Cythera Chronicles: Verran's Journal

  • A record of Verran’s recent life

    Concerning my ring:
    I have recently left my studies of magic and went to follow a strange trace that I discovered in a book at the library of Pnyx. It speaks of a ring that was lost many years ago at the city of Abydos. No mage has gone there for some time, but I believe the journey will be worth it.

    Some weeks later:
    I have found it! I have found it! The ring is beautiful made of a blue mithril metal, and it glows with a blue fire. I have ascertained its use as well. It seems to help me resist magical spells.

    Day 1
    I thought I would begin this journal with a brief description of myself for those who do not know me. I am not originally of Cythera. My kind came here in great ships long ago, but since then they have become all but extinct. As for my kind, they are the Elves, but I am not really one of them for my mother was elven and my father human. I think that I will not die of old age, but definitely may from any other cause. As for elven blood I am not very distinguishable as Half Elven, as my ears are normal and I do grow a beard. However by the years of men I am 146 and stopped aging at 34. I am very alone in this world and have not many friends, I am told by the few that know me that I am very conversational and friendly. Still I do not have many friends as I live in the southern forest near the Lands' End volcano.

    As for my parents, neither of them were well trained in any defensive or offensive art and during a trip to Land King Hall they were assaulted and killed by ruffians. At that time I was 20 years old and I have since devoted my life and studies to being a mystic. I have received formal training at Pnyx and am a master of the highest standard in the use of mana.

    Day 2
    I have decided that I will journey to Cademia and attempt to find adventure.

    My packing has gone well (all I have need of is my pita bread, my robe, my staff, and my ring). I will begin my journey to Cademia tomorrow.

    Day 3
    I have made a good start on my journey and have come just past the iron mine. Around half way, a ruffian approached me and demanded I give him all my money. Since all I have is 25 obols, I declined. The scum then pulled out a short sword and decided that he would take it. I almost blasted the poor villain to pieces, but instead I gave him a few good whacks and parries with my staff and knocked him unconscious. Now I am camping in a meadow to my liking, not far from the mountains.

    Day 4
    The would-be thief apparently had friends, for they attacked me in the forest not far from the Pnyx road. There were five of them, I believe, plus the one I had bashed before. I decided that should they survive, I may soon have more ruffians after me than is comfortable. Taking this into consideration I blasted their leader with a lightning bolt in the middle of his “prepare to die speech.” The others came on fast, which worked to their disadvantage, as I sent a fireball their way. After the battle there was little left, but out of respect to the fiends mothers I entirely cremated the remains. This I found rather messy and I think I will try to go for a spell with more disintegration capability next time.

    I moved from that place and setup camp. My pita bread does not go stale, but I think I would enjoy a good meal none the less and hope to make it to Cademia tomorrow.

    Day 6
    I met a merchant who was being attacked by ruffians. After dealing with the scum (they left alive), he offered to take me to my destination in his carriage, and, of course, I accepted. We had an uneventful trip to Cademia and now I am resting in my room at the “Two-Tailed Tat.”

    Day 7
    Today I have ventured around Cademia. The people know I am a mage/mystic, but none seem to care. I have started looking at something I found in the house of the judge here. It is a book that speaks of a band of thieves called the Crimson Rangers. Perhaps these people are the ones that killed my family so long ago. Perhaps.

    Day 8
    I have found nothing of adventure in Cademia, and so I have set out for the southern forest again. As I am a free mage, I have no house back there, but my camp is most likely looted.

    Day 9
    Another uneventful day. However tonight as I sit just north of the mine, I am working on my spell book. I have been for some time, off and on for a year. I am working on a spell, a very powerful spell that using magical energy is very destructive. I only have one problem. I need a compatible element for it, or should I say needed, because tonight I discovered that Air is the perfect element. I will write the spell tomorrow.

    Days 10-15
    I am now south of the mine in the forest north of the Lands' End volcano. I’ve been working on the spell for days now. It is very complex, but I have finished it. I took an extra day to refine it for quick casting and tomorrow I will go to a cave not far from here to test it. I've discovered that the spell will take all my mana to cast, but that should not be a problem.

    Day 16
    I have had a very bad day! I went to the cave as planned, and got down to a 4x4x4 yard cave and cast the spell.....

    It was incredible! The spell forced wind at amazing speeds, but also mixed it with the most potent magical energy I have ever seen. However something went wrong. The spell started to destroy everything around me and also to destroy me. My resisting abilities were pushed to the max and then overcome. Then I brought my ring into play, but it too was overwhelmed. Luckily, I remembered how to counter the spell and saved myself. I barely dragged myself out of the new 100x100x100 yard cave, and to my camp and a healing potion.

    Day 17
    I have refined the spell, and I think it will work. It should only target what I will it to, now. Tomorrow, I will test it on the southern tip of the forest. I have heard that the Crimson Rangers live in that area, but it shouldn't be a problem.

    Day 18
    I've reached the end of the forest now and will now cast the spell....

    SUCCESS!!! It worked. It destroyed a 100x100 area of fore-------

    not written in journal

    Verran heard something and whipped around. Luckily his cloak knocked two of the three arrows off course, but the third pierced deeply into his left arm. He dropped his staff and staggered a moment. He thought to cast a spell, but his mana was drained. He looked around, ruffians were everywhere and there was someone else, a mage?

    Verran didn't get a second look as a club sent him into unconsciousness.

    (continued part way through (url="http://" &topic;=000870")The Search for the Thieves' Cavern(/url))

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  • Now this is what I like to see! This is an entertaining and well written introduction to your character. Keep up the good work.

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