all at once he simply arrived with no explanation given, on that note inexplicable things are known to happen in his vicinity. He is a quirky but charismatic soul who always seems to mean well, though the truth of much of what he says should be considered dubious at best. While Aron is by all accounts intelligent he seems equal parts insane and, oddly enough, believes bananas to be the true root of all evil.

    _ Abilities _

    -Aron has the ability to talk to Anything. Or at least, he believes he has this ability, it’s hard to verify whether his cape answers him back…

    -Though he seems to lack the ability to cast spells Aron sometimes appears to manipulate the space around him in a fashion that can only be described as Illusion. These tricks of the eye don’t last very long, nor can they effect anything physically, and Aron sometimes appears completely unaware of the occurrence.

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  • Name : Rythan
    Gender : Male
    Race : Hyperian Bloodline (human)
    Age : Unknown
    Height : 6’2
    Weight : Unknown

    _ Appearance _: A Hyperian man, his lean muscular frame is clothed in layers of tattered onyx robes, with a dark cloth hiding all but his eyes, the left a bright crimson, the right a deep sapphire. He wears a hood which frames his face; mostly hiding his short dark hair and sun darkened skin from view. His hands are held in onyx gauntlets with a pair of wicked black serrated blades laid flat across the backs, their serrated edges faced away from each other and their points extending a hand’s length past the knuckles of his closed fists. Another serrated blade runs from the backs of his wrists nearly the entire length of his forearms while a thumb sized spike which curved back protrudes from a special guard upon each elbow.

    On his legs his shins are protected by guards of the same metal, each holding a razor thin serrated blade that faced outward and ran the entire length of the guard, giving any of his kicks a vicious bite. A spike that curved upwards, slightly larger than those upon his elbows, tops a separate guard on each of his knees. He had no other visible weapons on his person.

    _ Strengths and Weaknesses _: Rythan has a complete mastery of all the weapons he wields, and as one of the Hyperian Bloodine he possesses physical abilities that well exceed those of mortal men. As a draw back to being part of this unique bloodline he is completely devoid of any magical ability.

    _ Bio _: Rythan came to this place with Aron, and tails him from the shadows. Their relationship seems to be one of rank, and though neither is revealed it can be assumed that Aron far outranks him. Rythan is in fact slayer of demon lords by trade, his unique training and experience makes him a perfect assassin to use against magic casters and creatures. He is quiet killer, cold of temperament, steady of focus, often times appearing very distant. There are rumors that his family and village, men, women, and children, were all slain by his hand, but the details and circumstances surrounding that event are shrouded in mystery and Rythan will speak of it to no one.

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  • Name: Kamille
    Gender: Male
    Race: Ningen-Kai (superior human)
    age: 26
    height: 5'10" (1.78 m)
    Weight: 160 lbs (72.5 kg)

    appearance: a mysterious man, kamille is one who has dedicated his life to the perfection of his sword arts. tall for a man who weilds the japanese sword set, it appears awkward in his hands. however, his art has become graceful and deadly over the years of his training. his face is hard and his expression rarely changes from the indifferent manor it usually holds, but save for his jaw line, his face has soft curves and a perfect nose. his eyes, although piercing blue with small rings of yellow surrounding the pupil, are soft and kind. his hair is a dirty blonde color, medium-long and tied back with a string, the tail wrapped around halfway and pointing slightly upward, bushing out at the end.
    his skin is neither pale nor tan, healthy but not glowing.
    his clothing is simple. his pants are the traditional hakama of a samurai, billowy and skirt-like in appearance with pleated fronts. they are unremarkable white, seemingly impervious to dirt, grime and moisture. his top is a deep navy blue kimono top, with sleeves that flair outward at the end like those of a wizard. they are hemmed with white. his sword sash is the same white as his pants.
    thrust into the left side of the sash are his two swords-- the traditional swords of a japanese retainer. one long and one short. the short has a purple-tinged sheath with a white handle and a reddish-marroonish handle wrap. the long sword is black with a white handle and a dark blue handle wrap. the hand guards on them are identical, although the short sword's is slightly smaller, in the shape of a double-c.
    there is a jutte thrust into the other side of his sash, plain with a black handle.
    "(the asian characters wouldn't print, so i'll put this in instead, telling you all about it)" meaning "the chaos of battle is where one's identity is confirmed" is tattoed in blood-red characters on his left collarbone. it is always visible.
    he also wears a somewhat tarnished silver charm necklace, with two unusual charms on it.

