44 out of 70 spells

  • When I entered the 7th level hall and learned one of the spells I discovered I have only 44/70 spells. Hmmm. I wonder where the spells are that I don't have. I can imagine one or two lying around in the lower level halls but there aren't 26!
    Oh well, I only use about 3 of them anyhow.



  • Are you a registered user? Many of the spells are unavailable to learn until you learn the prequisites. Make sure you have talked to all the teachers at Pnyx. They will teach you healing, rune magic, and alchemy. Doubble check all the tombs in the library, too.

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  • I wondered about the "You now know X of Y spells" messages, and where the huge difference in the numbers was coming from too. Though you may be missing some spells, I gather from previous posts on this board that there are actually only 50 or so spells in the entire game. So if you get to that many, you may have found all that there are, despite what the misleading message says.

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  • My guess is that you have a casting level greater than 8. Casting is what allows you to learn more spells. But I think Eried is right about the number of spells. I counted a total of 49 spells, and to the best of my knowledge that is all of them. So if this is true then level 8 in casting is all you would need to learn all the spells in the game as it allows you to learn 50 spells. Don't waste any more training points on casting!

  • All these numbers mean is how many spells you can learn, even if there aren't that many in the game. If you have a casting level 1, you would not be able to learn all the spells in the game, or for that matter, cast much of them at all! If you need more detailed help, feel free to Email me for a more complete responce. (I love to get Emails!)

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