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    The Regret of Things Done (K)

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  • Fendul switched off his ladybug alarm clock, sat up, and stretched. As always, his thoughts immediately went to Katerei. How was Katerei this morning? Was she already awake? Would she get to see her very busy foster father this morning? What would she eat for breakfast?

    Smiling at the thoughts about Katerei, Fendul absentmindedly got up and got himself dressed.

    "Um, Fendul? Are you okay?" Shi'nayne, Fendul's kwami , fluttered up from her tiny bed on Fendul's desk.

    "Huh? Yeah, I'm fine. Why?"

    "Because you've put your pants on backwards," Shi'nayne giggled.

    "Oh, oops!" Fendul quickly fixed his pants. "I guess I'm a bit distracted this morning."

    "You mean every morning?" Shi'nayne teased. "Don't tell me you were thinking about Katerei again?"

    "I can't help it!" Sighed Fendul. He picked up a wolf plushie from his bed and hugged it as he twirled in a circle. "She's so perfect. Beautiful, witty, courageous, hardworking, kind..."

    "Kind? Are we thinking of the same Katerei?" Shi'nayne wondered. Fendul ignored her, allowing himself to flop on his back onto his bed, and staring vacantly at the ceiling as imaginary hearts floated up from his head. "Ugh," said Shi'nayne. "If you like her so much, why don't you just ask her out?"

    "I can't do that!" Exclaimed Fendul. "She's the most popular girl in school, she'd never go out with me! I'm not even sure she knows I exist..."

    Shi'nayne rolled her eyes. "Speaking of school, you'd better hurry or you'll be late."

    Fendul glanced at the clock and startled. "Oh no! Quick!" He picked up his satchel and Shi'nayne gracefully flew inside, hiding herself among Fendul's books and school supplies. No one knew that Fendul was secretly a super hero, and that when Shi'nayne embodied his earrings he became Ladybug, the most powerful superhero in the world. It was a secret he was determined to take to the grave, because "ladybug" isn't a very manly name for a hero. Unfortunately, he hadn't gotten to choose his super-identity.

    He hurried down the ladder, the stairs, and through the bakery that his parents owned. He bade his parents a quick farewell, grabbed a pastry for breakfast, and hurried off to school. Eremur High was only a few blocks away, and Fendul made it with plenty of time to spare (his definition of "late" was "<15 minutes early"). One of the benefits to arriving early was that he got to watch Katerei come in.

    He tried not to stare as Katerei entered, tucking perfect blue hair behind perfect blue ears. Maybe Shi'nayne was right, maybe he should ask her out... Then Katerei punched Airedain on the arm playfully and laughed at something Fendul couldn't hear. What was he thinking?? He must never ask her out!

    (Meanwhile, in the principal's office...)

    "You called me, Principal Parr?" asked Baliad, a boy in the Eremur High senior class.

    "Yes, and I imagine you know why," Parr replied solemnly.

    "Palut punched me, sir. I was only defending myself!"

    "I understand that you tied Mr Cimarus up with a fishing line?"

    "To keep him from attacking me!" exclaimed Baliad.

    "Now, you know we have a zero tolerance policy on weapons."

    "Fishing line isn't a weapon!"

    "It is if you use it to tie up a classmate," said Parr. "I'm afraid I have no choice but to suspend you."

    "What?! I'm the victim here!"

    "My decision is final. Please vacate the premises immediately."

    Baliad stomped out of the office, fuming.

    (Elsewhere, in DarthMoth's Secret Mysterious Lair...)

    The creepy mechanical window opened, giving DarthMoth a view of the outside world. DarthMoth's lair was nothing but a dark, empty room, with dozens of butterflies fluttering around.

    "The injustice of receiving an overly harsh punishment simply because of his race..." mused DarthMoth. "Makes him the perfect victim for my akuma!"

    DarthMoth summoned one of the butterflies and closed his hands around it. The butterfly absorbed dark energy, and when DarthMoth opened his hands, the butterfly had become a shiny black akuma.

    "Fly away, little akuma!" cooed DarthMoth, as he released the akuma. "Fly away and evil-ize!"

    Baliad moodily emptied his locker, stuffing his possessions into his backpack. As he grabbed his fishing rod (Baliad enjoyed fishing and often fished in the morning before school), he didn't notice the black akuma land on it and disappear. What happened next was something that, after it was all over, Baliad wouldn't be able to remember.

    "Fisherman!" spoke the evil voice of DarthMoth. "I will help you get revenge on Palut, Principle Parr, and the whole school, for good measure. All I ask in return is that you bring me the Miraculouses of Ladybug and Kat Noir."