    his horse: Kamille's horse in terms of size, power, speed and stamina is akin to that of Keji Maeda. the saddle is comfortable but not extravagent. on it are Kamille's other weapons-- a japanese spear, a chinese double-cresant halberd/spear, a chinese straight sword, chinese saber, and a european rapier with a simple dome-hilt. the horse is a rich pure chestnut, with jet black mane and tail.

    strengths and weaknesses: kamille is as close to mastering his way of the sword as one can be. his abilities with the polearms his horse carries are relatively high, and his abilities with the other swords are fair, but not exceptional. although he tends to be quiet, he is quite articulate when speaking. he is schorly-fluent in English, Japanese, Korean, Spanish and three forms of hillbilly. he is also competent in german and ebonics. he can say at least a few words in most known language.
    his weaknesses are fresh cinnamon buns and oven-fresh krispy kremes. his true weaknesses are sexy voices and deep cleavage. his emotions tend to bleed profousely from him when he speaks of his ideals and convictions, as well as his aspirations to eliminate what he believes needs to be eliminated. ( <-- i guess that's a weakness...) he has also been known to pay double price just for some "cream-o-land" chocolate milk, which is his favorite drink on earth. he also once did the "chicken dance" for a cadbury creme egg.

    ablilities: most are mentioned above, but just to reiterate: basically sword master, excellent with a choice few polearms, knows his way around some other weapons. his hand to hand combat is also outstanding, he's a master of two forms of Kung Fu and, of course, the traditional samurai Ju-Jutsu he knows no magic, and feels he needs none. he has never failed to defeat one he felt needed defeating. defying his gentle nature, he never shows mercy to enemies. when he chooses his target, there is almost no escape. he will continue the hunt until all targets are eliminated. he can also juggle very well, and can drink TWO gallons of milk in an hour, no problem. he also cooks the worlds best cheeseburger.

    bio: not much else can be said about Kamille. his bible is the literary works of the great Musashi. he loves to smoke, and has a magical case (defying his anti-magic nature,) which produces endless amounts of delicious cigarettes with perfect taste and no negative side effects. although it has been many whiles since he enjoyed steady female company, he is quite partial to a good romp, and enjoys one whenever possible. however, he never hires the company of prostitutes. he loves cheeseburgers, chocolate milkshakes, chocolate milk and cinnamon buns. he is otherwise elusive and mysterious.

  • Name: Aster.
    Species: Human.
    Age: About fifteen.
    Magical Ability: Nil.

    Aster is about 1.7 metres tall, but walks with a stoop, as if he is perpetually trying to hide. He has short, curly brown hair, and brown eyes. He wears faded brown trousers that have seen better days, and an orange tunic. He has a cloak, but it is pretty old, and it was once dark green. He has a sword, which he calls Thorn. It had a sheath once, but when Aster was given it, the sheath had gone. He also carries a sling-staff and sling.
    He has a small pendant of no partucular colour on a chain around his neck; a sort of murky, uneven lump of glass with a hole in it. He found it when lightning struck a beach near his home.

    Aster is the second son of Pelops the flax farmer. He can spin and weave flax, and know how to tend goats and make cheese. He is terminally shy, and hates being the centre of attention. He isn't scared of the dark, spiders, or anything much except meeting new people. When he was eight, a band of adventurers came to the farm, and since that moment he has wanted to have adventures.

    Aster carries a sling, a sling-staff, and a lot of small pebbles to use as ammunition.
    He has a sword, which he named Thorn. It has no magical properties whatsoever, no mysterious runes or strange curses, but it is very, very sharp.
    The necklace he always wears is magical, however. It was created when magical lightening struck a beach near his home, and one aspect of its magic is radiating confidence, a huge bonus for Aster. He hasn't found any other uses for it yet.
    His tunic is spelled to deflect blows from blunt instruments, and moths, but apart from that he wears no armour.

    Best Skills: Sword fighting, hiding, moving silently, using a sling or sling-staff.
    Aster fights with his sword Thorn, and is about average. Good enough to beat a ruffian.
    Being perpetually shy means he can hide well.
    Moving silently means he doesn't attract attention.
    He is very accurate with a sling or sling-staff.

    Worst Skills: Talking to a group of people.

    Aster loves grapes, and will do nearly anything for a bunch.

