Cythera Chronicles: The Swordsmen of Darkness: Dark Spirit (Part 3)

  • Rain poured down on the Black Mountains. It had been like this for days. The sky was a dull, overcast grey, a sky that just seemed to make you want to go inside and do something. The sky totally blocked out any direct light from the sun, so it was dim all day long. It was a dim that you saw at dusk, on a cloudy day. The rain fell more and more and more. Down onto the slippery, jagged, black rocks. It was obvious why these mountains were called the Black Mountains, with midnight, jet black stone covering the entire land, as far as anyone could see. In fact, no one could see even that far right now, with the rain blocking all the land from view. Even with a farsight potion, you could only see about 20 meters if you were lucky. Still, through all this rain and clouds and the bitter cold trudged two young teens. Soaked to the bone, they had only been hiking for a day before the storm began. "Will this rain ever stop?" yelled Ivor angrily, once again, who was not expecting an answer. As if in triumphant victory, thunder boomed, and more rain fell. The boys had been hiking now for six days. Both were very tired and wet, and yet they continued, day after day. The boy’s spare garments were all soaked as much as they were, and were therefore completely useless, however, the boys were fine. Damp, yes, but fine.

    "I can’t wait to get to the Swords Guild," Timon stated cheerfully. "Maybe it will be like the rumors I’ve heard about Abydos!" Ivor grimaced. He too had heard the rumors of Abydos, and he did not like what he heard. It was quite obvious that Timon was thinking the same thing, as he too had a sour look on his face.

    "Uh, well, I guess I didn’t mean that." Ivor smiled. He knew he could count on Timon.

    "Let’s just keep going," Ivor replied.


    Three hours later, it was still raining and Timon and Ivor were restless. Timon paused, his brow furrowed in thought. "Timon, what is it?" Ivor asked, with a slight angry edge to his voice.

    "Well, I uh, think that, um, hmm." Ivor decided to leave Timon to his thought, because he was undoubtedly doing some serious thinking. In a short instant, Timon snapped out of the world of knowledge and back into reality. "We should stop the moment we see a cave," he immediately decieded.

    "But, Timon, an hour ago you said you wouldn’t stop until we got there! What’s with the sudden change of plan?"

    "Ivor, we haven’t seen the sky for days, right?" Timon stated clearly, not expecting a reply. "So therefore we haven’t seen the Sword Star either, right?" Once again, Timon was correct and was not expecting an answer. "Because of those facts, we should stop and wait for these storms to stop so that we can see the Star, and make sure we aren’t lost."

    "I could agree with that," Ivor replied sensibly, and the boys curled up to sleep.


    Two spirits were huddled in a small, cold, dreary room around a crystal ball. "That mage of the group is clever," stated Belil-Gand, spirit of Truth.

    "Yes," replied Sirion, spirit of Wisdom.

    "And yet," the spirit of truth continued, "He did not listen to us about the Tome of Evil. The Tome of Evil that despite our efforts, draws these boys to it, closer and closer."

    Sirion was grim. "My storms cannot last forever. Sooner or later, they will see the Sword Star."

    Belil-Gand was always the optomistic view. "While they are stopped, the Tome cannot draw them closer."

    "You speak the truth, Belil-Gand."

    "I always do, Sirion."


    Erurdag-Rak, keeper of the Tome of Evil, Spirit of Darkness, Captain of the Swordsmen of Darkness, was distressed. No, he was not distressed, he never was. Erurdag-Rak was mildly irritated. "Those Spirits at the top of the Silver Spire are stopping my recruits! They shall do no such thing." Erurdag-Rak was not one to be trifled with. Mildly irratated as he was, he might do something painful to somebody. In this case, however, he must regain his hold on these boys. "If Belil-Gand and Sirion will speak into their minds, then I will as well." He grimaced in a happy sort of way, if that is possible. "Timon, Ivor. Wake up!"

    "Who are you?" They both said in unison.

    "I am the Sword Star, follow my light to the place you seek!"

    "We will, Sword Star," They agreed hastily. Erurdag-Rak picked up his magic staff, and cast a glowing orb of light, right where the star should be. The boys gasped in wonder and marched on. Towards their doom.

    To Be Continued...

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  • This chapter seemed a little short, but I liked the descriptions. Keep up the good work.

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  • This chapter's a huge improvement, Mr S - in content, if not in length! It shows little, if any, sign of the weaknesses I mentioned last time. I'm looking forward to your next installment. :)

    So, anyway, cache's tip #2: practice! Write more! Write more! :D

    Kobayashi Maru!

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    **Write more! Write more!:D


    I can do that.

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  • cache tries too hard. ;)

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    **cache tries too hard.;)


    He's an egoist, what more can we say? ;)

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  • heheh, my Thesaurus says we can also say that cache has: pride, vanity, egotism, conceit, amour-propre, egoism, narcissism, vainglory. :D
    j/k of course, how could we say such things about cache22- master of crons and TSes. :)

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