    "I think I can land those, no problem," agreed the one now known as Fisherman, with an evil grin.

    Back in Fendul's classroom, the teacher droned on about something boring while Fendul stared at Katerei, daydreaming. He was snapped out of his reverie when a villain burst into the classroom. The villain looked like a brightly-coloured fisherman.

    Before Fendul could even react, Fisherman swung his fishing rod and the bait on the end of the line touched Fendul's classmate Palut. Immediately Palut fell to the floor and began flapping around helplessly like a Magikarp. Fisherman laughed. "I'll hook each one of you!" he announced cruelly, "and you will all find yourselves to be fish out of water!"

    Students were now screaming and fleeing, but Fisherman just laughed and swung his fishing rod again. Fendul ran to the back of the room and hid behind an empty desk. "Shi'nayne, spots on!" Fendul called to his kwami. Shi'nayne flew out of his satchel and disappeared into his earring, which promptly turned red with five black polka-dots. The rest of Fendul's outfit began to transform as well. It was important to be be discreet while transforming, but Fendul couldn't help doing a transformation dance to show off his flexibility and curvy figure. Once completed, he jumped back into the chaos, now as Ladybug.

    Fisherman swung the fishing line at Ladybug, but he blocked it with his lucky yo-yo. "Forget you!" exclaimed Fisherman angrily, and ran off down the hallway. Ladybug quickly surveyed the classroom. A few students and the teacher were already flopping helplessly around the floor, but even more disturbing, Katerei was nowhere to be seen. Had she escaped to safety? He could only hope so, there was no time to find her now. He tore off after the villain, but he had already lost sight of him. Where had he gone? Ladybug ran down the hallways at superhero-speed, glancing in all the classrooms he passed, hoping to find Fisherman.

    Suddenly someone else was running next to him. "Hey, Ladybug!" she said cheerfully.

    "Good to see you, Kat Noir," said Ladybug. Kat Noir was the other superhero in town. At least, that's what she liked to think - in reality she was more like Ladybug's sidekick.

    "I was thinking,' said Kat Noir as they ran down the hallway together, "maybe after we de-evil-ize this villain, we could hang out?"

    "I'm a bit busy, sorry," answered Ladybug. He knew Kat Noir had a crush on him - she made no effort to hide that - but his heart was too full of devotion to Katerei to consider anyone else. Besides, Kat Noir was kind of annoying.

    "Busy with what?" asked Kat Noir, but they were both distracted when they saw Fisherman ahead, darting into the principal's office. They followed, but the door was shut and locked by the time they reached it.

    "I've got this!" announced Kat Noir. "Kataclysm!" Kat Noir's claw glowed with energy, and when she touched the door, it disappeared.

    "Thanks," said Ladybug. He'd been fighting evil with Kat Noir for a while now, and was well acquainted with her super-power, Kataclysm (the ability to destroy anything). In a way, it was the opposite of his own super-power, Lucky Charm (the ability to create anything). But super powers drain a lot of strength from a kwami , and now Kat Noir would only be able to sustain her super-hero transformation for about five more minutes.

    "You think tying up a bully was using fishing line as a weapon?" Fisherman was sneering at Principal Parr. "I'll show you using fishing line as a weapon!"

    "No!" shouted Ladybug, shooting out his yo-yo just in time to block Fisherman's line.

    "Ladybug!" growled Fisherman. "Mind your own business!"

    "This isn't the way to get justice!" said Ladybug. "You need to file a complaint with the board of education-"

    "Oy!" cut in Kat Noir. "It wasn't Parr's fault, Baliad broke the rules!"

    With a roar of fury, Fisherman swung his pole again, and before the heroes could react, the bait touched Kat Noir, and she fell to the ground, flopping helplessly.

    Ladybug sighed. "I guess you leave me no choice. Lucky Charm!" he swung his yo-yo into the air, and a safety pin appeared out of nowhere and fell into his hands.

    "Hmm," said Ladybug. His super-power always produced exactly the item he needed to take down a villain, but it always took him a moment to figure out how to use it. He looked around the room and quickly figured it out.

    "Kat Noir is down. Get her Miraculous!" spoke DarthMoth in Fisherman's mind.

    As Fisherman stepped forward to take Kat Noir's ring (her Miraculous) from her finger, Ladybug discreetly pinned Fisherman's line to his pole. "Huh?" asked Fisherman, swinging around to see what Ladybug had done. Unfortunately for Fisherman, since his fishing line was now much shorter, the bait swung around to tap him on the chest, and he became as a Magikarp himself.

