tyrant's tomb

  • Is the only way to get into the Tyrant's tomb by giving the beggasr enough money before he passes out? Or is there something else I can do (I'm the rogue so don't have magic though)?

    Also - has anyone else had trouble with Aethon? ie he won't answer if you ask him about anything and nor will he pick any locks, even though you're supposed to be able to ask him to.

    Re: last posting - how do you use the Will to Union rings to get into disappearing stronghold?

    Finally - I noticed when I was talking to Larisa that she was carrying a book - does this have any significance? Presumably since she has now disappeared for good it doesn't but was I meant to ask her for it ever?

    Oh, and more finally, what do the tube & fine wire DO? Am I meant to use them for something or just avoid them?

    ps Slayer - how did you know that the notes to open that door were PMG and not SDG as it said in the semius the Golem hunter manuscript?

    Thank you for your patience everyone!

  • I've had some of these same questions myself. Also, what/where is the Tyrant's tomb? I think I may have been there before, but can someone describe it so that I can make sure?

    I've taken the kelp and the mushroom spores to Charax and he says all the stuff about purifying stuff. How do I used it to purify the colona? I've tried just using the destiller on it but it doesn't work. Any suggestions?

  • The Tyrant's Tomb is in Cademia. In the northeast corner of the castle, there is a sundial. Dig two paces north of it.

    You can't ask Aethon about stuff. I think he can pick locks, though.

    Wear the ring when you go into the stronghold. Only the one you find in the temple works.

    I didn't know Larisa had a book. I'll find out about it soon.

    I have no clue about the wires and tube.

    I figured out the notes by trial and error. It doesn't take long when you have a method.

    If Charax already loaded up the distiller, you should be able to just distill the Crolna. It works like any other element.

  • I tried distilling the Crolna. Nothing happened. It said that nothing happened or something like that. It didn't say anything like "the crolna shimmers and is purified" or something like that like I would have expected. Should I just try using it on Aleric anyways now?

  • After you have given Charax the kelp and the spores, he will put them in the distiller and try to do something with them. Then he should say something to you about that it might be used to purify something but that that won't do you any good for the wine cause you can't move the distiller. Finish talking to Charax, then go use the distiller. When you use the distiller (I usually just double-click on it), in the scrolling window at the bottom of your screen it says "Distill what element?" - Click on the Crolna (note: at this point you must have all four pieces of the Crolna and have put them together). If you did it right, it will be really obvious (among other things the Omen reappears).

    I don't recommend using the Crolna on Alaric until it's been purified. If you're curious as to why, save first and try it.

    I hope all this helps.

  • Thanks, but I already figured out the problem: The distiller was already filled when I gave the spores to Charax, that's why it didn't work. I just used the distiller to empty it before I talked to him and it was all fine from there. The ending is kind of cool. I'm playing the game again and I have gotten through most of it and I'm only on day 6. You guys are right, it goes much faster the second time.

    Anyways, the real reason I'm posting is to tell you that the book Larisa has is of NO significance as it is Timon's book about the seldane ruins, of which there are like 5 copies around the island (kind of a pain b/c they all look like sapphire books!).

  • I was able to beat the game in about three hours, I'm shooting for two. Never mind my ring connection topic, you guys answered my ?'s

    If at first you don't succeed, then skydiving isn't for you.

  • While I can do all those little button do-dads and what not to get the third (forth) crolna piece, I must admit, those dang bells have me stumped, and I always resort to 'fetch' on that last porticus (sp?). Does anyone have a hint (not a solution) to the bells? Do they have something to do with the other bells in the game? I searched all over that room (even tried to dig) for some clue, and it just didn't click.

    looking for a dead witch here.... ;)


  • Hint: You must ring each bell only once, but order matters.


  • What bells? The only ones I can think of are the ones in the town squares...

  • Sorry, one more.

    Slayer, I've been to your web site before but now I forget where it is and no search engines show it under any search (Slayer, Cythera, Devler). Nothing works. Could you post the site URL again?


  • The bells in the Tyrant's Tomb, as indicated by the title of this topic.

    My site is at (url="http://"http://www.sweepies.com/cythera/cythera.htm")http://www.sweepies....era/cythera.htm(/url)


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