Cythera Chronicles: A Cat's Night in Kosha

  • Callie jumped onto the box. Seeing the object she was seeking, she picked it up in her mouth. She ran a distance dropped the thing, a piece of string, and began to bat it around. Hearing someone coming, she started to roll over and over. A light flickered across the walls, and a man stepped in.   
    Callie wanted some food and started to purr. The man looked down at Callie, shook his head, and threw her a sausage he had in hand. Callie tried to gnaw at the sausage as the man left. Callie hit it into a bedroom and followed it. She began to gnaw at it again, but this time she bit through it. Leaving the rinds on someone's sheets, she heard a mouse. Stalking it, closer, and closer, until she pounced. The mouse popped away in blue smoke.   
    Callie was angrily swatting the ground when a snickering Ferazel stepped out. Callie started to jump towards him, but he teleported back to Catamarca and Callie fell on the ground. Callie was still hungry, so she went into the kitchen to get cheese. There, two ruffians were stealing food.   
    Callie cast a cloaking spell on herself and snuck up behind them. She swatted at one's legs, and he angrily whispered to the other about not to bother him. She then swatted at the other ruffian and he muttered to the other one about not to bother him, either. They then began to fight, and one pulled out a dagger. Killing the other, he tried to escape. Callie cast a Rune of Blocking to stop him. He tried to take a running jump to get over it, but he smacked in to it at full speed and broke several of his ribs. Dazed and hurt badly, he simply fell over.  
    Callie then tried to amuse herself. So, being the queen of entertainment, she washed herself. Callie's ears pricked up. Someone was coming. She cast a Farsight spell, and saw someone. He looked like a larger ruffian. He wielded a nasty-looking, bloodstained axe, and had some magic in himself.  
    Wanting to get away, and quickly, Callie cast Ferazel's flying spell. Having most of the bugs worked out, she began to fly up as she willed. Before she could get higher than about two feet, she noticed the ruffian smash into the rune. Grumbling, he cast Remove Rune. Callie quickly flew higher, casting a couple Runes of Warding as she went.   
    Flying high over Kosha, Callie felt a Rune being stepped on. And another. She saw him walk out a door, and peer around. Callie flew higher, and the ruffian noticed her. She felt another Rune, and started to fly to Catamarca, where Ferazel was. The ruffian then started to run for Catamarca. Callie floated down, and landed on a roof. Peeking in a window, she quickly ran to another house. There, she saw Ferazel inside a small house, chatting with Katerei.  
    Rapping on the window with a paw, Katerei ran over to open the door. Callie purred, and Ferazel gave her a small dish of tuna. Curling up on a spare chair, Callie napped as Ferazel and Katerei went back to chatting. There was a louder rapping at the door, and Callie cast a spell to open the door. The ruffian! Katerei grabbed a scimitar, and Ferazel powered a spell. Callie ran up, claws out.  
    Ferazel cast a blinding spell, and the ruffian bent over, cringing. Katerei pierced the ribs of the ruffian, and he screamed with pain. Callie then jumped on the ruffian's head, clawing like mad. The ruffian the flipped on to his back, dead. Ferazel and Katerei then sat down again, and Callie washed the blood from her claws.   
    Falling asleep, Callie smiled her cat smile, recalling her night in Kosha.  

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  • An interesting chronicle, Ferazel. It definitely offers a unique perspective.

    Slayer's guide to Cythera:

  • Thank you. I really enjoyed writing this one. To model for Callie, I stayed up one night to watch what she did. She scratched at the refrigerator, explored all over, and it was quite fun. The perspective was also fun to do.

    Yes, I know it's a bit short, but it was a bit hard to come up with enough events. Thank you, Slayer and Gwydion.

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  • Bravo, Ferazel; excellent idea!

    Kobayashi Maru!

  • Hey, cool! That's a very original idea. Well done, Ferazel.

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