    Ladybug grabbed the fishing pole and snapped it in half, releasing the akuma. Ladybug then trapped the akuma in his yo-yo. "Time to de-evil-ize!" he said, swinging his yo-yo in a circle until the dark energy separated from the akuma , then released the innocent butterfly.

    Now that the villain had been de-evil-ized, all that was left to do was put everything back to rights. "Miraculous Ladybug!" shouted Ladybug, swinging his yo-yo one more time. Magic flowed out freely, returning everything to the state it had been before Baliad had been akuma -tised. Principal Parr's door returned, and all the people who were flopping like Magikarp got up.

    Baliad groaned. "What happened?" he asked.

    Kat Noir led Ladybug outside to a private area. "Thanks for saving me," she said. "You put the "awe" in "awesomesauce"! Without you, it would just be "some sauce.""

    "Of course I saved you," said Ladybug. "You'd do the same for me."

    "Yeah!!" agreed Kat Noir emphatically. She hesitated, then grabbed Ladybug's arm in both her hands. "So what do you say?" she asked. "Let's run away to Florida. Please say yes!"

    Ladybug stared at her. Although her black mask covered most of her face, her perfect blue hair almost looked familiar... Then his eyes fell to her black gloved hands. The ring on her finger beeped, warning her that her time was almost up.

    "You need to go," Ladybug reminded her.

    Kat Noir sighed. "See you next time, Ladybug!" And she ran off. A moment later, Ladybug's earring warned him that he'd soon de-transform too.

    Around the corner of the building, Kat Noir made sure no one was around, and transformed back to Katerei. She allowed herself a moment to daydream about Ladybug before returning to class. She had no idea who he really was, but he sure was amazing.

    (That evening, at Katerei's foster home...)

    The mansion doorbell rang, and Katerei's foster father's assistant, Iannah, hurried to the video intercom to see who was calling. She was surprised to see only a little girl, who was dressed in creepy bright colours.

    "Can I help you?' Iannah asked over the intercom.

    "I'm looking for Avatara," demanded the little girl.

    "What is this regarding?" asked Iannah. Avatara was Katerei's astronomy tutor, and as it happened, he was currently here tutoring her. But Iannah was hesitant to interrupt their session at the whim of some random child.

    "Tell him Retsy demands to see him!"

    Iannah sighed, but she was used to being bossed around. "Just a moment," she said.

    Avatara agreed to see the Retsy, and shortly Iannah showed her in.

    "You!" spat Retsy to Avatara.

    "What did I do?" Avatara wondered.

    "You made me GROW UP!"

    "What? Who is this girl?" Katerei asked.

    "I'm not sure. Are you... Retsy? You look different," Avatara noted.

    "I'm not Retsy anymore, I'm the Ribbonator!"

    Katerei gasped, realizing that Retsy was under the influence of an akuma. "I, uh, have to go to the bathroom!" She stumbled out of the room and once she was safely out of sight, did her transformation dance as quickly and impressively as she could.

    Kat Noir returned to the studying-room, to find Avatara had shrunk considerably. "What happened??" she asked.

    "She tied a ribbon around my wrist, and I turned into a kid!"

    "Care to join us in childhood, Kat Noir?" asked Ribbonator, pulling one of the numerous ribbons off of her dress and grinning.

    Kat Noir jumped back nervously. "Ladybug, where are you..." she murmured. As if in answer, she heard Ladybug's voice over her super-hero communicator.

    "Kat Noir, open the window!"

    Kat Noir hastened to obey, and no sooner had she opened the window than Ladybug swung in through it.

    "If she ties a ribbon around you, you'll revert to a child," Kat Noir explained.

    "Got it," said Ladybug, swinging his yo-yo to block Ribbonator.

    Ribbonator swiveled to Kat Noir, ribbon in her hands. Kat Noir pulled out her staff and blocked Ribbonator's ribbon, but Ribbonator tied the ribbon around the staff and it became as small as a pencil. Kat Noir gasped in horror. Ribbonator pulled another ribbon from her dress and lunged at Kat Noir.

    Kat Noir panicked. "Kataclysm!" she said, destroying the ribbon.

    "Was that really the best use of your super power?" asked Ladybug.

    "You have a go then!" said Kat Noir sheepishly, as she ran from Ribbonator.

    "Lucky Charm!" said Ladybug, and a cookie fell into his hands. "A cookie?" he asked, puzzled.

    "Was that really the best use of your super power?" asked Kat Noir.

