Cythera Chronicles: Beyond, Preview

  • In 63 A.P.S, during the reign of Leader Maximus Eronitus Cladalmex, of Tatrinas Proper, the following events took place...

    In humid and clammy climate of southern Surmourdac, a row of soldiers peered out through a hastily erected fortification at an approaching line of silhouettes on the horizon. A profound sense of fate had precipitated on them, unshakeable was the feeling of impending doom attacking their spirit. Little detail could yet be discerned on the fear-inspiring shapes, but the soldiers recognized them all too well.

    Plague Beasts.

    Not one of the soldiers was lacking in apprehension, they'd seen legions of comrades fall before the evil monstrosities. With good reason they feared their formidable enemy, a terrible manifestation of destruction. As tall as six men at its shoulder, covered in a tough turtle like shell but not wanting for speed, and possessed of two prehensile feeding appendages, the creature struck up imagery from the vast mythos of Cytheran lore. It was not just in its appearance that it was fearsome, its personality was far worse. It was described by historian Brachs as "Constantly in desire of raw flesh, preferably of an intelligent species. A tireless destroyer of crops and land, rendering all things in its wake as smoldering rubble and contaminated dross", and none among the Confederation troops would be quick to disagree with Brachs' assessment. The mere presence of the Plague beast made people suffer, it was undisputed. The passing of one through land was said to befoul it for five years.

    The eerie silence was broken by a passing man, encapsulated in plate armor. A wool cord, dyed blue and magenta, was hung over his shoulder, the emblem of a Confederate general. His Helmet, obscuring all but a sliver of flesh, was of very old but capable design, catching the midday light blindingly. It was engraved with his name - Ordal Xax. Grandson of esteemed Surmourdacish supreme commander Ordal Pax.

    Xax's presence was the only thing allowing the soldiers to retain even a shard to hope. After all, he was regarded as among the most capable of the generals alive today, and if one was facing a superior enemy, it was wise to do so under the best possible leadership.

    Xax spoke to the troops. "Friends, we face here today what will perhaps be the deciding battle of the second plague beast war. Though our path his thus far be wrought with woe, we have an element which the barbarian enemy has not - we have the knowledge that on our success or failure today, the future of this land hinges. If we should fail, not only will Surmourdac be one step closer to domination by the enemy, but the Confederation will be deprived of a vital source of food. But if we win - and win we shall! - the beasts will be thrown back. We shall move forward, fight them back to the great sinkhole! Surmourdac will be safe, and we'll have had a part in it. We shall prevail!"

    The soldiers seemed heartened by the speech, but not so much as to abandon fully their dread of the upcoming confrontation. Sensing the need for more propagandizing, Xax continued.

    "As you confront the enemy today, remember - your individual performance matters. Do not say to yourself 'I only have to survive, ten others will fight in my place.' You must be active! Go out there, strike with fury and vigor! We will bring the beasts to there scaly knees today! Glory to the Confederation!"

    Xax ended with a salute, quickly returned by the soldiers. His job here was done, as best he could. He moved on to the next gaggle of warriors.

    (to be continued)

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  • This looks like it'll be a good series. It is an interesting concept.

    Slayer's guide to Cythera:

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    Originally posted by Slayer:
    **This looks like it'll be a good series. It is an interesting concept.

    Thanks Slayer! Part 1 is in review with you-know-who* right now, and I will hopefully be getting it posted soon, possible by the end of the month.

    • you don't?

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  • Very nice... well written, interesting concept.

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