Cythera Chronicles: The Dragon Manuscript

  • This is an introduction to my character, TheDarkDragon, and there's more to come.

    I was born 1000 eternities ago, at the dawn of time.
    For 1000 eternities I have walked the astral plane, moving from world to world, searching...

    My brother Cipher, author of the Cipher Manuscript that tells the story of the arrival of humans in Cythera, traveled with me briefly until the occurrence of "The Arrival", the coming of humans to Cythera. Soon after, he slipped into the void of space and time on that very world.

    As a PlanesWalker, I have traveled through worlds without number, going by one name, The Dark Dragon, watching and observing life in its thousands of forms, searching.

    I alone understand the true meaning of magic.

    The mission of the two PlanesWalkers of Time is to find the PlanesMaster of Time, a great being which will one day rise to fulfill the great prophecy, someone with unspeakable power and vision. The "Alaric" of this world does not begin to compare with the PlanesMaster of Time, as Alaric's power is inherited, and the Master's power seems to come from nowhere.

    Since I am the only remaining PlanesWalkers, it is my duty to search until the Master is found.

    3 years ago I landed on the world of Cythera. Realizing that this was the world of my brother's demise, I attempted to escape, only to find my powers crippled by the intense power of the 4 elements on this world. It is entirely possible that the Master resides on Cythera, however unlikely.

    Since I cannot leave, I have dedicated myself to that and to two other things: Studying and observing the effects of the elements and humans living practically side by side, as well as searching for a mystical artifact my brother carried with him. This artifact is known as the Banestone. Cipher designed it to have its full power activate after he used it to leave Cythera, but since he never left, its power goes virtually untapped.
    The Banestone is true power in its purest form, made in the hope that it would allow humans to be protected from the elements, and explore the cosmos when they are ready.

    Since my arrival I have journeyed. Searching for that which will make me whole.

    I am The Dark Dragon.
    My day will come.

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  • You can definitely make some good stories out of this.

    Slayer's guide to Cythera:

  • Very nice, you will have more of the story, right? ;)

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  • Very good :) I sure hope you will have more of this story.

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  • pretty damn cool

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