Cythera Chronicles: The Portal Part 1

  • Silentblade was a tall man with light hair. He typically wore a dark cloak, his sword concealed within. He was a student of magic in Pnyx specializing in offensive magic. If he attacked someone, it was all right; he would probably win... But if someone caught him by surprise.... As a child, he had always wanted to become a master mage, but now that he was trying it he just couldn't seem to cut it.

    One morning he was heading outside for a walk when a strange man approached him and grabbed him. "You!" the man yelled, "What do you know about the mage Tavara?"
    "N...n...nothing," Silentblade said, "O...only that he was the ruler of the ruined town of Abydos and destroyed it."
    "Ha!" laughed the man. "Fool!" And threw him against the wall. What amazing strength , thought Silentblade, and ran inside to tell Lindus. The man was out of sight, so Silentblade took the chance to run for Lindus' room. He dashed down the halls until finally he got there. Seeing another man in the room, he began to think it was too late. Then he realised that this was not the same man; there was still a chance.
    He ran in saying, "There was a strange man outside! He asked me about the mage Tavara, and when I said I didn't know anything about him, he threw me against the wall and said I was a fool! I came to warn you!"
    "See?" began the man next to Lindus, "Things are dangerous here. You must let me take Silentblade to help me in my journeys. It is his destiny."
    "Look Timon," said Lindus, "He's not ready, he needs much more training yet!"
    "I must take him with me." Timon insisted.
    "Oh all right." Lindus gave in. "You are respected among the mages.
    I shall allow you to take the boy."
    "Thanks," said Timon.
    Silentblade was a little confused at first, but then Timon explained things to him. "I am on a journey to see the ancient ruins of Cythera. I have discovered that a portal has been opened between Cythera and some other world. This could mean danger for Cythera."
    "What about me?" Silentblade asked, "Where do I come into it?"
    "I need your help," Timon answered, "And it will give you skills far beyond what you could learn at the Magisterium. Who knows; we might even be able to improve your defensive skills..." he chuckled.
    "Count me in." Silentblade said.
    "We start tomorrow," Timon replied. "Be outside Pnyx in the morning and we'll head off."

    Silentblade tossed and turned all night, but never got a really good rest. The next morning he went outside of Pnyx, and found Timon waiting. "Our first destination is up at the seldane ruins at the source of the river; right over there. It's where I used to go until I found the other ruins and the portal. Come on." They headed up the river, north towards its source to find the seldane ruins Timon had spoken about. They reached it around noon and sat down to eat lunch. Timon explained that he had come here not so long ago and there had been some very strange monsters he had never seen before in Cythera. They were tough, but he had had some 'strong' companions with him at the time, so it had not been so hard.   
    "This," he said, "Is where we begin, to find the portal".  
    "What about the man?" Silentblade asked.  
    "He was from the other side," Timon replied.  

    (To be continued)

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  • This is a good first chapter. It looks like it could turn into a very interesting story. I hope to read more soon!

    Slayer's guide to Cythera:

  • Thanks Slayer , Mmmm Decent Individual tastes good.

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  • Forcemaster: Exelent story, very entertaining, and a good way to end that chapter ;).

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