    The heroes were both running now, with Ribbonator on their tails - literally, in Kat Noir's case. She soon found herself to be a kindergartner with a ribbon tied around her tail.

    "The akuma must be in one of her ribbons," said Kat Noir in despair. "But which one? She has dozens!"

    "It's got to be the big one, around her waist," reasoned Ladybug, glancing back at the villain. "But what am I supposed to do with this cookie?"

    "Did you say cookie?" asked Ribbonator.

    Ladybug raised an eyebrow. "Would you like a cookie?" he asked cautiously.

    Ribbonator nodded eagerly, and halted. Ladybug carefully stayed out of her reach, and tossed her the cookie. While Ribbonator was busy eating the cookie, Ladybug ducked behind her and untied the ribbon from her waist. "Hey!" said Ribbonator, spinning around and tying a ribbon around Ladybug's neck.

    Ladybug shrunk immediately, but he still had the big ribbon, and he tore it apart with his teeth. The akuma flew out, and Ladybug de-evil-ized it with his yo-yo.

    "Miraculous Ladybug!" shouted Ladybug, with another swing of his yo-yo. Magic floated out freely, and Retsy was returned to her less evil and less vibrantly-coloured state.

    "Um... Ladybug? Aren't you forgetting something?" asked Kat Noir. She was still a little girl. And Ladybug and Avatara were still little boys.

    Ladybug furrowed his eyebrows at his yo-yo. "That's weird, everything always goes back to normal after that..."

    Ladybug spent a few minutes spinning his yo-yo and trying to get more magic, but they remained children.

    "Do we really have to grow up all over again?!" despaired Kat Noir. Her ring was beeping, and Ladybug's earring began beeping too.

    "I'm sorry, I don't know what to do," said Ladybug helplessly. "I have to go..."

    Kat Noir just stared at him in amazed disappointment. Ladybug didn't know what to do?

    Ladybug swung out of the window the same way he came in, and Kat Noir managed to shake off her shock in time to run out of the room so that she didn't de-transform in front of Avatara.

    A moment later, she came back into the room as a very young Katerei.

    "Ah, the Ribbonator got you too," noticed Avatara.

    "Yeah," said Katerei sadly.

    "Weird that Ladybug couldn't fix it," said Avatara. "What are we going to do?"

    Suddenly, Katerei's very serious foster father entered the room.

    Selax looked calm despite the nature of the situation. At the moment, Avatara couldn't help but find that extremely irritating.

    "And how," the elemental said, "did this peculiar situation arise?"

    The various individuals affected by the "peculiar situation" looked at each other.

    After a moment, in unison, Avatara and Katerei pointed at Retsy and said, "She did it!"

    Selax considered this for a moment.

    "And how did she revert you all to the age of five?"

    "I did?" asked Retsy, dumbfounded.

    (To be continued?)

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  • Well...that was interesting, but amusing. (I admit I don't want to know how you come up with some of these ideas :p .)

  • This is awesome. :D I can't believe you actually found a way to work the chron challenge prompt in. And I don't know how much is a direct reference to Miraculous Ladybug, but the ability to destroy everything totally seems like a power Kat would have.

    @breadworldmercy453_bot, on 07 June 2016 - 09:01 PM, said in The Glass Menagerie:

    "You put the "awe" in "awesomesauce"! Without you, it would just be "some sauce.""

    Best compliment ever.

  • Quote

    Well...that was interesting, but amusing. (I admit I don't want to know how you come up with some of these ideas : __p .)

    I was rushing to post this on Tyry's birthday and it was already past my bedtime, so I forgot to mention that most of this story is stolen from my sister's favourite TV show, Miraculous Ladybug. (But as for how the writers of ML come up with their ideas... I wonder that myself o_O) I'd recommend watching an episode on YouTube (it doesn't matter which one, they're all the same) ^ ___^ Oh wait, you said you didn't want to know? : __D


    I don't know how much is a direct reference to Miraculous Ladybug, but the ability to destroy everything totally seems like a power Kat would have.

    Yup, that's Cat Noir's real super-power!


    Best compliment ever.

    That was stolen from Shorty :x The whole story was stolen from Miraculous Ladybug, Sail, the Chron challenge, and this line stolen from Shorty and the "run away to Florida" line stolen from my kids. I really came up with nothing for myself. If only I could Lucky Charm an original story! ^_ __^

  • Hey, found poetry is a thing where you compile poems using bits of other people's writing. I don't see why that can't apply to prose as well. It's all about how you combine it together.

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