Cythera Chronicles: The History of Cythera's Mysteries, Part 1: Lost Abydos

  • Lost Abydos has always been a point of wonder in Cythera's mysteries. It seems to have always held a special place with the most mysterious of this category, probably because of the strange disappearance of everyone in the city. To quote Lost Settlement of Abydos , "They discovered all the inhabitants missing, but no signs of violence. Food was on tables, work items lay on the ground, as if the people seemingly vanished without a trace." The settlement of Abydos, which was founded to be another mage friendly colony, like Pnyx, was led by the mage Tavara, and had been started in the year 184.

    Through my research, I have learned things that lead me to believe that Tavara was conspiring with Undine and was the cause of the disappearances in Abydos. From my own explorations in Abydos, I have found secret workrooms under the ground in Abydos, and in those tunnels and rooms, I found a demon. This led me to wonder more about the connections between demons, Tavara, and, of course, Abydos. Somewhere I heard rumors of tunnels under Pnyx, and thought I might find a connection. When I finally made it to a workroom, there was another demon there. I made it to a small bookshelf, and that lead me to another connection.

    I had picked up the book "Report on the Hidden Chiefs and the Cult of Scylla." Nothing was very important to this quest in there except one thing. In 203, 11 years after Abydos fell, Diones the Elder had discovered in his research of this cult, that "...there is some connection with lost Abydos." Naturally, I went straight to the mysterious cult. It too, like Abydos, was ruined. While searching the temple, I found a note to Aeacus, apparently the head of the outer temple. The note was of no importance at the time. I began to follow the Aeacus lead, but it was a dead end. I took out the note, and saw something. The signature at the end of the note read "-Tavara IBH." This made no sense, but I looked over the whole note again and decoded the acronym. IBH, Inner Brotherhood Head.

    Still, all this was not enough to satisfy me. I looked closer into this mystery. Actually, it was very interesting how I had gotten this far off a book in the library of where, my home, Pnyx! There, I teach magical history. I was looking up some things for a new lesson plan, and well, I'm here, aren't I? Anyway, I decided to go for the Mystic Armor of all research materials for this subject. I was after the rumored "Journal of Tavara." I suppose that this book could be called the third most priceless book in my field, next to "The Translation of the Cipher Manuscript" and "The Interpretation of the Cipher Manuscript" and little did I know, I would find those too.

    Well, it took me a while to figure out where to look. It wasn't in Abydos or Pnyx or the Cult, and it wasn't in any city either. UrSylph didn't have it and neither did Ignae or the Seldane. I couldn't really find the Undine, and they were my best guess until I thought of the strongholds of the undead. Next I looked with the freemages and all the solitary houses in the country. Then, finally, I thought of the strongholds. Off I marched through the forest, until I reached the visible one. When I finally got my hands on it, I learned the most interesting things. Tavara was alive at the time of Alaric, or he was in Alaric's rise to power, at least, and that he did cause the fall of Abydos. Most importantly, I learned that although he was conspiring with the Undines, he was also quite angry with them for playing him for a fool. Nevertheless, I found my answers, and I give them to you, my students.

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  • Not quite as long as last week's chronicle! This is a nice demondtration that not all chronicles need to be stories. Overall, I'd say this is a reasonably good study of Abydos, though you should probably expand on a few (well, maybe a lot) of the points. By the way, it's "Pnyx", not "Pynx". You might want to divide your chronicle into paragraphs next time, too.

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    Originally posted by Slayer:
    Not quite as long as last week's chronicle!

    Heh! :D I make no promises about the length of the final part, it'll be as long as it needs to be. ;)


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    Ahem! :p

    Right, now to commenting.

    This was quite a change from our usual fare, and actually rather refreshing! Although there's no conflict just yet, I still have to keep reminding myself that, just because my stories attempt to fit in with the post-game history we've collectively developed, they don't all have to. There's nothing wrong with two people writing mutually exclusive stories about the same things. Point in case: for what might be an alternative treatment of Tavara's Journal, which may or may not conflict with Mr Somebody's extension of this chronicle, see (url="http://"")The Undine Stronghold(/url), (url="http://"")The Evil Clone(/url) and (url="http://"")Dark Legacy(/url).

    Nice job, Mr S. Keep it up! :)

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