  • Name: Hamster
    Species: Hamster
    Gender: Male
    Age: Approximately 7...?
    Height: 1.5"
    Weight: A few ounces

    Description: Hamster is a rather small, brown... dwarf hamster. He can talk, he can run, he can eat peanuts, and he has a habit of drinking hard liquor, and knocking things over or flying about with his mind. When cornered, confronted, angered, or otherwise messed about with, two largish blue eyes flicker up over his diminutive form. Overall, Hamster is relatively pleasant and fun-loving. Getting dumped through a one-way dimensional rift has made him slightly more agitated as of late.

    Abilities: This little rodent has an absurd way with the bottle, and can and has beaten several humans in drinking contests. It is not yet known how these feats were physically possible. Hamster's reactions (when not impaired by alcohol) are formidable, and what he lacks in physical strength or speed, he compensates for with telekinetic forces. Other forces have been manipulated by Hamster, but only surfaced when he was under the influence of demonic possession, or severely hung over.

    Equipment: Hamster carries no weaponry or armament, but has been known to store provisions in his cheek-pouches for later use.

    History: Hamster would rather not speak of his exploits previous to falling through the rift, as they would seem absurd and rather childish to the denizens of Cythera. Flying metal boxes, fortresses levitating among the stars and such.


    Name: Nirttef
    Species: Illusory Projection
    Gender: N/A
    Age: Temporary
    Height: 6' 4"
    Weight: Variable

    Description: Nirteffs are sentient slave-creatures, formed of a dark miasma wrapped up in strips of ragged black cloth. They wear large cloaks, wide-brimmed hats, high leather gloves, and heavy boots. The ssspeech of Nirteffsss isss sssomewhat reptilian-sssounding, and not very loud. They have no visible mouths to speak of, and their eyes are round lenses of obsidian glass, set into the front of their cloth-wrapped heads.

    Abilities: The most unsettling ability by far of the Nirttef, is its habit of popping up without prior warning, on or under the ground, in numbers ranging from one to many. Nirttefs are very fast, and redistribute their mass within their cloth shells to throw kicks, punches, and other attacks. When converging on a more dangerous target, they will remove their gloves, and form their amorphous hands into gaseous, whip-like tentacles. Nirttefs do not have very sturdy armor, and a cut or blow that releases a portion of the dark miasma from inside their bodies is almost always fatal, as they will immediately deflate, and fall into a pile of cloth. The black vapor dissipates quickly, and has no harmful effects.

    Equipment: Nirttefs carry no weaponry on them, but can improvise with objects they find in their area of combat. Their preferred weapons are their hands, gloved and ungloved, and their feet.

    History: The Nirttefs have followed Hamster through the rift, and are the eyes and ears of their master, who has a score to settle with the rodent, and wouldn't mind wreaking a bit of chaos over the island of Cythera in the process.

  • For the sake of adding variety to the action we experience I am introducing these "characters" to the mix. You may use these creatures or ignore them as you see fit, so long as you don't say "I killed them all".

    I created this list with the help of Katerei. I will be expanding the list later and I'm open to suggestions for additions.

    Updated Monster List

    Over the years Cythera has been host to myriad travelers from far away lands and been assailed time and again by foreign magicks. Sometimes they are not truly gone, sometimes more than a memory is left with their passing…

    ** Mundane **

    Night Wolf

    A massive wolf with black fur and gleaming red eyes it stands a full meter high when on all fours. Night wolves have sharp ivory claws, powerful jaws, and pearly white teeth. They hunt only at night, hence their name, and have perfect night vision. Like most wolves they hunt in packs. It is unknown how the fierce creatures arrived originally but they have since become an established part of Cythera’s ecosystem. Their favorite prey is the titan because of the ease with which the large beast is found and the bountiful amount of meat it offers.

    They are found only in the wilderness, generally distant from towns because they do not like people. Anyone who stumbles upon these creatures must be careful, for they may attack you on sight and are known as very dangerous creatures.


    With thick rough gray scales over most of its lean body the Basilisk is sometimes called the “Snake Golem”; though the designation is inappropriate because this is not a magical creature. It’s head is like that of a serpent, and it bears two dagger like fangs that drip a clear poison, with a long tail that ends in a barb like the stinger of a scorpion, also coated with this venom. The reptilian creature stands nearly two meters high (about five feet) while on all fours and its body is nearly three meters long (about eight feet), it’s tail is generally three meters. These creatures are not particularly strong for their size, but their speed is what makes them dangerous. A basilisk’s venom is very powerful and has the ability to paralyze someone who has been bitten quickly.

