Cythera Chronicles: The Fourth Prophecy of Nemeleus the Savant

  • This is a continuation of the "Prophecies of Neleneus the Savant" found in the world of Cythera. This edition predicts the end of this universe.

    And so the end will come.

    The Cosmos as we know it and always have known it will become as nothing and the world will shake as all others join.
    The end of time will come when 6 signs happen. The omens are these.

    A stranger will come from far away bringing tales of untold secrets and power.

    So is the first omen.

    The guardian will fight a battle to the death with a being of immense power.

    So is the second omen.

    The stranger will find what he needs in the trust of strangers.

    So is the third omen.

    Heroes will stand at the banks of destiny and wait for his return.

    So is the fourth omen.

    The stranger will return ages later to reveal the greatest of secrets.

    So is the fifth omen.

    The end will be feared and only those who welcome it will survive to see the dawning of a new time.

    So is the sixth omen.

    And so the end will come with the last planeswalker.

    Prepare to witness the end of days.

    -Neleneus the Savant

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  • I was hesitant to post this chronicle because it predicted the end of the universe (something which would not be a good thing for Cythera), but finally decided to, as it could lead to some good storytelling. By the way, it's "Neleneus," not "Nemeleus."

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  • :) Good egg, I like the sound of that, not that I know what it means ;)
    Now I have to write another one... hmmm... I KNOW!

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  • Nice. /me goes off to post parts 3+4 of Once Again. (TheKestrel, oh why oh why did you have to write in the first person... :))

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  • Doomsday. I like it ;) BTW, is the part of my story named "part seven: Undine" posted?? I have bad memory...

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  • sweet! keep up the good work
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