Under Phynx

  • I forgot. I was also have the hardest time trying to figure out how to get below Phynx. Help with this would also be great. Dropping a few hints as to what to do upon arrival would be helpful, but don't feel obligated.

  • A few hints. There is a magically locked door on the first floor. And a wall which can be walked through beyond the door. Maybe a few loose stones on the ground which click when walked over. Gotta be a lever to open that portcullis somewhere...

    Once you get in, it is basically a maze. If you walk onto certain spots you teleport. Just keep your magic map window open and keep trying new branches until the music changes. They you should probably get ready to do combat...

    Hope this helps without actually giving anything away.

  • Ok, I got there and I found the part with the demon, but how are we supposed to kill the thing? And how does one go about opening the magically locked chest?

  • The spell 'Death Srike' works wonders on demons. The sword of heroes is also effective. An odd helm provides good protection against demons.

    You can open the chest either with explosives, or with the spell 'remove mage lock'.

  • To open magically locked chests - a strong arm, a good mace, and about 30 blows does wonders :)


  • Okay, I've been busy with other things, but now I'm back to Phynx. I got the strange device and checked it out. I got all the lights off. Is this the objective? What does it do?

  • Maybe you can match it with some sorts of patterns to get some goodies... (Reply if you want a spoiler)

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  • Yes, I did find one of the patterns. The one that led to the mystic helmet and I've been searching for more, but I'm at a loss as to their locations. This is were I really need the help in this instance...nothing more than where I can find them though...


  • Check the harpy cave (just south of the mine, you may need a rope), and check the cavern just south of Kosha.

    Happiness is finding your mother-in-law's picture on the back of a milk carton...

  • Tell us the patterns!


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  • The pattern to open the door at each location is displayed outside the door. Match the strange device to the displayed pattern, and voila!

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  • I just finished with the maze under Pnyx, and I had a rather amusing experience. The demon came at me, firing lightning and such, and I and my party started attacking the beast. We had no magical weapons, but we were wailing away on this thing like nobody's business. Timon cast a "fear" spell on it, and the demon ended up in a corner, surrounded by my party members, being whacked by useless weapons. I slipped away down the corridor, blew up the chest, and teleported to Land King Hall.


  • I don't really like the fear spell. It and some of the other spells like it don't work on all the guys that I think that it should work on. It seems that all of the creature/monsteres aren't affected, or ruffians.


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  • You get a crystal ball down under there, but does it differ to any of the other crystal balls?

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  • All the crystal balls do different things. The green one allows you to look far ahead.

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