The Glass Menagerie

  • Nezmy, you are a genius! That was quite fun to read : ****D & "I WILL BURY YOU IN DESERT." lol. Couldn't be funnier if "dessert" was spelled correctly! : __D

    Edit: Forgot to say, thank you for writing it!

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  • Glad you enjoyed it BWM! :D

  • Since I've been posting old files, I thought this would be fun. I hid most of the hair layers on my illustration of Katerei so that you can see her entire face unobscured.

    Ignore how weird her hair looks now. You'd look weird too if most of your hair went missing.


  • Beautiful, Kat ^_ __^ Your skills are amazing.

  • This "fanfic" isn't based on the current TSes, but on The Trial & Hym. It's also not a story, just a bit of a scene, taking place some time after those chronicles. I wanted to write a story, but I'm lazy, so I didn't; & I thought I ought to post something on Valentine's Day anyway. I want to note that I don't have Tyry's permission to use Adriana, and neither he nor Kat have approved this fanfic, and I do not consider this to be canon.


    I was bandaging a student who was attacked by a fellow student's beer elemental, when I heard about Protesilaus & Niobe's probable betrothal. Protesilaus was across the infirmary, tending to another injured student (those beer elementals are dangerous, yo). & Niobe came in with drinks.

    As always, I tried to ignore their goofy smiles at each other, holding each other's hands, how they keep looking at each other. I minded my own business. I tended my patient. Protesilaus and Niobe faced each other, holding both hands, as if it was some great moment. But it wasn't. They always do this. It's disgusting. He loves someone who loves him, and she loves someone who loves her. They'll probably live happily ever after. Probably they'll never be separated by distance. Probably no one will ever murder either of them. Probably they'll get married. Probably no one will be assassinated at their wedding. Probably no heartless murderers will use the chaos to break out of prison.

    "I don't know if I'll get to see you tonight," said Protesilaus to Niobe. "I need to talk to your father."

    Niobe said something along the lines of, "squee!"

    "So, if I don't see you until tomorrow, I'll miss you."

    "Miss ya too..."

    I tried to keep professional. I refrained from rolling my eyes. Finally Niobe left and Protesilaus resumed caring for his patient. I wanted to tell him off for being interrupted, but it wouldn't be appropriate to bring it up in front of the patients. Maybe later.


    I'm glad the next day was my day off, as this meant I wasn't around when Protesilaus & Niobe made their engagement announcement. As usual, I used my day off to visit Menelaus' flower garden.

    While tending the garden, my thoughts wandered to the announcement I was missing. Protesilaus' & Niobe's relationship is awkward for me. I consider Protesilaus my friend. We've worked together in the Magisterium infirmary for years (though Protesilaus has technically finished his VS term & could choose to pursue freemage studies, he doesn't seem interested), and we get along together well. Niobe, on the other hand, doesn't like me. She's kind of annoying too. It's like she's happy all the time. But not in a good way. "She's not like you," I said out loud.

    Menelaus didn't lack composure like Niobe. It wasn't that he was constantly happy, but that his presence made things better. He brought happiness to others when they didn't expect it. I try to be like him, but I rely on music & plants to lift people's spirits, I'm not so good with words.

    What happened to Menelaus is a tragedy that I don't think I can ever forgive. Not only was he killed in cold blood, but his life's work was burned to the ground. I believe that, though Menelaus dropped out of the Magesterium & never did VS, he would have been made a Master if he had had a chance to finish his studies & submit his thesis. I think his work would have been a great asset to the field of alchemy, and now it was all for naught.

    And Menelaus is gone.

    I finished taking care of the flowers for today and put away my gardening supplies. It was time to head back to Pnyx, and to rejoice with Protesilaus & Niobe.

    "You were a good friend," I told Menelaus' memory. "I miss you."

  • Hmm, quite a few things on here since I last commented. Quite a variety of material as well.

    Excellent work, all, as usual…although I think I might have to consider banning TwoJacks... :p/>

    Since Avatara provided a soundtrack for DM, someone should try to come up with a soundtrack for OoR (so far as it has gotten anyway). For that matter, I'm somewhat curious what sort of soundtracks other members think suited DM.

  • Avatara complained that I keep reworking old art instead of making anything new. So, here's a picture of Iannah. Happy early birthday Tyry ^_^

    It's concept art for my novel, so basically the same premise with a different look. Iannah's on guard duty at the parliament building (aka the Cademia castle) a year-ish before she quits the military to be a mercenary with K.

    Posted Image

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  • Uhhh… so here's my excuse for not writing a chron. I painted K's best friend Nili. She only appears in my novel, but let's assume she's canonical as part of K's childhood. And it's the first time I've painted a viirelei that wasn't Kat or K, so there's that.

    No I didn't paint the background. I mashed it together from some photos I took.

    Posted Image

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  • She's pretty! (the background is pretty stunning too!) Does she have tattoos on her arm? I wonder why she's dressed like it's summertime, except with long fur boots? Do only viirelei's feet get cold?

  • I like your reasoning for her boots ^.^ but it's actually because they're waterproofed and protect her legs from underbrush while tromping around a hot, humid rainforest in their homeland. And it's the only footwear she owns.

    The tattoo on her upper arm is her family crest, which is the tribe crest with larkspur in the centre. Larkspur means 'spirited' in Victorian flower language, so I threw that in for fun. The feather tattoos (there's matching ones on each arm) indicate she's one of the tribe dancers, who wear wing-like shawls during ceremonial dances.

    I'll probably give K and Kat some tattoos too, but I haven't decided what they are yet. I suppose it's not implausible they've always had them and they've just never been mentioned.

  • Both pieces are quite well done. I'm also curious to see more of your novel. It sounds like you've put a lot of thought into it :) .

  • I too am impressed with the amount of worldbuilding you've put into your novel already! It's going to be so amazing : ****D

  • Very nice piece, Kat.

    You guys let me slack off on updating the index. It's fixed now. (If you want different piece names, just say so.)

  • I guess that means I need to do some writing. :V I've been meaning to repost the edited versions of the first two chapters, but I'm still not happy with them. D:

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    You guys let me slack off on updating the index. It's fixed now. (If you want different piece names, just say so.)

    Can I request a name change so they contain the titles of the specific artworks with the character name in parentheses? Seems like the most efficient way of sorting. They would be:

    Guard Duty (Iannah)
    Chase This Light (Nili)

  • I had actually forgotten there was an index, but I'm going to say that I remembered and that I was preparing to write a blistering complaint about the lack of updates to it :p .

  • Well, it is more useful for referencing older works than it is recent submissions.

  • I repainted some of my old character illustration of Katerei. It's linked in the character info thread, but no one ever looks at that, so I may as well post it here. Wonder if I can get five consecutive entries in the GM index. :p

    The Danger of Things Unsaid (Katerei)

    Posted Image

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    Wonder if I can get five consecutive entries in the GM index. :p


    Out, Damned Spot!

    0_1550997567527_1__#$!@%!#__Pasted Graphic.png

  • My reverse psychology worked! :D

  • Avatara said he wanted concept art of Aryit. It's pretty rough, but I wanted to get it done in a timely fashion.

    Obelisk Room


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