    They can be found in mountainous and other rocky areas where their scales help them to blend into their surroundings. Basilisks are solitary creatures, though they are very dangerous. Attacking one is ill advised, but if you must it can be noted that their under belies are soft and not protected by their tough scales.


    A massive creature, often seen as a thing of beauty and majesty when viewed at a distance, the Roc is like an eagle, but with a five meter wing span, bright gold beak, razor talons(also gold in color), and pure white feathers. Roc’s are immensely strong able to easily swoop down and carry of people or horses in their gleaming talons, sometimes both at once, or cause massive gusts of wing with their powerful wings. Roc’s do not stray far from their roosts which they build high in the mountains.

    Despite the danger many adventurers seek out the great birds, as their feathers can be used to make powerful healing potions, especially those which cure poison as Roc’s are completely immune to all forms of venom. The Roc is the Basilisk’s only natural predator.


    With a green and black carapace that gleams in the light, dark mandibles, and six slight translucent black wings, these six limbed creatures blend into their swampy environment well. When standing on its hind limbs a locust is roughly the size of a man, its middle set of appendages has three finger-like claws and its top set is a pair of scythe-like serrated blades similar to those of the mantis.

    Locusts travel in swarms of between five and ten. Individually they are only of middling strength, but the swarms are highly dangerous and have made it very difficult to travel swamp regions. While they seem to prefer going after smaller creatures, Locusts will not hesitate to attack wayward adventurers.

    ** Legendary **

    These creatures are rare, though there have been reports of sightings around Cythera


    The tortured spirit of an innocent who was killed with great violence or after being touched by great evil, a Wraith appears as the blurred image of the person it once was, but cloaked and hooded in dark robes. Wraiths moan and cry out in both pain and rage, as they know they are dead, but cannot remember how or why, or usually who they even were.

    Wraith’s are powerful creatures bound to the area around their death who cannot be touched by mundane(non-enchanted) weapons but can do people serious harm. Wraiths can be defeated by magic but their bodies will reform after a day’s time. Only by righting the wrong which ended the innocent’s life can you bring a Wraith peace and let it move on.


    The Drake is the Dragon’s smaller angry cousin. On its hind legs a Drake stands just over three meters tall with a wing span of over six meters and a spiked tail five meters long. Their bodies are covered in heavy armored scales of shades that can be anywhere from emerald green to ruby red. The Drake is characterized by its high resistance to magic, its great strength, and its ability to breathe fire. The creature can run quickly across the ground, but truly it is a master of the skies.

    Drakes can be found in large caves throughout Cythera, with the only thing in common being that they are generally very secluded. These creatures do not seem to have a favorite prey; they tend to eat anything smaller than themselves that was unlucky enough to be nearby when the beast was hungry. This monster’s roar is a loud and frightening sound like a vicious crack of thunder. Drakes are among Cythera’s most deadly creatures.


    It is rumored that there is a creature from a far away land which hides itself by taking the shape of another object, usually a treasure chest. The “Shadow Mimic”, as some have come to call it, shares this shape shifting ability, and like the Mimic no one knows what the Familiar’s true form is, however similarities seem to end there. This creature will take the form of any person who comes too near, it will have that person’s abilities and skills as well as look almost identical, however its skin, weapons, and clothes will be a dark shade of gray.

    Familiars are very hard to defeat in single combat when they face off against the person they have copied, when someone not only knows all of your moves but has them as well you are left with a singularly challenging obstacle. A good strategy to use against a familiar is to have another person attack it, as the creature will not have knowledge of a second attacker’s skills. “Shadow Mimics” are otherwise frail and can be defeated with a handful of blows. Battling one is comparable to fighting an extremely skilled Ruffian.

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  • Sécundus


    Name: Sécundus
    Age: About 25
    Gender: Male
    Race: Human
    Height: 5'11'

    Weapons: A mace
    Armor: None
    Helmet: None
    Necklace: Sécundus does where an amulet. It dangles about his neck on a golden chain; it's properties are not fully understood at this point.
    Rings: None
    Feet: Regular old boots, it would seem

    Sécundus is a young man with a pleasant face. His voice is soothing in an odd sort of way.

    Not much is really known about the young Sécundus. He claims to be a great admirer of archeology and has backed it up with hard evidence by his exceptional knowledge on the subject, especially for his short years. Sécundus is a decent fighter with many weapons--clubs, swords, axes--but he favors the mace for some unimaginable reason.

    As for magical ability, Sécundus didn't reveal that he had any until the group was tracking Altérius after Wizard's kidnapping. Sécundus has the ability to detect, manipulate, and plant runes. While he seems to have complete mastery of runic magic, he seems to have virtually no talent in other areas requiring magic.

    Shortly after their search for the Tree of Life, Sécundus choose not to journey with the group anymore. He felt that he had learned as much as he could from them and that it was time to move on. He disappeared after that.

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  • Name: Enna.
    Species: Probably human.
    Age: About four.
    Magical Ability: Vast but erratic.

    Enna is about 0.8 metres tall, and has long black hair and blue eyes. She wears a pink skirt, a pink and white frilly top, white stockings and pink shoes. She has a (yes, pink) cloak, which she is very proud of. All of her clothing has a powerful spell to prevent dirt, rumples and rips from marring it. Never seen without her faithful companion, Wolfie.

    Enna doesn't know much about herself, except that she was abandoned in a forest somewhere. She doesn't know why, nor who her parents were. The real reason is because she has very powerful magic that keeps 'earthing' everywhere, creating havoc.

    Weapons/Armour :
    Enna carries a small dagger, which she is very careful about, having cut herself once. She found it on a dead ruffian. She wears no armour and carried no other weapons or charms.

    Best Skills: Talking to wolves, looking cute, looking innocent.
    Enna was raised by a Night Wolf - she needed to communicate.
    She's four - who doesn't look cute when they're four?
    Very good at looking innocent - once again, she is four.

    Worst Skills: Controlling her magic.

    Hates seeing anyone sad. Also hates people who hurt Wolfie. Scared of bugs and titans, but strangely, not Scylla.

    Name: Wolfie.
    Species: Night Wolf.
    Age: Unknown.
    Magical Ability: Nil.

    A massive wolf with black fur and gleaming red eyes, he stands a full meter high when on all fours. He has sharp ivory claws, powerful jaws, and pearly white teeth. He hunts only at night, and has perfect night vision. A typical Night Wolf, you might think, but no. Wolfie is a solitary Night Wolf, and is therefore smarter and stronger than usual, having to survive unaided.

    Until he found Enna, Wolfie lived a solitary life in a cave near Tavara's stronghold. Enna seems to have increased his strength and intellegence in one of her magical outbursts, but he's very lucky he wasn't dyed green or vapourised in the process. Wolfie isn't his name, merely Enna's nickname for him, being unable to pronounce his real name.

    Weapons/Armour :
    Wolfie's weapons are his teeth and claws.

    Best Skills: Fighting, tracking, moving silently.
    All natural skills for a Night Wolf.

    Worst Skills: Unknown at this point.

    Imposed an obligation on himself to protect Enna at all costs, regardless of personal safety. Will disobey direct orders from Enna to stay in one place.

  • Name : Maladera
    Race : Hyperian/Elf
    Gender : Female
    Height : 5'5
    Weight : 120lbs
    Eyes : Crimson
    Hair : Auburn
    Complexion : Tan
    Fighting Style : Martial Arts Master; specialized in grappling and killing blows.
    Clothes : Armor silk cuirass, greaves, and gauntlets, all weighted. Light padded slippers and heavy shin guards; all onyx.
    Current Clothes : A low cut silken black dress worked with ivory lace, bearing short sleeves that reach half way to her elbows. Her hands are hidden beneath fine black gloves and she wears small black shoes worked lightly with silver.
    Magicks : Mystery (will be revealed during "For Whom the Bell Tolls")

    _ Appearance _: Here

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  • Name: Curiel (last name unknown)
    Race: caucasian
    Gender: Male
    Height: 5'9"
    Weight: 145 lbs
    Eyes: violet
    hair: Jet black, shortish
    complexion: pale PALE PALE PALE
    Fighting style: mostly european sword styles, Tae Kwon Do 8th level black belt

    Clothes: royal blue loose, flowing wizard-ish robe with silver hems. silver paper-thin armoresque stuff underneath the robe. heavy black round-toe boots, black hand/forearm guards. heavy silver chain around his neck, tucked into his robe. heavy black leather belt worn over the robe, holding his sword
    on his face are blue tattoes, thin lines under his eyes, tapering down towards the edges turning into thin tear streaks down to his jaw line. (like this, sort of, but darker blue etc)

    description: serious and fun-loving at the same time. not much can be said about him other than he is rarely seen without his female companion, Kristeva. he's angelic in nature, light always seems to shine on him from the heavens, even in the blackest of nights. his mannerisms and posture ooze with chivalry and justice.

    (not finished-- more to come, sorry, just wanted to get this down)

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